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Leave Application – How to Write Leave Application for School, College, Office?

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Wed, February 5, 2020 1:04 PM   Updated on Sat, July 15, 2023 9:31 PM   9 mins read
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A leave application is a formal or official way of asking for a break from work or office for a particular time. There are different ways of writing an application, school students use a different format, college students use a different format and office employees use a different type of format.

The reason why you are writing a leave application should be mentioned in your application. Also, it is necessary that your application is being accepted by the authority or the organization or the institution. If the reason you are writing is not appropriate or seems fake then there is a high chance of rejection. The reason should be decent and should seem genuine, then it won’t be declined. The reason should mainly consist of some personal reasons, like illness, urgent piece of work or for visiting sick parents, marriage or some emergency, etc.

The leave application should be written in brief and genuine and to the point. You should try to avoid silly mistakes, grammar mistakes and also punctuation errors. The leave application should always be informal and professional language and it should not be written in friendly and casual language. 

In today’s generation, writing a professional leave application also helps in communication.

Reasons for Leave Application

  1. Application for being sick
  2. Leave for visiting the hometown
  3. Medical leave
  4. Leave for marriage
  5. Maternity/paternity leave
  6. Leave for an urgent piece of work
  7. Study leave
  8. Funeral leave
  9. Leave due to adverse weather
  10. Leave for vacation.

Format of writing a professional Leave Application

Format of writing a professional Leave Application

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Leave Application Letter Format

Writing a leave application is relatively simple, however, one can still make some errors. Therefore, given below is a leave application letter format which will help you in drafting the perfect application.

This leave application letter format can also be used as a template.

Leave Application Letter Format

Tips for writing Leave Application

  1. One of the most important applications that should be kept mind is that it should be courteous and kind.
  2. The leave application should be written formally.
  3. The reason and period should be mentioned very clearly.
  4. Supporting documents should be mentioned if needed such as a medical certificate.
  5. You should avoid silly mistakes.

Sample of Leave Application

Leave Application

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Importance of Leave Application

A few components are essential in all leave applications. For instance, the tone of the application should be polite and the content should be formal. This includes the use of appropriate vocabulary. Additionally, there should be no errors and punctuation mistakes. Lastly, a few specifics that should be included in a leave application are:

  • Reason for taking leave
  • Specific dates for leave
  • Contact information
  • Supporting documents 

Different Format for Leave Application

There are different types of leave applications, however, the format for all is more or less the same. Following a leave application format ensures that the different parties, that are affected by your absence, have all the relevant information they need. A leave application format consists of the following: 

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Leave Application For Office

Leave application for Job is written by an employee and addressed to the person in charge of the office or department. The purpose of the application is to inform the relevant authorities that you are taking a temporary leave from official duties. It allows the employer to keep track of leave days and helps in the efficient distribution of duties during your absence.

A sample of a leave application for office is given below:

Leave Application For Office

Leave Application For School

Leave application for school is addressed to the principal or class teacher and written to inform them of the student’s absence from school. Generally, parents of the student write the leave application and provide a reason as to why their ward will be on leave. It is essential that they specify the dates and sign it before sending it to the concerned person.

A sample of a leave application for school is given below:

Leave Application For School

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Leave Application For Marriage

A leave application for marriage is written by an employee getting married and who may require time off work to make arrangements for their wedding. The application is addressed to the employer, who can use it for record-keeping. It is also a formal document that helps in the delegation of duties and making adjustments to work schedules.

A sample of a leave application for marriage is given below:

Leave Application For Marriage

Casual Leave Application

An individual seeking a temporary break to handle personal issues may write a casual leave application. Such leaves are usually unplanned and short. Casual leave applications may be written by a student in an educational setting or an employee at the workplace.

A sample of a casual leave application is given below: 

Casual Leave Application

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Maternity Leave Application

Maternity leave is a period of time when a woman opts to take leave from work because she is in the process of having or has already had, a baby. A maternity leave application is written to an employer or other relevant authorities. The policies and guidelines regarding maternity leave vary in different countries and organisations.

A sample of a maternity leave application is given below: 

Maternity Leave Application

Medical Leave Application

A common reason for seeking leave is due to illness. A medical leave application is written to inform the employer or administrator (in the case of students), that you will be away for a period of time for medical reasons. The application is important since it formalizes your request for sick leave.

A sample of a medical leave application is given below:

Medical Leave Application

Leave Application For College

Leave application for college is written under circumstances when a student requires time off college for a particular period of time due to personal issues, sickness or other unavoidable reasons. The application is addressed to the principal, faculty head/ administration and the rules and guidelines on college leaves should be kept in mind.

A sample of a leave application for college is given below:

Leave Application For College

Leave Application For Exam

An employee may write a leave application for an exam if they want to take leave for exam preparation. A good leave application should state the reason behind the leave and mention the time period pertaining to your absence. Following that, the employer can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your absence does not hinder office functions.

A sample of a leave application for exam is given below:

Leave Application For Exam

Leave Application Letter

An employee or student may request for leave due to numerous reasons concerning personal or family issues. A leave application letter is written to request temporary time off work to cater to these matters. Request for leave can be for a short or a long period of time and is dependant on the nature of the reason.

A sample of a leave application letter is given below:

Leave Application Letter

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How can I write a leave application?

Ans. Writing a leave application is straightforward and simple provided one follows the format. It should have the following information for it to be considered a strong application:

1. Reason for taking leave
2. Specific dates for leave
3. Contact information

How do I ask my boss for a leave?

Ans. Submitting a leave application stating the reason and duration of leave is a safe and tested way to ask your boss for leave. Depending on the reason for taking leave, one can refer to the numerous samples given above and make the necessary changes to suit their preferences. 

How do I apply for leave for personal work?

Ans. Refer to the section ‘Casual Leave Application’ since this type of application relates to leaves one may take to deal with personal issues. It is important to explain the reason for the leave request and to be specific of the dates of the leave. Keeping the leave application short and comprehensive is equally vital.

How can I write a leave letter?

Ans. One can write a leave letter by following the format of a leave application, as given in the section ‘Leave Application Letter Format’. Including essential information such as the reason for taking leave, dates of the leave, your contact information will ensure a strong leave application letter.  

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