PTE Practice Papers
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PTE Practice Papers

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PTE Practice Papers

PTE is a computer-based scholarly test which tests the English capability of a person. The examination tests writing, speaking, listening and reading of the individual applying for the test. Questions regularly test 2 aptitudes together, for example, tuning in and perusing or perusing and talking. The entire test is done in a solitary session, enduring 3 hours and is taken sitting at a PC in a safe test condition. The talking portion of the test is done at the PC. Your voice is recorded and sent for stamping. The consequences of the test are pronounced quick, in around 5 days.

PTE Practice Papers online

Online PTE practice tests are there to loan a multi-feature readiness plan that encourages you to be 'versed' with the example of ongoing PTE scholarly test. Structured after a lot of conviction, these arrangements tests invest you with a chance to get comfortable with the low down of the PTE test.

Link for some online PTE papers are given below for students who wish to practice them:

PTE Practice Questions

Practice question papers for PTE are available online on different platforms which may help students to get proper information and prepare well the exams to score higher total. The exam has 4 sections divided into writing, listening, speaking and reading. The basic format of these 4 sections is listed here: 

  • Reading: 

    • Fill in the blanks
    • Reading and rearranging passage
    • Multiple choices, multiple answers
    • Multiple choices, single answer
  • Listening:

    • Fill in the blanks
    • Summary of the passage
    • Highlight correct summary
    • Select the missing word
    • Write from dictation
  • Speaking and writing:

    • Loud reading
    • Essay writing
    • Summary
    • Diction
    • Repeating lecture

Some questions which may help you to get an idea of what the paper is:

Ques 1. What exactly is PTE academic?

Ans- PTE academic is the best and leading computer-based English proficiency test which is accepted by majority universities across the globe. All the sections like reading, listening, writing and speaking are covered in PTE in a three-hour-long session. 

Ques 2. What are the documents required to fill the form?

Ans- Passport is the main document required as it acts as an address and citizenship proof of the individual.

Ques 3. How to prepare this test?

Ans- Fluent English speakers also may sometime get less score than expected as they lack proper practice. Thus, it is suggested to take proper classes and practice ample papers before giving the exam.

Ques 4. What is the cost of the paper?

Ans- Cost of the paper in India is around Rs. 13,000.

Ques 5. Can we cancel or reschedule the examination?

Ans- yes, we can easily reschedule or cancel the examination as soon as we realise there is an emergency. Cancellation fees will be applied and the amount depends on how late the cancellation was made.

Ques 6. Acceptance of PTE score

Ans- PTE score is accepted by the majority of the universities all across the globe. Australia, New Zealand and other countries like Canada have accepted the PTE as English proficiency test.

Ques 7. How many days does it take to get the result?

Ans- This exam is really fast in terms of result announcement as results are declared within 5 days of the examination.

Ques 8. How is PTE becoming mainstream nowadays?

Ans- PTE is becoming mainstream as it is an algorithm based and not a single human being will be assessing you, thus it is not biased.

Ques 9. What are the maximum marks one can obtain in PTE?

Ans- PTE scores range from 10-90 based on one’s performance, where 10 is the lowest and 90 being the highest.

Ques 10. What is IELTS 9 score in PTE exam?

Ans- ILETS 9 score will be around 86 in PTE.


  • Is PTE easier than IELTS?

Ans- It can not necessarily be said that PTE is easier than ILETS as people have mixed opinions and most have said that PTE is a tougher exam but on the other hand, it is much easier to score in PTE than in ILETS as the assessment is computer-based and no single human is present. PTE is also an online exam which makes it more comfortable for individuals. Speaking in ILETS is done face to face while PTE, it is recorded and then accessed which makes it convenient for individuals who lack a bit of confidence. All in all, both papers are accepted by majority universities and both require ample effort for individuals to put in and perform.

  • How to prepare for PTE listening?

Ans- To prepare for PTE listening, one needs to practice mock papers which will help them to catch the accent in which the computer will be speaking. Also, concentration increasing methods like meditation should be performed which will help one to stay focused while the audio is playing. Reading books may help as increasing vocabulary to catch certain tough words will also be done easily.

  • What is PTE mock test?

Ans- PTE mock test is a test which one can give to practice for the upcoming examination and see how they flourish in that. This helps the individual to get an idea of what the paper is all about and how to attempt it. Scoring higher marks is not always knowledge but the strategy and the approach through which one appears the examination. These mock tests will help one to form a strategy and get the full idea of the examination.

  • Does Canada accept PTE?

Ans- PTE is accepted by most Canadian universities. One can use their score and send it to universities for admission. As scoring is PTE is high, one can easily get admission in good colleges based on their score.

AhmedMore PTE Practice Papers online here:
Ramandeep SInghGet Numerous Practice Test and Mock Test from and get a good score in PTE Exam.
Ramandeep SInghGet Numerous <a href="">Practice Test and Mock Test</a> from and get a good score in PTE Exam.
Ramandeep SInghGet Numerous <a href="">Practice Test and Mock Test</a> from and get a good score in PTE Exam.
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