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Insead business school is a pioneer institute in the field of management. It has 60 glorious years of experience. The Insead business school is situated in France and Singapore. It was founded by a Harvard business school professor Georges Doriot in 1957 along with various other people such as Claude Janssen, Oliver Grisscard, Jean Macrae, who was the president of “Chambre de commerce de Paris in 1957 and helped with the funding from various corporate and banking sectors.

The institute is an epitome of excellence and empowers leaders for a better global. It trains its students to be a changing light in the world and helps in the development of overall personality. It inspires the students to be bold and innovative and to take risks. It gives the students a motto to be agile, daring, and responsive to global change.

  • There would be a variety of masters program offered such as master in management, MBA, Executive MBA, master in change, master in finance
  • There are also many open programs and customized programs
  • There are many online courses given by the school
  • There are over 59,474 alumni spread over 175 countries.
  • Since the campuses are now closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the business school runs a series of webinars that are open to all.

Insead business school France

Insead is a private business school. It has its main headquarters in Paris, France. The institute is famous for its MBA courses, but it has other courses also. The campus also has residential areas for students. The institute also offers an undergraduate degree. The institute has many distinct lists of alumni. There are also student exchange programs, and there are also a variety of specializations offered in courses like marketing, accounting, economics, etc.

  • Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 refer to the official website to get the latest updates
  • There are a variety of master programs offered by the institute; every program has different age criteria and work experience.
  • The average age for masters in management is 22 years, and the duration of the course is 14-16 months
  • The average age for an MBA is 29 years and work experience of 6 years is required
  • Personal leadership development programs are also offered by the institute.

Insead Business School Singapore

Insead business school is located in 1, Ayer Rajah Avenue in Singapore, 138676. It is the Asia campus of Insead Business School. It is situated in the knowledge hub district of Singapore, which is one of the prime locations. It was established in the year 1999 in Singapore. The motto behind opening the campus in Asia was to connect the world. There are also many hotels and residential apartments for students to stay and learn.

  • The courses offered by both the campuses are the same in France and Singapore.
  • Students also have the option of visiting Abu Dhabi, China, or the USA as exchange students and part-time internships.
  • The global executive MBA program requires work experience of 14 years and is a part-time course
  • The Insead Business School has also collaborated with the Tsinghua University of Beijing, China, for an executive MBA course.
  • It also offers a master’s in finance on the Singapore campus only.

Insead Business School Fees

It is also beneficial to go to insead business school as it is no doubt one of the best b-schools of the world. It is also ranked as no 1 among non- US business schools. It is also best in terms of ROI (return of investment). It can also be compared to the MBA degree at Harvard. It also offers various scholarships that candidates can look into.

ItemCost in USDCost in Euro
Tuition 95,34480,800
Business foundation 22421900
Total in rupees Rs.73,69,663Rs.69,91,232

Insead Business School France Fees

In order to apply for insead business school, you need to meet very high demands. The candidate must have international exposure and work experience.  It has a strong international culture. The financial times have ranked insead as one of the top and prestigious business schools. 

ItemCost in EurosCost in USD
Tuition 95,34480,800
Business foundation 22421900
Housing 10,00011,800
Field trip20002360

Insead business school Singapore fees

Although it offers an MBA course which 10-17 months people yet prefer it over the two year MBA course due to the return of investment rate. Some courses are offered by both the campuses but some courses are present only in Singapore or France campus. Therefore the students must select their campus wisely keeping in mind all the factors from funding and other expenses.

ItemCost in EurosCost in USD
Tuition 95,34480,800
Business foundation 22421900
Housing 1100012980
Field trip20002360

Insead Business School Ph.D

Insead is one of the world’s largest business schools. The school offers a doctorate in management. It has a dedicated team of faculty. Management Ph.D. is a tough course to get in a rigorous amount of study to accomplish it successfully. The Ph.D. program of Insead is small and intimate. Students have a strong ethos of support.

There are also many exchange programs running between Wharton school in America, and it provides a chance to study in almost every continent of the world as students from various cultural backgrounds take admission irrespective of the boundary, and the faculty is also one of the most international at the business school.

  • Insead professors are world-class experts in their field of study.
  • Mentorship provided is distinctive
  • The independent research is full of guidance from the best professionals
  • Collaboration across various academic areas

Insead Business School MBA

Insead offers two business schedules, one starting in September, which takes a duration of about ten months to complete, and the other is of 12 months duration starting in January for students who also want to do a summer internship. Insead is not among the ivy league colleges, but it is providing tough and challenging competition to them.

The campuses are fully integrated, and taking admission in Insead Business School has been a life-changing situation for many alumni, there are also a variety of career opportunities. Insead offers more than 75 electives across both its campuses. Everyone is free to choose the electives of their own, be it finances, accounting, or entrepreneurship.

  • The tailor-made MBA program that fits every career goal.
  • Students have a variety of assignments and projects to complete.
  • There are student clubs at Insead 
  • Insead supports digital transformation

Insead business school MBA requirements

The MBA program offered at Insead is the stepping stone for your success and a bright future. Emerge as a leader in the competitive business world. The MBA admissions team is looking for individuals with high intellectual ability and who can match the rigorous academic program offered at insead.


There are four stages of the application process and selection. The application process takes about ten weeks to complete.

  • Firstly online application video needs to be uploaded once the application is filled. The candidate will have to answer the questions and then record his/her answers in the video and submit.
  • This is the first round of selection. If selected, then there is an interview.
  • The candidate will be having an interview with the alumni of Insead
  • The admission committee, after viewing everything, will make the final decision.
  • GMAT/GRE and university degree also play an important role in getting admission.

Insead Business School Admission Criteria

Work experience is required for getting admission in the course; the candidate must have two years of work experience at least to get admission. The students must possess an ability to contribute, and the candidate should have a minimum GMAT score of 720-760.

Insead Business School Acceptance Rate

Officially instead does not publish its acceptance rate, but according to data from MBA data guru, Insead has one of the highest acceptance rates of 31 percent. As compared to the other top business schools who have a lower acceptance rate as compared to Insead. For example- IE business school has 25%, London business school has 25%, Harvard has 12%, Stanford has 6%, MIT has 11.5% Columbia University has 17%, to name a few.

IE business school V/S Insead Business School

IE business school’s global online MBA is the best online MBA in the world as compared to Insead. IE business school also does not require GMAT as GMAT is for Americans and other schools. IE business school is a prestigious graduate and undergraduate school of business located in Madrid, Spain. The total number of students admitted to IE business school is approximately 440, which is lesser than insead.

  • Students must possess a minimum of three years of relevant professional experience to be considered for an international MBA.
  • Motivated, creative, and high performing candidates are required by such institutes.
  • The admissions are divided into five steps in IE business school.

London Business School V/S Insead

The London business school is situated in regents park, London, United Kingdom. It is a constituent college and is ranked among the top colleges in the world. It was established in 1964 and has an intake capacity of 2075 students who come to study all across the globe. As of Insead Business School, it has its campus in London and Dubai. There are over 70 student clubs in the London school of business.

  • There are also many notable alumni who graduated from this school.
  • The candidates must have to take international exams to get admission to such courses such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, or GRE.
  • Unlike Insead, the candidate also has to write several essays related to many topics.
  • Beyond academics, the candidates are also provided with emphasis on leadership and personal development
  • There are a range of elective courses, and it has partnerships with 32 exchange schools

Insead Business School World ranking

The school has been consistently ranked among the top business schools all across the globe. It was also above Harvard in one year of ranking by the financial times. Its MBA program was ranked 1st globally in 2016 and 2017 and 2nd in 2018. 

The dual degree Executive MBA with Tsinghua university has been ranked 1st globally by financial times.

Insead Business School Online Courses

Insead’s associate dean of executive education and chief transformation officer mark Roberts said that “online training and learning is becoming a vehicle for transformation across the organization. We have always had access to the top level. Now we can take insead’s quality deeper into organizations.

List of online courses are-

  • Strategy in the age of digital disruption
  • Business strategy and financial performance
  • Design thinking and creativity for business
  • Leadership communication
  • Innovation in age
  • Developing emerging leaders

Is Insead a good business school?

Insead is one of the best business schools. It has been ranked no.1 by various ranking agencies. The MBA is worth the value for money, and the students are placed in many reputed brands and industries. There is global exposure for the students, and the extraordinary students who have worked really hard are only able to get through and pass the admission criteria.

  • It has a strong international culture and a vast course experience
  • It can be compared to the best business schools of US
  • It also has its campus in the middle east.

Insead Business School Placements

The placement record is wonderful instead. The average salary is $105,700. Insead is a world of talent. There are over 61 countries of employment and over 260+ recruiting partners for students belonging to over 88 nationalities. Up to 351 women make up to Insead’s MBA class.

  • 92% of students were placed after three months of graduation, joining a total of 322 organizations
  • The recruiting companies include- Amazon, Bain and Company, Boston consulting group, uber and Microsoft
  • There are also career development programs offered to the students
  • They help to make choices and maximize predetermined career goals
  • The career support center consists of 40+ career professionals.

Insead Business School Deadlines

The application fees are $300. Two letters of recommendation are also required at Insead. It is one of the popular choices of students across the globe. Insead has a global scope and commitment toward research. All the faculty members are dedicated and have a Ph.D. degree. Most of the best CEOs of the corporate world all across the globe are alumni of Insead. There are many notable personalities who have studied in the various programs of Insead and have a successful career.

Deadline for complete applicationInterview decision notification
ROUND 111 march 202010 April 2020
ROUND 220 may 202026 June 2020
ROUND 301 July 202031 July 2020
ROUND 405 august 202028 august 2020

Insead Business School Notable Alumni

The alumni association of the institute was founded by a group of alumni in 1961. They also have many clubs and groups dedicated to specific industries. There are also many international clubs and associations which provide services to alumni globally.

Some notable alumni are-

  • Meera Sanyal
  • Henry Engelhardt
  • Andrew large
  • Paul marshall
  • Huw van Steenis
  • Tidjane thiam
  • Eric Wiebe
  • Walter kohl


✅ Is Insead Ivy League?

No insead is not one of the Ivy League colleges. Ivy League is a group of eight private universities in the northeastern part of the united states.

✅ How much Insead MBA cost?

Insead MBA costs around a lumpsum of RS.80,00,000 including all the expenses. 

✅ Is Insead better than Harvard?

Though both the institutes are best in their own way MBA from Insead is considered better than Harvard due to the ROI.

✅ What GMAT score do I need for Insead?

There is no such minimum score required but the average scores of GMAT accepted at insead is 708 which is the highest average for any international MBA course. 

✅ What is the average age requirement to get admission in MBA in insead?

The average age required is 29 years. You must also have work experience of 6 years for admission in the course

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