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Top Computer Course List and Fees

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

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Information Technology is the sector which is growing tremendously over the last few years and it is creating maximum jobs in the country and students these days are joining computer application courses after 12th, Graduation, Post Graduation. A student can do short term courses or diploma course or certificate course for doing a computer course. These courses focus effectively on the job orientation and skill development.

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There are 5504 colleges spread throughout India that offer computer courses and students can take admission to top computer applications colleges. Numerous computers preparing administrations are intended to assist understudies with obtaining affirmation in explicit zones to accomplish work arrangements or headway. These course certifications are available in various specialized fields by vendors like Microsoft, Adobe, etc.

Computer Courses

Today the role of computers is increasing day by day everywhere in every sector, and almost all of the companies and work are based on computers that’s why candidates are giving preference to computer courses.

Computers learning is basically divided into two sectors one is dealing with software management and another one is Data Technology (IT). While the IT branch manages the utilization of PCs to recover, communicate, and control information or data, programming designing is the use of designing to grow new programming. In any case, in layman terms, IT programming is a classification that enrolls numerous courses in data innovation, software engineering, PC applications, and CAD/CAM.

IT programming PC courses are offered at undergrad (UG), postgraduate (PG), and doctoral (Ph.D.) levels in India. Competitors can pick a course of their decision premise intrigue and capabilities.

Such courses are intended to build up the specialized aptitudes of an up-and-comer and give pertinent preparation to people wanting to make a profession in this field.

Today India has been leading  with  talented  IT professionals and Indian computer professionals have contributed largely to the growth and development of the IT sector in the USA, UK, Australia, and many other countries so the demands of computer degree holders are also boomed

Types Of Computer Courses

There are many computer courses available. People choose it according to their preferences and interest in which they want to make their careers and demands in the job sector.

Data Analytics Course

  • Data analytic course is nowadays becoming a most preferable course because of its demands in the industry. The courses are fully designed for both technical and non-technical professionals candidates to make their good command in computer skills.
  • Skills-Statistics, Predictive, Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • Job Opportunities –Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analyst.

Data science course

  • Data science courses today basically teach the depth of information of managing raw data in various ways to make it more effective and useable for the masses.
  • Skills– Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, etc.
  • Job Opportunities -Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Business Analyst.

Artificial intelligence course

  • With the coming of 5th generation technology has shown us devastating changes in the field of computer skills it made the computer and technology more advance. Today’s world is considered the world of artificial intelligence,  in this time the demand for this course automatically rises.
  • Skill Set -NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Graphical Models along with a solid foundation in Predictive Analytics and Statistics
  • Job Opportunities – Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist.

Digital Marketing course

  • Range of abilities – SEO, SEM, Branding, Content Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing 
  • Openings for work – Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Manager, Social Media, and Content Manager.

Machine learning course

  • These courses are for Tech Professionals Seeking to Build Expertise in AI/ML from India’s driving Machine Learning Lab. 
  • Range of abilities – NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Graphical Models alongside a strong establishment in Predictive Analytics and Statistics 
  • Openings for work – Business Analyst, Product Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist 

Network Security Course

  • The course is really beneficial in the time of hacking and cyber theft where every day thousands of cases are taking birth due to cyber loopholes.
  • Find, security weaknesses over a whole organization, by utilizing network hacking procedures and weakness filtering. 
  • Perform network observing to find and distinguish possible programmers and malware utilizing instruments like Wireshark, Tcpdump, and Syslog. 
  • See how to best utilize techniques for verification, including passwords, multifaceted confirmation including delicate tokens and hard tokens. 

Moral Hacking Course

  • Moral programmers are the expert programmers who have authorization to the association’s organization framework and keep them from unlawful programmers by applying vital measures. 
  • Openings for work- government security bureaus, private bureaus, and managing lawful activities.

Website optimization course

  • Range of abilities – SEO, SEM, Branding, Content Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing 
  • Openings for work – Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Manager, Social Media, and Content Manager

Full Stack Developer Course 

Full Stack Developers will be engineers that plan total applications and sites. They chip away at all features of advancement, from frontend to backend, to an information base and in any event, troubleshooting and testing. 

There are various advanced languages that can be learned for developing a project website or WebPages.

  • Frontend – HTML, HMTL5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery 
  • Backend – Node.js, Meteor.js, Angular 2, PHP, Ruby on Rails 
  • Database – MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Apache Cassandra 
  • Other Essential Technologies – Memcached, Redis, Apache Lucene, Apache Solr 
  • Debugging/Version Control – GIT, Subversion, Task Runners (Grunt, Gulp), Debuggers (Xdebug, Firebug)

Web Development Course 

The web advancement course is a moving one these days as it encourages one to learn :

  • To fabricate sites and web applications and provide a basic structure for plotting the ideas and designing
  • To Build HTML-based versatile applications 
  • How to Bid for ventures on independent sites 
  • How to Start their own online business 
  • How to be an agreeable front-end engineer 
  • Being capable with information bases and worker side dialects

Computer Courses List with Fee Structure

Development in the Information Technology (IT) department in India is increasing at an exponential rate. As indicated by individual reports, the income produced from IT sends out in the year 2018 was more than $200 Billion! Thus, IT offers incredible opportunities and resources for one to achieve great heights

Here is the list of Computer Courses with a fee:

1. Web Designing

Web designing is an extraordinary computer course that opens doors for individuals who like to work autonomously. This course manages different components of making and keeping up a webpage. It comprises of getting the hang of coding dialects like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, and so on.

Fee: INR 50,000 to 15 Lakhs depending on the duration of the course. The starting salary after completion of the course around 2 to 6 Lakhs per annum

2. VFX and Animation

This course manages points like enhanced visualization activity, 3D innovation, illustrations, and so forth. Prior, this course had hardly any takers. However, with the expanded interest in VFX and Animation experts, this course has become well known by everyone. 

Fee:  INR 1 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending on the type of animation and VFX course and the duration of the course.

3. Hardware and Network

Numerous Indian understudies are very much aware of these computer courses. Their ad continues showing up on Newspapers and TV once in a while. As they guarantee, these courses ensure employment.

Fee: INR 30,000 to 1.2 lakhs depending on the duration of the course.

4. Software and Programming Languages

To create programs, one must get the hang of programming languages like Java, C++, etc. Programming designers are in a lot of demand for IT organizations. This makes it an excellent course of seeking after.

Fee: INR 2000 to 50,000 depending on the language selected and the duration of the level of the course. The starting salary is anywhere around 15,000 to 1 lakh per month.

5. Tally

Tally is book-keeping programming. This course shows you how to utilize count effectively. The count is trusted by numerous enormous organizations and the Government to store and move budget summaries.

Fee: INR 3,000 to 8,000 depending on the duration of the course. The starting salary offered is anywhere around 1.4 to 2 lakhs per annum.

6. Cybersecurity

Numerous tasks are done online these days. Assignments like banking, covering tabs, shopping, and so on are done on the web. This is advantageous for individuals. In any case, simultaneously, they are confronting tremendous security dangers on the internet. Digital violations are expanding step by step.

Fee: INR 30,000 to 80,000 depending on the duration and the type of cybersecurity-related work. The starting salary offered is around 10 to 15 lakhs per annum.

7. Microsoft Office

This is an extremely essential and basic course. It covers subjects like MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. Additionally, it is a great idea to pick up composing. This will improve the composing speed of an individual. 

Fee: INR 5,000 to 10,000 depending on the duration of the course.

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Best Computer Courses

There are ample options and opportunities to choose from when one is deciding the computer course they are interested in. It solely depends on your passion, strengths, interests, and amount of work you are ready to put in.

Based on this, there are various courses listed below which given the best “return on investment” and thus considered best by the masses:

1. Data Analyst

According to an ongoing report, the information is relied upon to grow multiple times by 2020 (Aureus Analytics). The capacity to break down this information isn’t expanding relatively which is the reason this is prompting an ability hole of talented up and comers in this space. By this course, you will become acquainted with how to turn into a Data Analyst.

Skill Set – Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data Analytics, etc.

2. Digital marketing

This course is based on the high use of the internet nowadays making people advertise more on the internet than on national television. This helps in creating a new dimension for selling a product and has a great scope ahead.

Skill Set -SEO, SEM, Branding, Content Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Social Media Marketing.

3. Artificial Intelligence

This course is one of the most demanded courses and will remain so for the forthcoming years as the need for artificial intelligence is increasing day in and day out and engineers are needed for the proper processing and development of it.

Skill Set -NLP, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Graphical Models along with a solid foundation in Predictive Analytics and Statistics.

4. Ethical hacking

Ethical hackers are professional hackers who have permission to the organization’s network system and prevent them from illegal hackers by applying necessary measures.

5. Full-stack developer

Full Stack Developers will be engineers that plan total applications and sites. They take a shot at all the features of advancement, from frontend to backend, to a database and in any event, debugging and testing.

Skill Set – HTML, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery.

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Basic Computer Courses

A basic computer course is a course which can be learned by any individual at any given point in time which will not increase their significance but help them to achieve tougher courses with ease.

They are the basic courses which one must know for pursuing computer certification:


The first and straightforward fundamental PC course is typing. You can begin composing on a PC utilizing its console. Composing may assist you with becoming progressively gainful while you are grinding away. Both utilized and work searchers ought to figure out how to type quickly.

Particularly on the off chance that you are a work searcher, at that point, you should have a composing velocity of at any rate 40 words for every moment. On the off chance that you go for an information section work, at that point the main ability those businesses going to ask is your composing speed.

Microsoft Office:

Microsoft office suite is the most significant programming with regards to learning PCs. In the event that you must be a PC proficient, at that point you should learn MS office. MS office is exceptionally immense as it has numerous product programs like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Access, Outlook, and so forth.

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Short Term Computer Course

Short term computer courses are the courses which can be finished in a short period of time which will give a beginner knowledge to the individual.

  1. Certificate Course in ASP.Net with C#
  2. Certificate course in PC, Hardware & Networking
  3. Certificate Course in programming through C language
  4. Interactive Multimedia development
  5. Certificate Course in Financial Accounting using TALLY
  6. Introduction to 2D Animation

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List of Computer courses after Class 12th

These are the courses in which one can have certification after completing the 12th standard. There is no need for graduation in these courses and they can help one boost the graduation in a computer or can provide a basic salary to an individual. Graduation doesn’t really matters when it comes to learning computer courses as one does not need any degree to learn about computers. 

  1. Data entry
  2. Microsoft office
  3. VFX and animation
  4. Graphic designing
  5. Computer-aided design and  drafting
  6. Web development
  7. Digital marketing

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List of Computer Course in Accounting

Accounting computer courses are courses which help in accounting matters. These courses help in keeping in check the finances of the organization and make it easy to tally the records.

Top  Computer Course Universities  In India And Abroad

There are many top-level institutions that are providing several computer courses to aspirants, thousands of students appearing in these rewarded universities.

Here is the list of top institutions in which more than 60 thousand students every year studying. These universities are rewarded in top categories on the basis of their subject’s faculty, architecture, and hiring.

Name of InstitutionCountry
Massachusetts Institute of technologyUnited States
Stanford UniversityUnited States
Carnegie Mellon UniversityUnited States
University of CaliforniaUnited States
University of CambridgeUnited Kingdom
Oxford UniversityUnited Kingdom
Indian Institute of BombayIndia (Mumbai)
Indian Institute of DelhiIndia(Delhi)
University of DelhiIndia(Delhi)
Indian Institute of KanpurIndia(Kanpur)
Lovely Professional UniversityIndia(Punjab)

 1 Year Top Computer Courses

One year computer course is beneficial for those candidates who have already knowledge of computers and studied it. one year course diploma is just for shaping their skills in the particular chosen field.

Advance Diploma in Computer Application(ADCA)

  • FCA Fundamental of Computer Application Windows (XP/WIN 7/WIN 8/WIN10) 
  • OFFICE PACKAGE -Ms-Word, Ms – Excel, Ms-PowerPoint Ms-Access
  • Writer/EDITOR/DESIGNER PageMaker, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Video Mixing, DJ Music Mixer, Hindi, and English Typing, Scanning Cad-Writing Pen Drive Use PROJECT(For all Software)
  • PROGRAMMING LANGUES -Fundamental, C and C++, A/C-OFFICE Bookkeeping bundle Tally 7.2/9.0 Tally ERP with ERP Payroll and Taxation Fact Accounting Busyul Accounting Tax Excise Duty TDS Tics Sales Tax Service Tax Cast Tax FBT Tax VAT, GST, Web and E-mail, Chatting, Video Chatting, Online Job and so forth

Advance Diploma in Computer Application & Designing(ADCAD)

  • FCA Fundamental of Computer Application Windows (XP/WIN 7/WIN 8/WIN10) OFFICE PACKAGE -Ms-Word, Ms – Excel, Ms-PowerPoint Ms-Access Arranger/EDITOR/DESIGNER PageMaker, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, QuarkExpress, GIF Animation, Hindi and English Typing Internet and E-mail Scanning Cad-Writing Pen Drive Use PROJECT(For all Software) 
  • VIDEO MISSING Pencil Animation Video Mixing, DJ Music Mixer Web and E-mail, Chatting, Video Chatting, Online Job.
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder
coursefinder know the chance of admit at your dream university with our course finder


✅ Which course is the best for beginners?

Courses like MS office, tally, essential development, etc. are best for individuals.

✅ Which course gives the best return on investment?

Courses like web development, digital marketing, data analyst, machine learning, etc give a high return on the investment as the starting package is high.

✅ Which course has a foreign scope?

Courses like artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital marketing, the data analyst are in high demand and have a tremendous foreign scope.

✅ What is Information Technology?

The technology consists of hardware – computers, laptops, mobile devices, etc. & software-programs that operate the appliance. IT refers to the use of technology in day to day life – complex calculations for businesses, operating machinery & equipment, communicating with customers, or even playing games on the Xbox.

✅ What is the benefit of the certification course?

The certification course gives a diploma in the specialized field in which the individual is pursuing the course which helps them to get a job or train for higher levels.

✅ What are the job roles in the IT industry?

Depending on your aptitude, area of interest & qualification, you can choose to work in any of the following job profiles:
1. Developers/Programmers developers
2. System Analysts
3. Software testing & quality assurance
4. Database analysts, architects & administrators
5. SQL
6. Ms. Office
7. Oracle

✅ Can one pursue a course after 12th standard?

Yes, one can pursue various courses after schooling as graduation is not needed for most of the computer courses.

✅ What is the cost of various courses?

The cost of courses may vary depending on their difficulty, duration, and demand. These courses may vary from INR 3,000 up to 15 lakhs.

✅ Where to apply for these courses?

One can apply for these courses online or offline depending on the circumstances and the availability of the course in the given area.

✅ Which are the most expensive courses?

Courses like data analysts, artificial intelligence, machine learning are one of the most expensive because of the high demand and a smaller number of people professionally trained in it.

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