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MBA in UK (United Kingdom) is a program that aims to provide students knowing that can be applied to real-world companies and business circumstances. Programs related to MBA in UK, empower students with a diverse set of skills that help them have a better understanding of business and management. However, In the United Kingdom, over 100 universities offer MBA programs in a variety of specialisations, including economics, health management, international business, and so on. Although the cost of getting an MBA at one of the leading business schools in the United Kingdom is high, the expected return on investment is also considerable.

Mba in uk universities

MBA is a well-known destination for Business studies among international students. There are 100+ universities which are offering Full-time and part-time MBAs for students. And the duration of MBA in UK Universities is 1-2 years. The following are the top Universities for MBA in UK.

University NameDuration  of courses
University of Oxford1year
University of Cambridge1year
University of Warwick1year
University of Bath1year
Lancaster University1year
Cranfield University1.3year
University of Leeds1year
Coventry University1year
University of Edinburgh1 year
Cardiff University1Year

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Why Study MBA in UK?

International students consider a variety of factors while deciding where to study, including faculty, programme content, placement rate, industry growth, and others. This course guideline will provide extensive detail on how to shortlist among the institutions you should give priority to, how to apply, expenses, scholarships, and MBA employment in the UK.

Let’s look at why the United Kingdom can be one of the best MBA locations for foreign students :

  • Top business schools in the UK enable students to design their curricula and study areas.
  • Around ten UK institutions are ranked within the FT business school rankings for 2021.
  • According to Chartered Management Institute research, 78% of managers are always on the lookout for talented employees.
  • There is a severe shortage of talented new managers in the United Kingdom. The UK economy requires 1.9 million skilled managers with new methods right now.
  • At the end of September 2018, Indians accounted for 55% of tier 2 skilled worker visas.
  • In the United Kingdom, the best-earning degrees are the Executive MBA and MBA, with yearly salaries of 133,000 GBP and 116,000 GBP, respectively.

MBA in UK for Indian Students

The United Kingdom has one of the most advanced economies in the world. Universities are built to provide students with the necessary skills and information in a particular subject. When it comes to higher education institutions for Indian students in the UK, several significant factors make it an excellent option, particularly for a master’s degree in business and administration.

The following are some of the key characteristics that make the United Kingdom a popular choice for Indian students seeking an MBA:

  • MBA programs at UK institutions mix practical and theoretical study to provide students with essential skills and expertise. Students are taught by seasoned experts via regular seminars and tutorials from renowned business leaders, enhancing their exposure and knowledge of a given field.
  • Except for specific fundamental management courses, most MBA programs provided by UK institutions are one-year programs. This allows students to get a high-quality education, acquire worldwide exposure, and enrich their knowledge in a short amount of time.
  • One of the most appealing aspects of earning an MBA in the United Kingdom is the opportunity to network with prominent industry professionals and experts at university-sponsored conferences, events, and lectures.
  • Earning an MBA in a foreign location comes with several financial challenges. There are several colleges in the United Kingdom that provide financial help in the form of scholarships.

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MBA in UK Fees

When compared with the USA, the tuition fees in UK for MBA is less because the time duration of an MBA is between 12-18 months. As the duration is less, the cost of studying also becomes less. Universities like Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, etc which are top Universities in London are having high tuition fees for an MBA in UK. while universities like Chester, Sunderland, etc are offering MBA in UK at least. 

The following table shows the tuition fees for MBA in UK along with Universities :

University nameAverage first year tuition fee( in INR)
University of Oxford73.7 lakhs
University of Cambridge69.0 lakhs
University of Warwick57.8 lakhs
University of bath47.2 lakhs
Lancaster University41.7 lakhs
City,University of London56.7 lakhs
University of Leeds37.4 lakhs
Cardiff University36.7 lakhs
Coventry University32.4 lakhs
University of Birmingham43.2 lakhs
University of Manchester46.0 Lakhs
University of Exeter36.6 lakhs 
University of Glasgow37.6 lakhs
Cranfield University48.6 lakhs
University of Southampton38.6lakhs
University of Edinburgh41.7 lakhs
University of Surrey30.5 lakhs
University of Sunderland19.2 lakhs
University of Buckingham20.5 lakhs
University of Chester12.9 lakhs

MBA in UK Cost

As in the UK the cost of living and studying will be expensive because of its culture and standard of living. And students need to plan their expenses to meet all the costs of studying along with living for studying MBA in UK.

There are 3 different costs like Post-arrival, administration, and pre-arrival costs for students. And these cover the costs like Visa application fees, English proficiency test fees, entrance exam fees, and cost-of-living expenses in UK. 

The following tables shows costs for students who want to pursue MBA in UK :

Pre-arrival costs listCost ( per year)
Visa application fee31,083 INR
University application fee5000 – 15,000 INR
Flight Charges20,402 – 57,127 INR
Health Insurance38,366 INR
Administration fees listfees
MBA tuition fees29 -83 Lakhs per year
IELTS fee19,305 INR
TOEFL fees19,305 INR
PTE fees14,479 INR
GMAT or GRE fees13,059 – 15,425 INR
Books and study materials68,972 – 1.53 lakhs per year
Post – arrival cost listCost ( per month)
Accommodation43,429 INR
Food19,305 INR
Mobile phones2,895 INr
Internet3,861 INR
Stationary items3,861 INR
clothing7,239 INR
Transport 4,343 INR
miscellaneous 2,413 INR

MBA courses in UK

As the UK is famous for higher education, there are over 20 Universities that are offering MBAs in UK. And also, there are different courses available in these universities for international students. However, these courses are in high demand in the job market not only in UK but also in other countries.

The following are the popular MBA courses in UK :

  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in finance
  • MBA in Human Resources Management
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in supply chain
  • MBA in Business
  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Global Banking and finance
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • MBA in Information Management.
  • MBA in Quality management
  • MBA in Sports management
  • MBA in Digital Marketing
  • MBA in data Science
  • MBA in Project Management
  • MBA in Retail Management
  • MBA in fashion Designing
  • MBA in Hotel Management
  • MBA in Accounting

MBA in UK Eligibility

To be eligible for admission to a management program in the United Kingdom, students must complete the following fundamental eligibility rules:

  • Secondary education coursework completed at a level equivalent to those of the United Kingdom.
  • Provide any school documents, transcripts, and certifications that are required.
  • Get an adequate IELTS (6.5+) / TOEFL (95+) or any other ELP Test result to show English language competency.
  • A three-year bachelor’s degree from a recognised institution is equal to a bachelor’s degree in the United Kingdom.
  • Some universities in the United Kingdom may need at least two years of work experience.
  • Some institutions may accept candidates with GMAT scores of 600 or above

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MBA in UK Requirements

The following are the documents required to be admitted for MBA in the UK:

  • The application form was filled out completely
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Complete English essays
  • LORs (letters of recommendation)
  • Completed Professional resume currently in use 
  • Obtaining a Student Visa
  • A minimum of two passport-sized pictures 

MBA in UK without GMAT

It is also feasible to get an MBA in the United Kingdom without taking the GMAT.

Many colleges in the United Kingdom do not need a GMAT score for admission to their MBA programs. Others allow individuals with a solid résumé and appropriate job experience to opt out of submitting their GMAT scores.

The following is a list of business schools in the United Kingdom that offer MBA programs without the GMAT:

  • Warwick School of Business
  • University of Edinburgh
  • Middlesex University
  • Birmingham City Business School
  • Durham University Business School
  • University of Central Lancashire

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MBA in UK without work experience

Many Universities require work experience from the students while admitting for an MBA in UK. But, work experience is not mandatory to join an MBA in the UK. There are various benefits of studying MBA in UK with no work experience, students who complete their master’s degree early will have time to join new career opportunities with the best pay scale. And it saves time for students who want to join an MBA in UK without work experience as the duration of an MBA in the UK is 12-18 months. However, Universities like Greenwich University, Teesside University, West London University, South Wales University, etc are offering MBAs in the UK without work experience for international students.

MBA in UK for Indian Students fees

For many Indian students, an MBA in UK is a gift. The MBA program in the United Kingdom lasts one year and is considerably less expensive than in the United States. The cost of an MBA in the UK ranges from 31,000 to 88,000 pounds. For an Indian student, the tuition fees along with other costs of an MBA in the UK equal between 29 and 83 lacs.To study MBA in UK, students must have a minimum of two years of work experience. However, An international student who wishes to pursue an MBA in UK must budget in advance to meet the cost of living and tuition fees in the UK.

MBA in Healthcare Management UK

An MBA in healthcare management in UK can help students to gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the country’s booming healthcare industry. However, Newer technologies, increased public health awareness, and improved policymaking are some factors influencing the growth of MBA in UK in Healthcare Management. The Universities like Brunel University, York Business School, etc are offering MBAs in Health Management in the UK. The career paths like Healthcare administrators, biostatisticians, healthcare managers, public health educators, epidemiologists, facility managers, health information managers, facility managers, etc where students can settle. MBA salaries in healthcare management in the UK typically range from £90,000 to £100,000 depending on performance

MBA in UK without IELTS

There are some universities that are offering MBA in UK for Students without IELTS scores. For such admittance, students would need to be fluent in English. However, Students should show that they scored at least 60% in English in grades 11 and 12, that they have an undergraduate degree in English or that they have taken a pre-sessional language course designed for overseas students.

The following are some Universities offering MBA in UK without IELTS:

  • Lancaster University
  • University of Reading
  • University of Lancashire
  • Middlesex University
  • Birmingham city University 
  • London Southbank University
  • University of Greenwich
  • Aston University
  • University of Bolton
  • University of Plymouth

MBA with placement in UK

Although an MBA in UK can help you gain a better job, it doesn’t promise that you’ll get your dream career when you’re able to get started full-time work. According to research, combining an MBA program with industry work placements–such as internships or bridging courses–offers students the added benefits they need to get a head start in their careers. There are various universities like Coventry University, University of Northampton, University of Greenwich, University of London, etc that are providing MBA in UK with placement opportunities for international students.

MBA in UK scholarships

As the MBA in UK is expensive, students need to budget their amount related to the tuition fees and cost of living in UK. However, there are some universities and institutions providing scholarships for students for doing MBA in UK. 

Scholarships for MBA in UK :

  • GREAT Scholarships: The British Council and UK universities have started the GREAT Scholarship to encourage and support foreign students to pursue higher education in the UK. Over 100 scholarships will be granted under the GREAT Scholarship every year. A minimum grant of GBP 10,000 is given to GREAT Scholarship awarded. The GREAT scholarship pays the entire tuition fee for one-year postgraduate programmes or the first year of master’s degree courses lasting two years.
  • Global Study Awards: The scholarship, which is given out by Study Portals, ISIC, or the British Council, should encourage students to study abroad. The maximum amount possible in this award is Pound 10,000, and it is granted to two potential students for any course, including MBA, in several countries, including the United Kingdom.
  • The Inlaks Scholarship: Meritorious Indian students studying at universities in the UK, the US, and other European nations can apply for Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships. Students pursuing full-time Master’s, M.Phil., or Doctoral degree programmes can apply for these scholarships through the programme. The scholarship sum is only awarded once, and the Foundation does not spend more than $100,000 on it and also it covers travel charges too.
  • Go Clean Scholarship: This scholarship is given out by and is awarded to students based on merit. The scholarship money is about USD 3,500 and students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 to be eligible for this grant. It is open to MBA students from all universities in the United Kingdom.
  • Chancellor’s Master’s Scholarships: Chancellor’s Masters Scholarships are awarded to students interested in pursuing master’s degrees at the University of Sussex. The scholarship is open to both international and domestic students at the University of Sussex. The Chancellor’s Masters Scholarships grant 100 scholarships to students. Students are offered a £3,000 scholarship to be used as a tuition fee reduction. 

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Jobs for MBA in UK

Although MBA programs in the UK will not provide direct internships or placement services, they have career counselors and departments to assist students. But an MBA in UK lasts for 1 year. However, thanks to the UK’s 2-year stay-back policy. This will help students to search for jobs after MBA in UK. The concentration they choose not only defines the path they will take for the rest of their MBA degree but also impacts their future jobs. After completing the degree, graduates are awarded a salary of roughly 80,000 GBP or more per year. 

The following are different jobs for MBA in UK based on specializations.

Jobs related to MBA in Finance

  • Finance Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Finance Markets manager
  •  Finance officer

Jobs related to HR in MBA in UK

  • HR officer
  • HR graduate
  • HR graduate scheme

Jobs related to marketing in MBA in UK

  • Product specialist
  • Marketing and Sales manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Communication and Marketing specialist

Jobs related to Sales in MBA in UK

  • Business development representative
  • Sales and Business Management Graduate scheme

Jobs related to Operations in MBA in UK

  • Commercial Manager
  • Product analyst
  • Research analyst
  • Graduate Business analyst

Salary of MBA in UK

There is a wide scope for job opportunities for graduates of MBA in UK. Although all the Universities in UK do not provide placement opportunities for an MBA in UK, the Job market has experienced career consultants for students to guide them to get the best placement with Huge packages.

The following are some job roles with the salary packages for students from MBA In UK.

Title of JobSalary for annum
Chief Executive officer78.47 Lakhs
Project Manager33.50 Lakhs
Management Consultant52.31 lakhs
Finance manager39.23 lakhs
Operations manager37.60 lakhs
Business Development Manager35.96 lakhs
Marketing Manager31.87 lakhs
HR officer28.60 – 44.94 lakhs
Investment banker40.84 lakhs

MBA in UK ranking

Almost all Universities in UK are top ranking Universities in the world. The following table shows the rankings of Universities for MBA in UK based on QS world universities rankings 2022 and THE Times Higher Education rankings 2022.

Universities in UKQS rankings- 2022THE rankings- 2022
OXford University21
Cambridge University35
Imperial College London712
Edinburgh University1630
University of Manchester2750
Lancaster University132122
City University of London330351
University of Warwick6178
University of Glasgow7386
University of Southampton77124

Work permit after studying MBA in UK

The Post-Student Work visa permits international students after MBA in UK to stay in the UK for up to two years to seek employment. Graduates with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree are all subject to the rule. Those who wish to continue in the UK after their Post Study Work visa has ended should apply for a skilled work visa or a general work visa (Tier 2 visa). A candidate must earn at least £ 30,000 per year to be eligible for a Tier 2 visa, which is a general work visa. Depending on the job, it could be higher or lower.


✅ Can I work in the United Kingdom after completing an MBA program?

Ans. International students may now work lawfully in the UK for up to two years after receiving an MBA degree, thanks to the return of the post-study work visa.

✅ How much money can I expect to make after completing an MBA program in the United Kingdom?

Ans. In the United Kingdom, an MBA graduate typically makes between 88,000 and 100,000 GBP.

What are the requirements for an MBA in the United Kingdom?

Ans. For most MBA programs in the United Kingdom, a relevant bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50-60%, language fluency, GMAT/GRE scores, and job experience is needed.

In the United Kingdom, what tests are necessary for an MBA?

Ans. GMAT and IELTS or TOEFL scores are required for overseas MBA candidates in the United Kingdom. If you don’t have GMAT results, you may submit GRE equivalents to be considered for an MBA program in the United Kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, which institution is the finest for pursuing an MBA?

Ans. International candidates benefit significantly from business schools in the United Kingdom. The majority of b-schools provide a wage package of about £100,000 per year.


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