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The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, also known as GATE is an exam which is used to test the candidate’s understanding and comprehending the subjects which are taught under undergraduate engineering or science programs. It is an exam which is not only used for higher education admissions but often times is also used by many companies to hire engineers. It is a national level examination which is conducted in India.


Graduate Record Examinations or popularly known as GRE is also a qualifying exam required in many foreign universities for post-graduation admission. The GRE exam is often used as a yardstick to measure a student’s capability to study a graduate program. The Exam is of two types – General and Subject-specific. The exam is available in two formats, online format, and paper-based format.


Both GRE and GATE are tested to evaluate students’ knowledge and skill. GATE is more specific to Engineering and Science whereas GRE covers more subjects.

GRE is valid in international universities and GATE is used in Indian universities and organizations. Both are often confused by the students however, there are considerable differences between the two.

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GATE is a computerized and standardized exam used by the Indian Institute of Technology – IITs all over India to test a candidate’s knowledge of undergraduate engineering subjects. It is a test candidate seeking admission in post-graduation courses or jobs in Government funded PSUs take for better future opportunities. It is one of the most coveted engineering entrance exams in India which is also organized by the IITs.

  • The application process is completely online.
  • Candidates can go on their GATE Online Application Processing System (GOAPS) website.
  • There they can fill out the form with their details.
  • Candidates are also required to attach all the relevant documents along with their form.
  • The registration fee is INR 1500 for General and INR 750 for females and reserved categories. For US citizens, the fee is USD 50

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Advantages of Giving GATE

  • GATE has several advantages.
  • It can be used for seeking admission in post-graduation courses in IITs all over India.
  • Many PSUs all over India also give jobs to engineers based on their GATE scores.
  • GATE qualification is also important to apply for many scholarships that are given by the government.
  • Research scholars can also get grants via their GATE scores.
  • It is an online exam and its results are credible and acceptable all over India.
  • It is a single exam that opens opportunities for both jobs and higher education.
  • GATE can also be used to seek admission in foreign universities. 
  • One can also enter a teaching job after giving the GATE exam.
  • GATE exam and a good score in it also ensure a great job in many MNCs

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GRE is an internationally recognized exam that is used to take admission in various courses in various universities all over the globe. The exam is accepted widely all over the world and a good score in it ensures admission in a topmost university of the world. The exam is often used as a yardstick to test whether a student will be able to study the curriculum of a foreign university of not.

  • To apply for this exam, one must create a ‘My GRE Account.’
  • A candidate then should fill all their vital information carefully.
  • Once the account is set up, search for test availability dates.
  • After choosing a date and time slot, choose the suitable test center from the list of centers provided.
  • Then pay the fees online which USD 205.

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Advantages of Giving GRE

  • GRE is advantageous as it allows students to seek admission in universities all over the world.
  • The exam is available in two formats – online and paper-based.
  • The exam can be given generally or can be given as a subject-specific exam.
  • It is a widely accepted exam. Universities all over the world accept it.
  • The exam helps students with low GPAs.
  • Students with a low GPA if scores good in GRE can still seek admission in top universities.
  • A good GRE score also makes one eligible for various scholarships.
  • A good GRE score also ensures that one gets a VISA more easily than others.
  • A GRE exam can do wonders and help improve one’s profile.
  • GRE exam can greatly improve your chances of admission to a foreign university.

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