Resume Headline

Resume Headline generally provides a summary of the career profile, which is being stated in a few lines with appropriate phrases and clauses as well. Resume headlines need to write in a very brief manner, and the resume headline should also be concise. In fact, it is seen that for a strong resume, the resume headline should contain at least 250 characters. Resume headlines are the ideal case for professionals who have good experience regarding their profession.

The resume headline basically condenses all your skills and experience into a single unit. However, it is also recommended that the less experienced graduates can also use the resume headline to showcase their skills and other relevant expertise which they pose. 

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Resume Headline for Freshers

There are a few points that need to keep in mind in order to build the resume for a fresher.

These points are basically listed down as:-

  1. Keep the resume headline concise:- The resume headline of a fresher should contain a brief phrase, and the fresher should avoid full sentences at all costs. Anything which is longer than a phrase defeats the purpose of writing a resume headline. The resume headline can also contain information about the goals of the individual as well.
  2. Capitalize your Resume Headline:- Capitalization is important so that the resume looks attractive for the person who is reading or evaluating the resume.
  3. Use Keywords:- Using keywords in the resume headline has also proved to be very eye-catching to the interviewer as well. Using keywords directly related to the job always demonstrates that fresher is a good fit for the job.

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Resume Headline Sample

The following are some of the good resume headlines that can be used to reflect on the resume profile of an individual when applying for a job.

The resume headline should be an easy-to-read statement:-

  1. Award-winning sales manager having more than ten years of experience.
  2. Senior marketing manager having 10+ years of experience.
  3. A lead Software engineer who is highly experienced in JavaScript and other professional programming languages.
  4. Award-winning editor with more than ten years of experience in the field of editing.
  5. Sales Manager with 5-star Average customer rating for the satisfaction of the product.
  6. Energetic new Software Engineer with an Internship at Google.
  7. Energetic MBA graduate with an Internship at Global Economics.

Best Resume Headline

Some of the best resume headlines that can be used in the process of resume headline-making are given below as:-

  1. Project Manager who is known for efficiently beating Deadlines and budget by 20%.
  2. Excellent interpersonal skills.
  3. Sales Representative who exceeds sales every time by 20%.
  4. Java Software Developer with ten years of experience in the field of full-stack development.
  5. API Engineer having more than ten years of experience in the designing department of Samsung.

These types of resume headlines are being used by the top professionals while switching the job from one firm to another firm. This leaves a positive response to the interviewer that the individual applying for the post is the appropriate person for the job.

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How to Write Resume Headline

There are many points that needed to be kept in mind while writing a resume headline while applying for an interview.

Some of the important points that needed to be kept in mind so that the resume should stand apart from other resumes are shown below:-

  1. Highlight your value:- Putting a headline of your skill is basically an indication to the company that why they should hire you for the job. So, highlighting your value for the same will be much beneficial for increasing the chance of getting selected for the job. 
  2. Lots of Experience in the resume headline helps a lot:- Companies always remain biased towards the individual who has a lot of experience regarding the field concerned. So, basically, a resume headline is the perfect label to showcase your experience in the other firm as well.
  3. Focus on your pitch:- It is advisable for the individuals to keep their pitch high during the entire conversation with the interviewer as a research study shows that high pitch voice is always used as a sign of confidence among individuals.

Resume Headline Sample for Experienced

Resume headlines work great for the individuals who have got a lot of experience in the firm. For these individuals, there is always a chance to showcase their skills along with their experience so that the chance of getting is job is increased to its maximum value for the same. One of the basic techniques that are used by professional individuals for writing their resume headlines is that they avoid the use of cliches.

Phrases like “hard worker,” “good communicator“, etc. are quite common is the resume of the individuals applying for the job and is quite obsolete too. So, these types of phrases must be avoided at all costs. So, only by highlighting the experience and skills that one has is what makes you unique, and this will greatly increase the chance of impressing the hiring manager for the post of the job as well.

Resume headline for HR

Resume headline works in a great way in terms of impressing the hiring the Manager for the company or the firm that an individual is applying for. The resume headline is the first thing that the hiring manager is going to notice on your resume. So, it is advised that the resume headline should be made attractive and worthy so that the chances of getting selected for jobs are maximized.

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Resume headline for Mechanical Engineering

There are some resume headlines that can be used by a mechanical engineering graduate while applying for core companies.

Some of a great way of writing the resume headline is shown below:-

  1. Organized Mechanical Engineer preparing B.Tech from Columbia University. Looking to leverage the skills gained during the summer internship at Miro Technologies. Previous Internship experience includes SpaceX.
  2. Outgoing Mechanical Engineer with in-depth knowledge of CMOS and NAND imager. I also took part in the SAE international program to build a racing car that can be used for further research skills as well.

Resume headline for Teachers

Some of the good career objectives rather resume headline that can be used in the resume headline for a teacher is given as follows:-

  1. To obtain the position of an elementary school teacher that will basically help me to utilize my education and dedication to the children’s education and will also focus on their development.
  2. To encourage the creativity that lies among the students and to boost their high order thinking in such a manner that it enhances their performance.
  3. To build a long term career in the role of a teacher that offers opportunities for career growth at the same time as well.

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Resume headline for MBA Freshers

Resume headline plays a very important role for MBA graduates. One pursuing MBA can get a clear idea about the proper resume headline from the below examples:-

  1. Career Oriented MBA graduate looking for a challenging career who is eager to take up any real-life challenge that will enhance the growth.
  2. Helped previous company to grow 15% revenue in just six months.
  3. Overall topper of Management batch with 90% score.
  4. Profound experience in market handling.
  5. Specialist in Management with a supplementary diploma in finance.

Writing a resume headline for an MBA fresher should be such that it should immediately create a first impression on the interviewer. One should tail his/her resume according to what is needed for grasping the best attention of the interviewer.

However, one individual can also take the example of resume building from the above examples as well as from the seniors who have attended interviews in many companies and have relevant experience related to the field. In this way, one can maximize the chance of getting selected for the role of the job in which the candidate is applying.

Resume Headline for Civil Engineer

For a student doing his/her engineering in the civil department, it is very important to know that he/she must include his/her skills related to civil engineering in the resume headline so that it may be seen by the recruiter.

Some of the resume headlines that can be used by a fresher include the following examples:- 

  1. Civil Engineering work experience spanning 2 live projects along with 3 internships from core companies.
  2. Skilled in the design of steel and RCC structure looking for a career in concrete technology.
  3. Tech Civil Engineer is seeking a career in the field of construction management and project management. 
  4. Graduate Civil Engineer skilled in AutoCAD and Proteus.
  5. Graduate in Civil Engineering seeking an entry in the civil engineer position.
  6. A civil engineering graduate focussed on designing environment conscious and cost-effective infrastructure solutions that will, in turn, help the society.

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Resume Headline for Software Developer

For a software developer, it is very important to showcase his/her skill in the resume headline so that it is the first thing that is being noticed by the interviewer. Some of the phrases that can be used by the software developer are – Ability to work in C++, Java, and PHP can work well under pressure in real-life situations, Individual with great interpersonal skills and communication skills as well.

The individual can also include various internships if found any under reputed firms and tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Ola, Uber, Goldmann Sachs, Amazon, and other tech companies, to name a few. The candidate is also advised to use the accomplishments that he/she has achieved during the tenure of his college so that the interviewer is able to know that the candidate is passionate about his/her work regarding the subject as concerned.

Resume Headline for Software Tester

For an individual who is willing to join any of the IT firms for the post of a Software tester, he/she should have excellent interpersonal skills and also may include some of the skills which he/she has. Some of the examples are given as – Software tester for Intelligent Private Limited having 10 years of experience in Java domain which is used for more than 100 platforms. The candidate can also use previous achievements of the previous firm as a marketing tool for the applying company so that the chance of getting selected for the job is profusely increased.

Resume Headline for Business Analyst

The resume headline of a business analyst basically provides the information about the potential that the candidate is capable of doing for the firm. This can automatically leave a positive response to the interviewer about the candidate that is applying for the job.

Some of the phrases that can be used as a resume headline for the post of Business Analyst are shown below:-

  1. Expert knowledge of about e-commerce industry and major customer segments and the retail products.
  2. Excellent interpersonal and negotiation skills.
  3. Problem-solving skills with analytic frame in mind.

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Resume Headline for Sales

The Resume Headline for sales should be made with a sole motive that it should convey only one meaning that is “this candidate is the right candidate for the job”.

Some of the phrases that can be used by the candidate while applying for the post of Sales are given as:-

  1. Sales Representative who exceeds sales by 15% every month.
  2. Project Manager at IT firm who beats budget lines by 20% every time.

This type of phrase is an excellent way to make an excellent first impression on the interviewer. They usually help up in summing up the career viewpoint of the candidate.

Resume Headline for Account Executive

The resume headline for the post of account executive contains brief information about the positions of responsibility that can quickly grab the attention of the interviewer.

Some of the catchy resume headlines for the post of Accounts Executive are given as follows:-

  1. Career Oriented Accountant is having more than ten years of experience in the industry.
  2. Successful Manager for more than dozens of Marketing Campaigns.
  3. Award-winning editor with skills in web design.


✅ What should I write in my resume headline?

Ans. A resume headline should short, brief, and Precise. The Candidate should be able to State his value in that one Sentence

✅ What is a catchy headline?

Ans. A catchy headline is extremely important to bring the reader into view an article or advertisement

✅ What is a professional headline?

Ans. The professional headline is the line that appears immediately below your name at the top of the profile. A good headline tells others what you do and what benefit they get from working with you

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