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Admission Transcripts - Study Abroad

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

Admission Transcripts - Study Abroad

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read
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From School to Graduation there are various types of qualifications that students achieved. But when they want to enrol in any new course, or in an internship or in a job they need to show their previous achievements and qualifications in a detailed form. This may create confusion among students like what they need to show at the time of admissions or interview. For this problem, Transcripts are the best solution.

Transcripts are the detailed analysis of students' educational outcomes over the course of their Diploma, bachelor's, or master's degrees. It has all of the essential information regarding the courses they took, their grades in various disciplines, and their overall average for all semesters.

Every university requires transcripts from high school and college to determine a student's academic standing and achievement at their previous institution.

There are different types of transcripts available for students And also there are different names given to the same Transcripts in different countries. If you want to know the details regarding Transcripts then scroll down the page.

What is Transcripts?

A transcript is a document that serves as evidence of your academic qualifications. It contains a complete record of all subjects studied by students during their academic term, as well as marks or grades. Transcripts are also known as mark sheets, report cards, academic certificates, cumulative record files, and so on. A transcript is a printed or written copy of content that has been dictated. It's usually government-issued documentation.

Types of Transcripts

Transcripts act as evidence for students to apply for foreign education. And the transcripts include all the details related to students from their education qualification to their achievements in the college or institution in their total study period. And these transcripts are only issued after the completion of the studies of any students. However, there are different types of transcripts presented and available for students.

The following are the types of Transcripts available for students.

  1. Offical Transcripts
  2. Un-Official Transcripts.

Official Transcripts: Students need Official Transcripts to join any college for further studies or to get Scholarships facilities etc. Usually, The registrar's original signature and/or the issuing institution's original seal appear on an official transcript. However, these Transcripts and/or English translations can be mailed directly to the Office of Graduate Admissions through a Registrar's office, or you can send these yourself. There are 3 types of Official Transcripts available for students in schools. 

  • Initial transcripts of students from 9-11th class.
  • Mid-year Transcripts from 9-11th class including their second year's first semester.
  • Final year transcripts from 9-12th class including all the semesters' results of students.

Un-Official Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts are similar to official transcripts but they are published on plain paper without a college seal or the signature of the registrar or it could be something you get from your school's website. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted by some colleges or universities. 

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What is a Transcript of Records(TOR)?

A Transcript of Record (ToR) is simply a different name for a Transcript or an Academic Transcript. The Transcript of Records(TOR) is documentation that students need to produce as part of their international application to their desired university. If students are enrolling in an exchange program, they also require an official transcript of records issued by the university where they complete their studies. The Transcript of Record(TOR) is normally filled after students have passed all of the tests presented in the Learning curriculum and Only the passed courses are mentioned in the record, not the failed courses.

Common Names of Transcripts

Transcripts have different names based on the Country. Usually, in India, the Transcripts are known as Marksheets. The following are the common names of Academic Transcripts that are widely used presently.

Common names for the Transcripts:

  • Marksheets
  • Academic Certificates
  • Mark lists
  • Statement of Learning
  • Report Card
  • Diploma Supplement
  • Permanent record
  • Record of Achievement
  • Academic record
  • Cumulative Record File(CRF)
  • Transcripts of Records(TOR)

What are Transcripts cover?

A transcript must include a detailed list or table of all yearly modules/subjects and laboratory exercises that students have studied and completed during the time of their studies. It contains marks or grades of students, or in some situations, the subject-by-subject credit value, depending on the grading system used by the university. However, the Transcripts must be signed and stamped with the official seal of the College or School. Then it can be considered as the official letter from the institute.

The following are the information that must be included in a Transcripts of the Student:

  • Full name of the Student.
  • Full name of the University or school or Institute with their location
  • Board of Education for School Education or University name for College Education
  • Course or the Program’s Complete name
  • Scores of students in marks or grades format for each subject regarding all the semesters.

Transcripts may or may not include the following data:

  • The student's overall grade for the full academic course or year.
  • And also, the number of students in the class as a whole (to compare the student's ranks based on the class strength)
  • The class's average grade which used to determine where a given student stands

What are the differences between Degree Certificates, diplomas certificates, and transcripts?

Although the transcripts, Marksheets, Degree, or diploma certificates are official documents that act as proof of education for students when they apply for overseas studies. But there is a slight difference between these documents. 

Difference between Diploma Certificate, Degree certificate and Transcripts:

Diploma Certificate: A diploma is a kind of certificate awarded by a school when a student has completed a degree program. The document is usually written on diploma paper and includes essential information such as The School's Name, date of graduation, any qualifications and majors earned by a high school, college, or university student.

Degree Certificate: A degree certificate is a document that shows the student's completion of a specialized degree program. To obtain a degree certificate, a student must complete all years of that degree course and graduate from that institution. After completing a program, such as an associate's degree in two years, a bachelor's degree in four years, and so on.

Transcripts: A transcript, is a mark sheet that includes all of a student's academic records. It refers to a sheet that provides a list of all the courses or subjects covered, the grades received for each section, the student's awards and accomplishments, as well as the degrees awarded to the student for the complete course of study. The amount of information that can be included in a transcript is endless.

Academic Transcript

An Academic Transcript is the official documentation of the Students academic performance, which proves that the Student has taken completed all his courses, received all his Grades and received the degree for the Course.

An Academic Transcript is also known as school transcript, academic Transcript, college transcript, academic record.

Academic Transcript Meaning?

When you go for your Higher Studies, i.e. Bachelors or Masters, the University asks for your Documents, Academic Transcript is one of those documents that you need to show your University while getting an Admission.

An Academic Transcript proves that you have completed your degree or education. It list downs all the Subjects you have studied in each semester every year, the marks that you have achieved for each subject in every semester. The Transcript should be signed and should be in a proper format. If you do not have an Academic Transcript, you should request it from your previous institution as it is an important document.

What does an Academic Transcript covers?

Transcript is a properly formatted document of the Student, which includes quite a few things about the Student.

A Transcript covers the following things:-

  • Name of the Student
  • Name of the Institute
  • Location of the Institute
  • Board of Education
  • Passing Year
  • Name of the Course
  • Subject-wise Scores of the Student in the form of either Marks or Grades
  • Signature of the Institute

In India, Transcripts are known as Marksheets. They also include all the Activities that a Student took part in his academic years and marked accordingly. These small details are quite essential in a Transcript, and the Transcript should always be an Open-letter Format. 

When are Transcripts needed?

Transcripts are the Official documents needed at the time of the admission to prove that the Student has completed his education from his previous institution. For example, if a student is going for his Bachelors, he will need a Transcript of his School, and if he is going for his Masters, then he will need his Transcript from his Bachelors.

Transcripts are received once the Student has completed his education in a particular field.

Why are Transcripts important?

Even as the Transcript is crucial for helping college students make knowledgeable selections approximately coursework, it is also a vital tool for the ones advising college students approximately their desires, alternatives, and possibilities.

Hence, families and instructors should give close consideration to undergraduate transcripts – both what is right now on them and what they will resemble later on so that scholars are prepared completely to broaden their educational and profession paths. It also tells the admission committee what type of classes you took during your high school and whether you are perfectly suited for the program that you are applying to.

When a school is in search of new candidates, they want to see that you are eager to buckle down, you appreciate testing yourself and adapting new things. You can keep up with a good grade report, so the Transcript plays an important role in telling the admission department that you are a real hard working candidate.

  • It consists of data about the courses and the grades obtained.
  • The Transcript contains the marks scored by you and also mention the average of all the marks obtained.   
  • This small piece of the document also mentions all of your educational degrees like- bachelor, associate, masters or doctorate to the admission committee.
  • Transcripts additionally contain individual data like your name, conjugal status, any name change after marriage, understudy distinguishing proof number or government disability number, address and date of birth to validate your personality. 
  • It incorporates your enlistment history, reviews that you got, credits earned and endeavoured and normal of evaluation point.


Which Transcript is needed for which course?

Ans : Students need transcripts of their most recent studies to meet the basic requirements. Students who are applying for a graduate degree in another country will need their undergraduate degree transcripts. Transcripts of Secondary School Education (12th grade) or Pre-University Education are required for those who are applying to an undergraduate program overseas (Undergraduate Diploma).

But on some occasions, institutions may need students' most recent two or more certificates for confirmation purposes. However, universities make it clear what they expect from students in any of these cases. Moreover, For Masters or MBA courses, most graduate schools do not demand school transcripts of International students.

✅ What do to about transcripts if you are in your final year?

Ans : Students who are still pursuing their most recent degree or who are waiting for their latest degree results may not even have access to their latest transcript. They will receive it once they have completed their individual courses, or when the board of conduct has issued the annual exam results. Moreover, Applicants wishing to register for higher education while in their final year of school will require some additional documentation of their educational achievements. Additionally, they should produce an interim/provisional transcript from their place of study, together with a full breakdown of their scores or grades clearly.

For reference, if you are in your last year of undergraduate studies and plan to pursue a master's degree overseas, you should be able to send your second-year transcript (mark sheet) to the university to demonstrate your current standing. Similarly, if you are in twelve grade and want to study abroad for a bachelor's degree, you must have your tenth or, in certain cases, eleventh-grade mark sheet on hand for the application.

✅ What documents are required to support a transcript for applying abroad?

Ans : The academic transcripts comprise your exam results in all subjects. A backlog certificate from your institution is required to demonstrate your backlog history. This certificate is required by several universities as evidence of whether or not you have any backlogs in the recent degree. Backlogs might have a significant impact on your chances of admission to the top Universities in several countries.

✅ What to do if my Transcript is in the English language?

Ans : Some institutions only offer transcripts in their original language rather than English. In these situations, students must have their transcripts written in English. It's crucial to remember that when asking for admission, you must present both the native and the translated version as proof. The education system and the official translator would both need to sign and stamp on both the native and translated versions. 

As the process of studying overseas varies from that of studying in India. It is usually preferable to seek outside advice from industry experts in order to create an efficient application that will help you achieve your dream.

✅ How do I get my transcript form? Or where to procure a transcript form?

Ans : The Educational department of conduct issues transcripts, which you can obtain from the educational institution where you completed your studies. These Transcripts can be obtained either by physically visiting the institution or by calling the authorities and requesting them to mail to you. The official transcripts have always been sent in a sealed envelope with the issuing authority's stamp and signature, and the student can request additional copies.

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