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PTE Registration

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, September 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

PTE Registration

Written by  Rachit Agrawal

Reviewed by  Priyanka Bhargava

Published: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  Updated: Mon, Sep 30, 2019 9:30 AM IST  9 mins read

PTE Registration 

The Pearson PLC Group administers the PTE test, which evaluates applicants' writing and oral abilities to verify that they are capable of learning in an international setting and have a solid command of the universal language of English. Candidates who wish to register for the PTE test must follow the processes outlined below in order to get a PTE exam slot. Candidates who score well on the PTE test may communicate their ideas, give presentations, seek to get international exposure, and function on the international front in front of foreign audiences. This allows candidates to guarantee that they are prepared to study in the global official language with students from all over the globe and foreign faculty members.

How to register for PTE?

Pearson Academic booking is accomplished by registering a PTE account ( and allowing PTE login with that account. PTE exam testing has restarted in China, India, and Australia in smaller groups, therefore it is critical to enrol for your slots as soon as possible.

Mentioned below are the steps to register for PTE:

  1. Fill in the required information at, such as your name, address, phone number, and date of birth.
  2. Following that, candidates would have to carefully fill out their profiles. They would be expected to include any extra information, test preferences, exam history, past score reports (if any), and any other pertinent information that may be useful throughout the admissions process or when mailing scores.
  3. Candidates must fill in their personal information precisely as it appears in their passports. 
  4. The applicant must choose an exam date from the list of PTE exam sessions that best suits their requirements.
  5. By paying the PTE test price, the reservation will be completed

There are no stringent restrictions for enrolling for the PTE exam, although the applicant must be 18 years old at the time of registration. If they are not, they must provide the parent's permission letter to enrol.

PTE registration dates

The PTE exam is given in PTE test centres all around the country at various times throughout the year. The dates for the PTE exam in 2022 may differ from one centre to the next. On the Pearson PTE Academic website, students must look for available seats. The deadline for applying is November 2, 2022. Candidates who want to apply for the PTE exam 2022 must follow the processes outlined below to get a PTE test seat. Candidates should be aware that they will require a valid ID - a genuine Indian passport - to register for their PTE Academic exam online. Candidates must also provide a valid photo ID on the day of the PTE exam, or they may be denied entry to the testing centre.

PTE registration fee

The exam price for the PTE Academic is Rs 13,700. If the applicant books his PTE exam less than 48 hours before the test date, he or she will be charged a PTE Late Booking Fee.

  • Always register or book your seat before the registration deadline.
  • The late booking fee of PTE Registration will be INR 13,965.
  • If the exam taker is physically unfit for not giving the exam, then 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.

PTE Registration Online

The PTE has only an online mode of registration. The PTE Registration online mode is a very simple method. The PTE Registration online mode is as follows 

  • The candidate needs to create an account on the official website.
  • The candidate needs to fill in all the details which are required in the application form like personal details, test preference, exam history, etc.
  • Candidates need to select the preferred exam centre according to convenience.
  • After selecting the exam centre, candidates need to schedule the exam date.
  • Always check your details before proceeding with the payment.
  • Now pay the registration fees via any payment method except PayPal.
  • Once payment has been done, print the acknowledgement receipt.

Documents required for PTE exam

All you need to bring with you are your ID verification, such as a passport, and your admission card. When you go to take the test, you must first present identification and verify it with the Administrator, then sign your digital signature, have your digital image taken, and finally have your palm scanned.


Que. How much does the PTE Exam cost?

Ans. The normal cost for the PTE Academic test has been increased to INR 13,700.

Que. Is the PTE an online test?

Ans. The PTE Academic test is only available online. The exam does not have a paper version.

Que. Can I take the PTE test several times?

Ans. The PTE Score may not be to the student's satisfaction, and he may elect to take the test again.

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