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Universities in France such as INSEAD, HEC, etc. feature in Top 20 Universities around the globe. France’s education system is based more on research than classroom teaching. This is emphasized by the fact that there are only about 30-35 students per class in a year for an average of 120 students a year. MBA in France has the capability to substantiate its education even in far-flung courses such as Luxury good market or Fashion technology. 

With the cultural diversity available, coupled with the extent of industrial exposure, France offers a unique ability to develop a highly social network that would be highly required in the future. Add the fact that it is a tourism hub, students at Universities in France can expect myriad opportunities and a lot of exposure that will help jump-start or take forward their career.

MBA in France Universities:

  • French universities are provided with a welcoming and supportive environment.  Apart from well-equipped classrooms, a goal-focused education is what the top universities emphasize on to get the students started on their successful careers in France.
  • The universities offer master’s, bachelors and diploma programs which lead the students into building a professional career for themselves and contributing to the economic progress of the country as a whole.
  • The universities provide all learners with capabilities they require to become economically productive and independent, develop sustainable livelihoods, contribute to peaceful and democratic societies and enhance individual well-being.
  • A perfect blend of hands-on learning and a comprehensive curriculum make the students ready to go and work in the real world. 
  • The faculty members of all universities are highly qualified and have expertise in their respective fields.
  • The universities ensure all-round development of their students and train them to be highly qualified professionals who contribute towards the economic progress of the country as a whole.

Top 10 Universities for MBA in France:

Top-ranked French business schools- Financial Times

  1. INSEAD- World No.2 (Was ranked No.1 in 2017, 2016). Launchpad for a career in the Consulting sector
  2. HEC Paris– Highly selective with only a 19% admit rate. Launchpad for a career in the Luxury sector
  3. ESCP Europe– World’s 1st B-school. It has 6 campuses in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Turin, Warsaw. 1 MBA year- 2 countries, 2 languages, 2 degrees, 2 Consultancy Projects. Launchpad for a career in Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Tech sectors
  4. ESSEC– 2 campuses in Paris and Singapore. Has many specialized MBA courses. Launchpad for a career in Finance, IT, FMCG and Tech sectors
  5. EDHEC– Has great ROI. 2 intakes- Jan, Sept. Has great career treks including one in Silicon Valley at Google’s office. Launchpad for a career in Luxury, IT and Entrepreneurship sectors
  6. Audiencia Nantes School of Management- It has specialized MBAs, doctorates and executive execution programs. It has over 230 partners worldwide.
  7. IESEG School of management- It has two campuses: the Lille campus and the Paris campus. It offers specialization in a wide variety of subjects.
  8. ISM Paris- It offers short-term programs, e-learning courses, IMBA and Ph.D. in Business Administration. Launchpad for careers in entrepreneurship and research sectors.
  9. Toulouse- It has 15 doctoral schools and research and higher education group of universities.
  10. Ecole des Ponts- It offers specialized programs in many fields including mathematics, engineering, transport, innovation, logistics, environment, and computer science.

MBA in France Cost:

Studying in France is one of the most affordable European options to study abroad. MBA in France is one such program that has been topping the list of international students. Business schools in France feature in the world rankings across the world.

When you study an MBA in France, there is a number of opportunities waiting for you. Diversity on campus, quality education, and all the exposure you get when you study in France is something invaluable. Moreover, an international MBA always works wonders for your CV.

INSEAD Business School France

Course Name: Master of Business Management (MBA)

Duration of the course is 10 Months

One-year tuition Fees is 85500 EURO

HEC Paris

Course Name: Master of Business Administration

Duration of the course is 16 Month

One-year tuition Fees is 49500 EURO

ESSEC Business School (France)

Course name: Global MBA

Duration of the course is 1 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 45000 EURO

EDHEC Business School, France

Course name: Global MBA

Duration of the course is 10 Month

One-year tuition Fees is 44000 EURO

Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Course name: Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Duration of the course is 2 Year

One-year tuition Fees is 15725 EURO

EMLYON Business School

40000 EURO

NEOMA Business School

36000 EURO

Audencia Business School

30500 EURO

IESEG School of Management

24000 EURO

Toulouse Business School, France

30000 EURO

The popularity of France is increasing now a day in terms of the number of international students. France is famous for its low tuition fees which makes it affordable for international students to study and to live. Education costs less in France than the US and UK, and that is one of the benefits of studying in France. Funding is also provided to international students.

  • The Cost of doing an MBA in France is also affordable than in other countries like UK, USA, Canada. Here are some common costs that you’re going to face:
  • The annual tuition fee for MBA is between 7000 – 300,000 EURO.
  • The living expenses academically is between 18000 -30000 EURO/Year.
  • This includes extra expenses like
  • Communication Expenses
  • Books and Supplies
  • Food and Grocery
  • Travel Costs
  • Personal expenses and incidentals

Jobs after MBA in France:

France is home to some of the biggest luxury body grooming industry, fashion, and restaurant companies such as L’Oréal, Michelin, etc. These have set the bar high for performance. Moreover, the French market is capable enough to absorb the students clearing their MBA from the Universities in France. Therefore, students, that way is guaranteed a career. This also is a reason for them to throng to France.

MBA in France Requirements/Eligibility:

As in France, for Master Studies or Bachelors studies, IELTS is not required if the student has completed the degree course through the English medium. Students should have completed 12+3 /12+4 of study in order to apply for a Master’s degree. Students must have scored a minimum of 60% in the bachelor’s degree program. Candidates are also required to give GMAT or GRE depending on the university they choose.

An MBA course is available in different colleges and different schools in France. Different fields of MBA courses are available to study in France, like MBA in International Business Management, Finance, Business Marketing and many more. There are conversion programs available too, in RENNES SCHOOL OF BUSINESS like the Master in Global Business Management. Students having a bachelor’s degree in any field from a recognized university can apply for it. Also, in SKEMA business school there is a conversion program available which is M.SC. in Project and Program Business Development where a student from any field can apply.

If the student has pursued a course through a different medium other than English then, IELTS is required. 

Some Uni programs require GMAT, GRE or pass an admissions test. Some universities also ask the students to fill gaps with work experience.

MBA in France for International Students:

The profile of international students matters a lot. The following is the list of factors that matter:


A good score of above 7.0 INDIAN CGPA is enough to get into a middle level as well as higher level colleges. If your score is below 7.0 no worries you still got chance to above average schools for sure.

Work experience

Most business schools in the EU prefer an exp candidate with at least 2yrs of work exp.


Though many colleges in France. It has started providing the course in English, you can’t escape from French. Language plays a major role to live there as well as getting a job after graduation so make sure you complete at least A2 level before entering France.


Only high rated colleges asks for GMAT not the middle-level colleges.


A minimum of 7 is a decent required score.

MBA in France without IELTS:

For Master Studies or Bachelors studies, IELTS is not required if the student has completed the degree course through English medium. Students should have completed 12+3 /12+4 of study in order to apply for a Master’s degree. Students must have scored a minimum of 60% in the bachelor’s degree program. If English is the first language, then this is not required.

MBA in France without GMAT:

Some universities do not require students to appear for a GMAT exam. They simply require the students to complete their Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized university with a minimum score as prescribed by every university respectively. They may also ask the students to fill the gap with work experience.

Transportation in France:

There are various modes of transportation like buses, tram, taxes, bikes, metro etc. Students can take a pass to bus, metro and tram which costs between 17 and 33 EUR. Taxis can cost 1.25 EUR/km which is economical in Paris. One can lease a bike through the Vélib bicycle rental programme. One can also utilize the TGV for travelling in different cities and it costs around 20-25 EUR per trip.

The French government offers a unique plan of healthcare for everyone. After enrolling in that plan, students will be secured. Insurance for health care costs 20-50 EUR per month. Books are a basic requirement for any students. It costs 50 EUR/months. Purchasing a youth travel card offers you heavy discounts while travelling to different areas.

What is the Scope of MBA in France?

  • Gives you skills to seek employment in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Such graduates can seek the job profiles that offer the roles in Sales, Marketing, Market Research and Analysis, Research and Development Support, Product Executive, etc. 
  • The overseas nations such as USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Europe have a noteworthy interest for such MBAs who can be a great asset to the biotech industry.

Here are few other career prospects in this field:

  • Biotechnology Expert
  • Marketing Executive
  • Lab Technician
  • Industry Analyst
  • Protein Purification Team Leader
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Biotechnology Patent Analyst
  • Lab Technician
  • Assistant Professor

Is it Good to do MBA in France?

An MBA in France is an excellent idea. It develops awareness of critical industry aspects. ALL MBA specializations in management, marketing, finance or any other field are glamorous that keeps-on growing with the economy worldwide. The incorporation of skills and leadership traits of an MBA with tourism, travel hospitality or any other specialization makes this degree advantageous. It is probably the potential game-changer in India and abroad.

Why Study MBA in France?

First, depending on which schools you wish to apply to, the French educational system is excellent and represents great value for money. There is a wide range of choices. Most top French weeklies publish rankings of the leading French academic institutions. Please note that some schools are clearly better than others, have better networks, and are better at job placement services.

In addition, in today’s academic climate, most programs take place in English. If you do not speak French, this is not an initial handicap. However, for the purposes of living and perhaps later working in France, a sound knowledge of the French language is essential.

Lastly, living and studying in France will be a culturally and intellectually stimulating experience. Top MBAs to consider are INSEAD and HEC. If you have further questions and require further counsel, please feel free to contact me directly.

  • Quality Education: Doing your Higher study in France provides you with quality education because of the Great teaching tactics and learning experiences there.
  • Global Exposure: Doing your study abroad there will give you a global exposure that is good for every student. You will meet some new people and will see new cultures which will give you more experience in life.
  • Industry knowledge: It will give students more industry experience and will help them build more networks which will eventually help them get good jobs and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Work While Studying: Students get to work while they are studying in France. This helps them to manage their own expenses and make them more independent in life.

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