George Brown College

The George brown college is located in Toronto, Canada. This is a college of Applied Arts and technology with 3 campuses on its ground. The college has a very good reputation and is the only standing college located in downtown Toronto. This college offers the students education in various different streams such as art and design, preparatory studies for different programs, health sciences, hospitality, culinary arts, engineering technology, early childhood education, community service, and construction.

The college is named after the famous politician and publisher, George Brown and was established in 1967. The first chancellor of the college was Sally Horsfall Eaton. Students from all over the world study part-time, distance learning and full-time education. This college currently has 3 campuses known as the Waterfront Campus, St. James Campus and the Loma Campus. All 3 campuses are well-built and near to shops and stores. The college is not at all far from the job market. This helps the students build a network and connect with various different companies. This helps the students gain practical knowledge of their subject. 

There are more than 26,000 students studying at George Brown College with 4,000 of them being international students. There are almost 28 certificate programs for graduation. The program of Electronics Technician is even one of the award-winning programs.

Why should one choose George Brown College?

With the master programs that this college provides, students get the technical knowledge for application in their field of study. The location of the college provides its students with the opportunity to get connected with employers and companies. The teachers and professors excel in their field and can provide students solutions not on the basis of theory and mugged up texts but out of their own experience. Facilities of the George Brown College make the students apply their knowledge in real work. Students get the opportunity for “experiential learning” and get real-world experience on the work platform their career stream. The students of this college are guided by a professional in the industries. Thus, the mentors provided to the students can help the students gain valuable assets of the knowledge they require. Students get the opportunity to work with an industry professional and also try out various techniques and products in the market.

Services for the students

The students can also avail of distance-learning. Many facilities for sports and fitness are provided for the students so that they have a fit body and live a healthy life.

Service is provided for the student’s supports that take up all the responsibilities for the welfare of the students. There are over 50 clubs formed in George Brown College relating to studies and career, personal hobbies, and social interaction too. The SLA or the Student Leadership Program is for students where they can get training to be a leader for tomorrow. The student Association with its team of board of directors provides various different services and organizes regular events to always keep the minds of the students running. Students who wish to enroll in the college can get an insight through the official website.

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