PTE Results And Scores

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Updated OnJan 28, 2023

PTE Result and Score 

Pearson PLC Group is in charge of PTE Results. PTE Results is a score report that comprises an overall score, communicative skills scores, and enabling skills scores for the Academic English parts of Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. The PTE exam is often regarded as the most objective English proficiency test available. PTE scores and results are released significantly more quickly, usually within two business days.

Within two business days after the test day, PTE results are generally accessible online.

The PTE Academic results are available on the internet. It's also available via your PTE Academic student account. When your results are available, Pearson will send you an email with instructions on how to access your score via your Pearson online account.

PTE result check

An online account is required to view PTE Academic results. Within two working days, you should get an email with details on how to verify your results online. To schedule your test, go into your Pearson Vue profile that you established after receiving this.

  • They will send you an email as soon as your grades are available. 
  • Sign in to your Pearson Venue account
  • By default, your homepage will be on the myPTE tab after you log in. To see your most recent PTE score, go to the My Activity tab, which is located next to myPTE at the top of the page.
  • You should be seeing an exam scores record with the corresponding date on this page if a grade has been provided for you.

PTE Score

The total PTE score is derived using the results of all test items. Communicative skills and supporting scores are the two key factors to PTE score in the PTE score report. To calculate the total PTE score, PTE score band calculators employ the sum and average.

The total score, communication skills scores, and enabling skills scores are all included on PTE Academic Score Reports or PTE score cards.

The following table shows the different score range of the PTE exam:

PTE Score Range

86 – 90

83 – 85

79 – 82

73 – 78

65 – 72

58 – 64

50 – 57

42 – 49

36 – 41

29 – 35

10 – 28

PTE score chart

PTE Academic score is an automated machine scoring system. The score ranges from 0-90.

PTE score chart shows the overall score along with the break up of the section-wise score. The scores are divided into Communicative and Enabling skills and are represented by graphs. 

Also, a detailed overall score report is given to the candidate. 

  • PTE Score chart shows the overall report
  • The score ranges from 0-90 
  •  The scores are divided into Communicative and Enabling skills

PTE score validity

The results of the PTE Academic test are valid for two years from the date of the examination.

The PTE score is automatically removed from the site after two years, and it is no longer viewable. It is likewise good until a visa prohibits it. PTE results are often used in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.


Que. How reliable are the PTE test results?

Ans. Your PTE Academic test results are valid for two years.

Que. Can I take the PTE Academic Exam several times?

Ans. Pearson does not set a restriction on how many instances a candidate may take the PTE Exam 2022. Candidates may take the test after a five-day break. As a result, applicants get unlimited opportunities to take the PTE Academic test.

Que. When will we get the results of the PTE Academic exam?

Ans. Within two working days after the test date, the results are typically accessible online. The PTE Academic results are available on the internet. It's also available via your PTE Academic account page. 

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