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RARachit Agrawal
Updated OnDec 1, 2021
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Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript is the official documentation of the Students academic performance, which proves that the Student has taken completed all his courses, received all his Grades and received the degree for the Course.

An Academic Transcript is also known as school transcript, academic Transcript, college transcript, academic record.

Academic Transcript Meaning?

When you go for your Higher Studies, i.e. Bachelors or Masters, the University asks for your Documents, Academic Transcript is one of those documents that you need to show your University while getting an Admission.

An Academic Transcript proves that you have completed your degree or education. It list downs all the Subjects you have studied in each semester every year, the marks that you have achieved for each subject in every semester. The Transcript should be signed and should be in a proper format. If you do not have an Academic Transcript, you should request it from your previous institution as it is an important document.

What does an Academic Transcript covers?

Transcript is a properly formatted document of the Student, which includes quite a few things about the Student.

A Transcript covers the following things:-

  • Name of the Student
  • Name of the Institute
  • Location of the Institute
  • Board of Education
  • Passing Year
  • Name of the Course
  • Subject-wise Scores of the Student in the form of either Marks or Grades
  • Signature of the Institute

In India, Transcripts are known as Marksheets. They also include all the Activities that a Student took part in his academic years and marked accordingly. These small details are quite essential in a Transcript, and the Transcript should always be an Open-letter Format. 

When are Transcripts needed?

Transcripts are the Official documents needed at the time of the admission to prove that the Student has completed his education from his previous institution. For example, if a student is going for his Bachelors, he will need a Transcript of his School, and if he is going for his Masters, then he will need his Transcript from his Bachelors.

Transcripts are received once the Student has completed his education in a particular field.

Why are Transcripts important?

Even as the Transcript is crucial for helping college students make knowledgeable selections approximately coursework, it is also a vital tool for the ones advising college students approximately their desires, alternatives, and possibilities.

Hence, families and instructors should give close consideration to undergraduate transcripts – both what is right now on them and what they will resemble later on so that scholars are prepared completely to broaden their educational and profession paths. It also tells the admission committee what type of classes you took during your high school and whether you are perfectly suited for the program that you are applying to.

When a school is in search of new candidates, they want to see that you are eager to buckle down, you appreciate testing yourself and adapting new things. You can keep up with a good grade report, so the Transcript plays an important role in telling the admission department that you are a real hard working candidate.

  • It consists of data about the courses and the grades obtained.
  • The Transcript contains the marks scored by you and also mention the average of all the marks obtained.   
  • This small piece of the document also mentions all of your educational degrees like- bachelor, associate, masters or doctorate to the admission committee.
  • Transcripts additionally contain individual data like your name, conjugal status, any name change after marriage, understudy distinguishing proof number or government disability number, address and date of birth to validate your personality. 
  • It incorporates your enlistment history, reviews that you got, credits earned and endeavoured and normal of evaluation point.
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