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What is Joining Letter?

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, December 12, 2019 11:56 AM   Updated on Sat, July 15, 2023 7:27 PM   10 mins read

A joining letter is a letter given to the selected candidate, expressing his wiliness to accept the job which is offered by the manager of the company. It might comprise a recognition of having employment also. The job search procedure finishes with the joining letter of the designated applicant.


After choosing an applicant, a company sends an employment letter citing the terms and profile of the profession. On getting the employment guarantee from the company, the applicant may take or reject the job suggestion.

How to write a Joining Letter?

Before knowing how to write a Joining Letter, you must distinguish what precisely is a joining letter. A customary letter directed by the designated interviewee to the company related to the occupation is termed as a connection letter or an occupation recognition letter.

Joining Letter format should contain the following:

  1. A consent letter
  2. Terms and benefits
  3. Job details
  4. Job profile

A customary knowledge directed through the particular applicant to the company with respect to job receipt is considered as a linking communication or a good career communication. It is printed whenever the nominated candidate has remained at par with the employment letter stating the profile and circumstances of the occupation.

Joining Letter Format

When an applicant receives the Joining Letter from the company and as a result, chooses to join, he marks “I” with a joining letter. The individual starts his work as an operative of the society through the work that he undertakes.

The joining letter format showcases the following details:

  1. First impression
  2. Etiquette
  3. Moral values

Format for Joining Letter

____________(Concerned Manager)
____________(Companies Name)
_____________(Companies Address)


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am immensely pleased to inform you that I accept the offer and acknowledge the same. I am ready to join as __________ (Job Position) in your company on ___________(date of joining). I sincerely thank you for believing in me and offering this position. I assure to work with sincerity and dedication.

I will be submitting all the required documents on my joining date. Should you require any further information.

Yours Faithfully
__________(Your Name)
__________ (Signature)

Joining Report

It is a prescribed letter providing in a written form, to the applicant confirming his appointment in the respective company. It is usually delivered after joining. It outlines the location, salary, welfares, privacy policy, besides essential data about the service.

Here is an attached sample of the Joining Report Letter:

Joining Report Letter

Joining Report Letter are written with the letterhead addressed to the manager and contracted by the Administration or the HR Administrator, sanctioned to hire the applicant. In case the contender receives the location, the applicant must mark a duplicate of the despatch and post it to the company.

Joining Report Letter format must include:

  1. Upper left side – address to which the letter is sent
  2. The date on the next line after a gap
  3. Salutation
  4. The subject of the letter
  5. Body and conclusion

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Joining Letter Sample

A well-crafted joining letter can help you build a great image of yourself in the eye of your boss as well as the corporation. A  job is not only about getting an employment letter, as there is countless extra promotional material you must need to stand up to your business with a single sample of a joining letter

A properly written joining letter can aid you to mark a significant imprint in the view of your manager as well as the company. An excellent occupation is not just about getting a selection letter. There happen to be various supplementary papers that you need to provide to your manager, among which the joining letter is to be included.

Joining Letter for Job

The job exploration procedure ends through the joining letter of the designated aspirant. After choosing a contender, the employer directs an appointment communication letter, stating the terms and situations of the work culture. On receiving the selection letter from the manager, the applicant may take or else discard the job proposal.

The qualified applicant submits a connection letter or Job joining letter to the corporation affirming as evidence of getting into the profession offered. It also outlines the date of joining the firm. Though a share of correspondence as well as supplementary bureaucracies, the applicant needs to submit a letter of joining in a predefined format.

The following is to be check before submitting a joining letter:

  1. Confirm that your emphasized opinions are short-lived.
  2. Keep it applicable and intelligible.
  3. Evade the usage of unsuitable language, terminologies and practical expressions.
  4. Check for any linguistic and portentous errors.

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Sample of Joining Letter for Job

Individually appointment letters as well as the joining letter show an important part in the development of employment but are completely diverse concerning each other. An employment letter is an authorized text issued by the corporation to the contender who has been selected proportionally.

The things one must-have on a joining letter are:

  1. Job title
  2. Job description
  3. Contact details
  4. Terms and benefits

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Format of Appointment Letter

An offer letter is distributed to provide an applicant, the proposal to join the corporation. An employment letter or appointment letter is distributed whenever a contender joins the firm, which is proof of employment.

It should contain the following:

  • List of contingencies
  • Work profile and arrangement
  • Job title
  • Job description

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Appointment Letter Format For Job

There are various important opinions to keep up with while conscripting an official letter because we repeatedly find it complex to construct a proper official letter.

This occurs due to the absence of clearness and also disorganization. Services to draft commercial and service letters have developed an unqualified need for building our printed announcement more convincing. 

Appointment Letter Format For Job should contain the following:

  1. Name, description, and address.
  2. Theme besides reference figure, if your proposition dispatch has the letter quantity.
  3. Confer the essential documents as well as remark them in the attachment support.
  4. Indication of the pamphlets that you might not be capable of succumbing on an instant base.

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Joining Letter for Teacher Job

It is a permissible article delivered from the company in the name of functioning. After getting this permitted text, he/she starts as a private member of his corporation. The employee is expected to go to the office at the prescribed time, input his labor, as listed in the employee contract of the firm.

The format should be as follows:

  • Address of the school
  • Position and salutation
  • Date and subject
  • Body of letter
  • conclusion

Here is the sample of the Joining letter for the teacher job:

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Company Joining Letter format

An employment letter is similar to a “security concealment” to one’s employment. It must not be lengthy like a newspaper. Essential balances and profiles of service and occupation responsibilities must be comprised in it. Such formalities are typically delivered via the HR or Management Section with the name of the manager. 

  • Put your address in the top right corner, followed by the date.
  • Salutation
  • Subject and date
  • Conclusion

Difference between an Offer Letter and Appointment Letter

Together, the appointment letter as well as joining letter demonstrate a vital role in the procedure of staffing nevertheless is totally dissimilar to each other. An employment letter is an authorized text provided by the corporation to the applicant who has remained presented the job contour.

The difference may be listed as follows:

Offer letterAppointment letter
1. Offers a position1. Detailed employment contract
2. Superficial2. Comprehensive
3. Offered after interviews3. Offered after probationary period

Joining Letter After Leave

A joining message is submitted by the accepted applicant to the establishment affirming as evidence of restarting the profession, also stating the date of joining. The applicant accepts the employment letter through detailed information about the date of joining, which is linked with the letter.

Besides this, a portion of communication and supplementary administrations, the candidate is asked to submit a connection letter in a predefined format.

It should contain the following:

  • Subject
  • Body of letter
  • Signature and date
  • Authority addressed to

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✅ How to write a Joining Letter?

Ans. A joining Letter is a letter from the selected candidate, expressing his wiliness to accept the job which is offered by the manager of the company. It might comprise a recognition of having employment also.

✅ How to write a joining letter for a teaching position?

Ans. List of things while writing a Joining letter for the position of a teacher:
1. Address of the school
2. Position and salutation
3. Date and subject
4. Body of letter
5. Conclusion

✅ Is the joining Letter and appointment letter the same?

Ans. Joining Letter and Acceptance letter are the same, both mean that the person who received the offer has accepted it. When the candidate accepts the offer, an mail is sent to the new candidate for confirming the date of joining.

✅ How to write a joining letter after earned leave?

Ans. Here is the format of how to write the joining letter after earned leave:

I ______________________________________ hereby join the Institute today on __________________ (Forenoon/Afternoon) after availing the _____ days earned leave / commuted leave / duty leave from ____________ to ________________. 

Thanking you, Yours faithfully, 

Signature _______________________

Dated: ________________ 

Name__________________________ (in capital letters) 
ID No_________________________ 

Signature of Head of the Division/Section

Note: This form should be sent to the Establishment Section after signing by the Head of the Division/Section.

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