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Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, May 2, 2019 5:52 AM   Updated on Mon, December 16, 2019 6:50 AM   7 mins read

Generally, most applicants have excellent GMAT scores, great academic results and splendid extracurricular or work experience.

Therefore chances are you are almost on level ground when you are being analyzed by the admission committees no matter how great you think you can be.

A well-defined and coherent essay is the most powerful element that one can use to stand out from your peers.

But here is the catch.

Applicants spend a majority of their time preparing for their GMAT/CGPAs, so much so that they spend less than adequate time on preparing their essays.

What makes MiM Applications unique?

Among the qualities that set a MiM application apart, are its two key qualities :

  • It is directed at college undergraduates who have recently completed their degrees, usually from any field, who aspire to get a theoretical backbone in business management. Students develop foundational knowledge and then spend a considerate portion of their MiM course in specializations and research work.
  • It trains students to get depth into business topics to make they’re qualified as well as a well-recommended foray into entry-level jobs in business management.

In this sense thus, MiM aspirants have a clearer distinction in comparison to the well-experienced professionals who seek an MBA to advance their careers. These applications have been gaining increasing attention from students who look for the qualities above for a Master’s degree. To look through a large number of interested applicants, different admission committees follow similar parameters, like in MBA – GMAT, GPA, Recommendations, and Essays – to find the perfect MiM candidate in the competition for admissions. However, among these commonalities, the MiM essay speaks the distinct language for the applicants.
Other than the standardized test scores, MiM essays also convey two other major attributes of the applicants :

  • A fresh inexperienced candidate has very little to offer when it comes to professional accomplishments. The most that they can put up is through their little experiences in internships, etc. However, they can build an evidentiary context for their personality traits which would define a future business manager – leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and many others. Essays are a platform where the students can highlight their college experiences and achievements. Unlike the MBA candidates, they can portray through the activities and situations they have dealt with or have taken the initiatives for.
  • The MiM essay also provides the stage for applicants to differentiate their academic, non-academic and personal accomplishments, to stand apart from the other many applicants.

What are the typical MiM Essay questions?

MiM essays aim at developing an identity and personality of the partly inexperienced applicant who, use their business approach to the content to come across as a valuable, unique, and strongly contributing candidate both within and outside the MiM program. Some business schools offer the applicants to respond to direct questions that essentially ask for the same information. Here are a few common example essay questions from a few popular MiM programs in select business schools.

Typical MiM Essay Questions in Business Schools :

Essays usually form a part of a personal statement, statement of purpose, or responses to particular questions within their online application portal. These are some common examples of the typical essay type questions for MiM, which has been mostly gathered from students through various platforms and forums that have uploaded their responses. Each essay is usually limited to within 200-600 words, or as specified.
London Business School (LBS)

  • How will LBS’ MiM degree help you grow academically, personally and professionally? This question requires you to dwell on your expectations are given your understanding of what LBS MiM has to offer. In essence, it would be helpful if you emphasized on how you see yourself evolve through the curriculum.
  • How will you make an impact on the LBS community?
    This is where you can bring to light what you can offer, thus giving you the chance to set yourself uniquely.

Here below have been given some similar MiM essay questions from other b-schools.
Imperial College

  • What kind of employer do you see yourself working for, after graduation? Do you possess the skills needed to succeed in it?

IE Business School

  • Cite an example of when your leadership had an impact or changed a situation. How will MiM at IE help you improve the developed competence?
  • Describe the most exceptional leader you have worked with. How are aspects of your work similar or different than this leader?
  • Demonstrate an activity that you enjoy taking part in. How does this contribute to your personal and professional development?

The University of Michigan, Ross School of Business

  • What has led you to pursue a graduate degree in business?
  • How will the MiM help you achieve your short and long-term goals?
  • Michigan Ross values student engagement beyond the classroom. Please describe some ways you can be a contributing member to the Michigan Ross community?
  • Describe an academic challenge you faced as a college student.
  • How would your close friends or colleagues describe you?
  • Who do you consider to be your mentor and why?
  • Describe a situation you went above and beyond what was expected of you.

Tips to Remember while writing a MiM Essay

  1. You must always check your spelling and grammar: Your essay makes one of the first impressions that you can ever make on the Master in Management admission’s committee.
  2. Ensure that you respect the length suggestions and other similar limitations: because rules are rules!
  3. Seek assistance from an editor: it is always a better idea to have someone double-check your Masters in Management essays, especially in cases when English is not your first language.
  4. Do not plagiarize: never use others’ words but only your own words. With new and updated technologies that are available in business schools and every other college and university, you probably cannot get away with it.
  5. Think about the structure: If you create a structure or outline for your Master in Management essay beforehand, you may certainly have a better chance of expressing your thoughts even more coherently and cohesively.

Admission committees most often look for candidates who are collaborative, ambitious, purpose-driven, dynamic in their approach, broad-minded with an intellectual perspective who would validate the value of their seats. Making your essay 100% unique increases your chances for admission. Writing a short and compact essay within the given word-limit may be problematic, but once you get a hold on the flow of your writing, you can impactful statements that also fit within the required limit.

MiM Sample Essays

The internet is teeming with shortcuts, making everyone’s life comparatively easier. Whether it is the occasional urge to find answers for your assignments on any site at the lowest of all prices within a few clicks or, perhaps even something as subjective as one’s life experiences, which is expected to be the core of business graduate school admission essays, be web-delivered to you through the working of some “expert”.

But MiM essays seek to stage you individually and know your originality to be capable to become a MiM candidate which no ‘expert’ can put into their words.

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