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An appointment letter is a document that confirms that an organization has offered a job to the employee in exchange for a salary. An appointment letter acts as a legally binding document between the employee and the organization.

It acts as an assurance for the employee to secure the job with the organization. It also ensures that the employee has accepted the terms and conditions before coming into an agreement. An appointment letter contains details about the responsibilities of the employee for the job and the company.

Appointment Letter Meaning

This Appointment letter is a coupling archive and ought to contain all the data important for a representative to start working for the organization. The Human Resources office, as a rule, has a few pre-made letters accessible to be dispensed to another worker. Some rules ought to be followed when composing an arrangement letter. Following a fundamental framework can forestall any errors between the business and the representative.

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Types of Appointment Letters

An Appointment Letter is a legitimately restricting archive that affirms that an association has offered a situation to a worker, and they have acknowledged the terms and understanding in return for compensation. The Appointment letter broadly expounds on what is anticipated from the new worker and the job they will play in the organization.

There are mainly three types of appointment letter –

  1. Fixed appointment letter: This type of letter is given to those employees who are hired for a year or more than that. The employment can be extended to 2 years through these letters.
  2. Temporary appointment letter: This type of letter is given to those employees who are hired for a short period. The period of employment should not exceed 11 months.
  3. Continuing appointment letter: This type of letter is given to those who work 32 hours a week.

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Elements of an Appointment Letter

Here are the key things that you need to care about while writing the appointment letter:

  1. Welcoming the employee – The first paragraph contains congratulatory notes for securing the job and welcoming them. It’s a way to show the employee that the company is happy to have him and looking forward to his deployment.
  2. Clearing the expectations and terms and conditions – The role of the job needs to be explained beforehand. It includes the working hours, maximum paid sick leaves, responsibilities, salary, and other perks of the job. If there are some special guidelines for the company, then it should be cleared state.
  3. Employment “at-will”– This is the right of the employer to terminate the employment without properly stating the cause. This is always attached to the appointment letter.
  4. Other formalities – It includes a background check, past employment records, or any medical or physical test. An employee needs to cooperate with the offer letter.

How to write an Appointment Letter?

Address the letter

The appointment letter starts with the date in the first line. The next line mentions the name of the employee and his address. After that, salutations or greetings need to be added. Then, the body of the letter.

Welcome paragraph

The first paragraph should of two-three lines max. It should include a congratulatory message along with the welcome note. 

General information

The general information should be added in the second paragraph. It should contain general information about the job, such as working hours, responsibilities, and reporting dates. 

The third paragraph should contain the salary and the perks of the job, which was discussed and fixed during the interview. The paragraph should be of 4-5 lines as a deep explanation is not required.

Conclusion and signature

The ending of the letter should contain a positive conclusion. The conclusion should mention how the company is looking forward to work with them. The letter should end with “sincerely.” In the next line, add your signature with the date and keep some space for the employee’s signature with the date.

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Appointment letter

An official appointment letter ought to incorporate the day of beginning, representative’s obligations, workstation, working hours, money remuneration, and working hours, among other significant subtleties a worker should know before taking the activity.

Basic Appointment letter Sample

Basic Appointment letter

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Request for Appointment Letter

An arrangement demand letter is a proper letter one makes for demanding a gathering, one on one time for conversation, or maybe a gathering to see a specialist an attorney, or other occupied business substance. Conceivably a political pioneer to ensure that they have the opportunity to meet you in their chaotic timetable. This is done to make sure about their time in a considerate way that shows the earnestness of the solicitation.

Request for Appointment Letter

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Appointment Letter Sample for Employee

This appointment letter format can be used by an HR Manager of the Company or Manager of a Company offering a job to a prospective hire. This letter puts formally and in writing all else that was still left unsaid at the time of employment, fills in the blanks and connects the dots about any questions or details the Employee may still have had, and given him a feel about the daily work and day to day responsibilities expected of him.

Appointment Letter Sample for Employee

Sample for Employee

The terms and conditions of your employment are as follows:

Day of Commencement

You are expected to report to your duties as from 24th October 2018. Your contract is based on a period of two years, after which we may renew it based on your performance and mutual agreement.


You will report to your immediate supervisor on the said Date. You are required to comply with the company’s rules and regulations at all given times and should always act in a manner that protects the company’s interest.

Allocated Place of Work

You will be based at the company’s Headquarters in New York City.

Roles and Responsibilities

Your roles and responsibilities are outlined in the job description, which is an extension of this contract. Your signature will imply that you fully agree with all the terms and conditions laid out in this contract.

Monthly Salary

You are entitled to a monthly compensation amounting to {Amount}, which will be subject to all statutory and company deductions with regards to the law.

Working Hours

Your working hours shall be from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday-Friday). However, you may also be required to avail yourself outside these stipulated hours if the need arises.


  • Vacation
    • You will be entitled to 21 working days of leave at full pay. However, the leave days should only be taken at a time most suitable for both you and your Employer.
  • Sick Leave
    • You are entitled to up to (29) working days of sick leave at full pay.
  • Paternity Leave
    • You are entitled to a paternity leave of up to (two) calendar weeks, of which you should apply seven days beforehand.


This contract can be terminated:

  • By either party given a prior 30 working days written notice failure to which a compensation equivalent to a month’s salary will be awarded.
  • By the Employer on the grounds of indiscipline or under-performance.
  • By the Employer on account of redundancy/reduction as per the law.

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Sample Appointment letter

Sample Appointment letter

Difference between Offer and Appointment Letter

Offer letters are normally the main adaptation of the business contract and are utilized to illuminate a competitor that they have been discovered appropriate for the situation being referred to. On the off chance that the up-and-comer asserts that they need to acknowledge the position, at that point, the organization can furnish an appointment letter with more insights about the activity. 

Offer letters normally rehash data from the meeting just as whatever else thought about basic, similar to the anticipated beginning date. Conversely, appointment letters are point by point, similar to an agreement. 

Both offer letters and appointment letters are authoritative reports and can be utilized in any way in which the applicant needs to demonstrate their work status. The competitor may require an offer letter to leave their present place of employment, or they may require an arrangement letter to help acquire a rent if they are moving for work.

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Appointment Letter for teacher

Guardians are the regular clients of these structures. Be that as it may, the School may likewise go through these letters to set a meeting with an instructor. It’s utilized for the most part for makeup for lost time meetings, reports on understudy progress, or to address a worry.

The thought is to record primer strides to what happens at the gathering. The substance may incorporate things, for example, the Date, subtleties of the gatherings, a plan, meeting time, and so on.

Sample 1

teacher Sample

Sample 2

Letter for teacher


Is the Appointment Letter the same as the offer letter?

Ans. The principle contrast between the arrangement letters is which is offered simply after the procedures by an offer letter. What’s more, this offer letter is only the depiction offered by the organization. In contrast, the arrangement letter is the evidence of the organization that the organization, at last, procures the competitor.

How do I write an appointment letter?

Ans. Here are the things mentioned while writing the appointment letter:
1. Address the letter
2. Welcome paragraph
3. General information
4. Conclusion and signature

What is an appointment letter

Ans. An appointment letter is a document that confirms that an organization has offered a job to the employee in exchange for a salary. An appointment letter acts as a legally binding document between the employee and the organization.

What is the difference between the Offer Letter and the Appointment Letter?

Ans. While employing another worker, an organization may send various correspondences before the job is filled. Two of the most significant pre-work letters a business may convey are the offer letter and the appointment letter.
The offer letter offers a situation to the candidate, sets out the pay, and what the organization needs from the new worker. A vocation appointment letter goes into extra insights concerning the activity and the organization itself to slide the worker into the new position.

✅ How do I request an appointment?

1. Understand their level of interest.
2. Communicate the value of the appointment
3. Give them a choice.

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