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What are the Types of Admission Essays?

The purpose of an admission essay is to define your profile and purpose for admission to a
program. It lays out an impression of you in front of the admissions committee. It is the only way
in which the admissions committee can know you. It is vital to list out all the important details
and also your reasons for interest in a program., along with your goals. There are different types
of admission essays for applications.

● Undergraduate Admissions Essay is the essay for admission to Bachelor's programs at
different universities.
● MS Essay is required for admission to the master’s programs.
● MBA Admission Essay for admission to the MBA programs at different universities.
● Scholarship Essay for requesting the university for a financial aid
● Gap-year Essay for explaining the reasons for gap in profile.
● Failure Essay which asks you to define a situation where you failed and what you
learned from it.
● Situation Essay requires you to describe some specific circumstances and write in detail
about them.

Course Specific Admission Essays

A course specific admission essay is related to a particular course for which you might be
applying. It differs from program to program and course specific essays are different for both
Bachelors and Masters programs. The format and the structure is similar, however you might
state differently the role of the program in your future and career.

UG Admission Essay: An undergraduate admission essay, as the name suggests, is for
admission to a Bachelors program at a university. The UG admission essay must describe your
school education and how it will be helpful in learning the program that you are opting for. You
may also list how it will impact your further study plans.

● You should describe yourself first.
● You should lay out your academic interests.
● You should write about your activities.
● You should state the reason for your interest in the university/college.
● You should mention any research interest
● You should mention future goals
● You should mention how your course of interest is aligned with future goals.


MBA Admission Essay: The purpose of an MBA admission essay is for admission to an MBA
program at a university. The essay must describe your former education and work experience.
You should mention the details of your future goals and how the program will be useful for your

● You can write about your academic background.
● You can write about your professional profile.
● You must mention your career prospects after MBA.
● You must list down your short-term and long-term goals.
● You should list your reasons for interest in the course.
● You can write about how the MBA program will suit you.
● You can write any other relevant personal information.

Other Types of Admission Essays for Studying Abroad

There are a few other types of essays that can also be a part of the admission application.
These are not necessarily required to be submitted unless as mentioned on your application.
These essays are written according to the different purposes. These may be requested
additionally by the university.

Scholarship Essays: You can request the university for a financial aid or a scholarship through
a scholarship essay. In most of the cases, if your profile is good and you present a well-written
scholarship essay, the universities are ready to offer you a scholarship. It is essential to mention
the points highlighting your academic excellence and the reasons why you think you deserve a

Gap Year Essays: Incase there is a gap in your profile both academic or professional, you need
to explain the admissions committee about that gap. Mostly it is not a separate essay but
sometimes, the university may request you to write a separate essay to explain the gap in your
profile. You may have undertaken a job or you may have gone to travel, you should mention
your reasons in this essay.


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