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Admission Essays - Essay Guidelines

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

Admission Essays - Essay Guidelines

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read
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Essay Guidelines

Essay writing is one of the procedures followed by the institution for the selection of the students based on their essay writing. This helps them to get a brief about the language command that one has and also if they are capable to sustain in the institution. Aspirants have to write an essay on the given topic, based on which admission process takes place. Thus, students have to take this essay writing seriously as it can make or break their journey to their favorite college as scoring substantial marks is not enough.

What is an Admission Essay

Admission essay is a long essay that is submitted in the universities before the admissions. It is a basic reflects your personality that you portray in front of the admission committee for getting enrolled in the university. The essay gives the committee an idea about the student, his ideology and his goals. This helps in creating a strong first impression on the admission committee and help in furthermore chance of selection.

  • Reflections on the personality of the student.
  • Helps in giving a brief about the student 
  • Helps in selection as it is the only subjective thing
  • Shows the command over the language of the aspirant

Essay writing for MBA Selection

Essay writing for MBA is a very essential and important part of the admissions in the universities as B-schools look for the best in the students and the admissions are much more than the scores and GPA. For selection in a good B-school, they look for leaders and not the ones who follow the herd, therefore, a good essay telling all about your goals, aspirations and personality is a deal-breaker. Admission officers want to know what excites you, what drives you to achieve excellence and what is your long-term goal. All this information is provided in the essay which helps students to get admission into the university.

  • Express yourself completely
  • Be a risk-taker rather than a safe-player
  • Be bold and stay firm to your thoughts
  • Try to fill the essay up with real-life examples showing what exactly the scenarios are and how they can improve.

College Admission Essay

A well-framed admission essay is very much essential for one’s admission to a university as it gives a strong first impression of what the student is and his ideologies. As the college grades and other grades are not changeable, the admission essay is the only subjective thing that is considered for admission.

  • Can break or make your career journey
  • Creates a strong first impression
  • Helps in selection as is the only subjective thing 
  • Gives brief about the aspirant 
  • Briefs about the purpose of the student
  • Shows grammatical and language command 
  • Well framed admission essay shows the determination and content of the student 
  • Helps in getting admission and is the deal breaker

Admission Essay Writing Service

There are various firms and online platforms which help aspirants to frame a well-structured essay which will help them to get admission to the university.

We at Admit Card, ensure the best service and give a well-framed on-point essay for admission. Our firm works day and night to make your admission journey smooth and without much trouble. Sometimes students get the required marks but fall short due to essay writing. This problem can be solved by not writing the essay yourself rather use a foreign firm like Admitted to write it for you.

The firm should have the following qualities for the service:

  • Worth the time 
  • Should deliver well-structured essay
  • Value to quality
  • Reliable service
  • Should have prior experience
  • Should have a team of experienced professionals 

Guidelines for Essay Writing 

There are a few guidelines that one needs to follow to write a good, crisp essay. This is to ensure that one gets a well-framed material that helps them to get admission into the university. Admission officers in the universities go through thousands of essays daily, therefore it is important to have something unique which helps you to stand out and increase your chances of admission.

The following guidelines are:

  • The essay should be within the word limits mentioned
  • The essay should reflect your personality 
  • The essay should be crisp and to the point
  • Do not repeat phrases 
  • Use real-life examples to solidify your point

Tips for Writing an Effective Essay

The following are the tips to write a good essay:

  • Write as one is a proactive person: This leaves a positive impact on the officers as a person who is active and willing to change things, is the person one needs in the college and further in the job.
  • Bring out the passion in your writing: passion is necessary as the intent to get admission and be successful in life is important to secure a seat in the college.
  • Don’t be afraid of showing your vulnerabilities: this is an important point as one tends to hide their flaws, rather one should confront and accept them as they are. No one is perfect but the one who is willing to improve is the one needed.
  • Share your views on the on-going topics: getting admission in a college is much more than numbers nowadays. Your personality, your views matter equally. Thus, don’t be shy to share your views on the topics.
  • Be a risk-taker: one should be a risk-taker and show the officers that they are ready to gamble rather than playing it safe all the way.
  • Make your essay unique: one should make their essay unique as the officers go through thousands of applications daily and for yours to stand out, it should be unique.

Things to keep in mind while writing Admission Essays

Since admission essays are very important for your application, you should write your essays with utmost care. You should keep in mind that the admissions committee will judge you on the basis of your essay. Most universities abroad require you to write an essay for your application and hence it is necessary for you to know and understand the characteristics of a good essay for your study abroad application.

  •  Your essay is your first impression, so make sure it is excellent.
  •  It is important to write the outline in the notes first so that you dont miss out something.
  •  Mention only the relevant points and not unnecessary information just to make the essay long.
  •  You should mention the truth in your essays and avoid listing any false information.
  •  You should mention your extracurricular achievements as they make your profile strong.
  •  It is advised to mention your academic research and research papers.
  •  Mention anything related to community service but not just for the sake of it.
  •  You should clearly state out your reasons for your interest.
  •  Mention your backstory if it is related to your course and make your essay strong.
  • You should check and evaluate your essay carefully before sending it.


  • What is the standard essay format?

Ans- A standard essay format is the one in which margins are maintained. One should take care of the borders, paragraphs, punctuation, and grammar while writing an essay. Ideally, there should be a double space between the words in a proper essay which makes it easier to read and good to look at.

  • What are the 5 parts of the essay?

Ans- There are 3 major components of an essay. These are the introduction parra of the essay which will tell what the issue is, the body is the one where all the content of the essay is written and finally comes the conclusion where you finally conclude what all is written above. The body consists of three paragraphs which make it overall 5 components of the essay.

  • What are the steps to write an essay?

Ans- One first has to analyze the topic given for essay writing. After proper analysis, one has to make a thesis on the topic and write the body. After that, one has to make a proper outline of what the topic really is. Introduce the topic well to the officer and then fill in the body. End the essay by giving a proper conclusion and presenting your views.

  • What is the content of the essay?

Ans- Writing an essay is based on what one feels and just representing one’s opinion. The essay shows the personality and the thoughts of the aspirant writing it. One goes through the topic and writes what they feel about the topic. In the end, concluding what is written above by providing a proper solution if required.

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