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PTE Results And Scores

RARachit Agrawal
Updated OnOct 21, 2021

PTE - Result and Score

Pearson Test of English (PTE) is an academic computer-based exam. PTE is an English language testing exam. PTE scores are accepted by educational institutes all over the world. It is a 3-hour computer-based exam. Students who want to take admissions abroad to English major countries are required to take this exam. This exam tests general day to day English and the candidate's proficiency in the English language. The fee for the exam is Rs. 13300. Exam results are available within 5 days of giving the exam. The score ranges from 0-90.  

PTE Result

Pearson Test of English is an online/computer-based academic examination conducted to measure English language proficiency.  The maximum duration of the exam is 3 hours and within 5 days, the results are expected to be delivered online. 

The test scores are measured through a numeric scale of 10-90 to identify the proficiency in the English Language. The test scores help to measure the candidate’s overall performance/proficiency in the English language.

  • 3-hour test which is conducted online
  • PTE results are listed online within 5 days of the exam
  • Results are valid for 2 days

PTE Result Login

Candidates who have taken the test can check their results over the internet. Candidates can log in into their accounts which they made when applying for the exam on Pearson’s website.

Candidates will get a mail stating the availability of results and then they can log in to their accounts and view their results ‘View Score Report’ tab. 

  • A mail stating result is available is sent to the students
  • Log in to Pearson’s website
  • View the result under ‘View Score Report’ 

PTE Result Check

Candidates can check their PTE scores online which are expected to deliver within 5 days of the exam. Candidate has to follow below-mentioned steps to check their scores online:

  1. Log in to your account at
  2. Click on ‘Access your Scores’
  3. Sign in with your username and password
  4. Go to ‘My Account’ and select ‘View Score Reports’
  5. Again click on the ‘View’ option and download your scorecard.
  6. Send your scores with PTE Academic by selecting the ‘Send Scores’ option.
  7. Choose your program and fill in the details as per your convenience.
  8. Click on the ‘Submit’ option for further processing.

Candidates can select as many universities they want to apply in without paying any extra charge/fee.

PTE Score Chart

PTE Academic score is an automated machine scoring system. The score ranges from 0-90.

PTE score chart shows the overall score along with the break up of the section-wise score. The scores are divided into Communicative and Enabling skills and are represented by graphs. 

Also, a detailed overall score report is given to the candidate. 

  • PTE Score chart shows the overall report
  • The score ranges from 0-90 
  •  The scores are divided into Communicative and Enabling skills 

PTE Score Card

PTE Score Card consists of the scores gained by the candidate in each section and on the basis of those sections, the overall score is calculated. 

PTE Score

The PTE Score measures the overall performance of the candidate in the English Language. The overall performance consists of communication skills and enabling skills

Communication skills include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Enabling skills include vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, oral fluency, and written discourse such as writing content effectively in a properly structured manner.

Communication skills scores consist of content scores that identify how content has been addressed and form scores which consist of formal characteristics such as numbers of words used in the content.

PTE scoring is of two types:

  1. Correct or incorrect – Items in different sections are scored as either correct or incorrect. Points are allotted if the item is correct and no points are allotted if the item is incorrect.
  2. Partial Credit – Apart from the correct and incorrect scoring, some items are scored as partially correct only if they found near to appropriate. Points are also allotted for partially correct items but they are less than the maximum score allotted to the correct.

PTE Score Calculator

Scoring in PTE is done in an automated process, and there is no human intervention. Scores are deemed to be accurate and error-proof. Correct answers are given 1 point whereas incorrect are not awarded any marks. Also in some cases, marks are given on the quality of the content along with correctness. Thus partially correct answers are also given scores. 

  • Scores are deemed to be accurate and error-proof
  • Correct answers are given 1 point
  • Incorrect answers are not awarded 

PTE Score to IELTS

PTE Score is measured on a 10-90 numeric scale and IELTS Score is measured on the 0-9 band scale. The relation between the two states that a specific range of PTE Score is equal to the specific range of IELTS Score. The relation between both the scores is mentioned below:

IELTS Score Range

PTE Score Range


86 – 90


83 – 85


79 – 82


73 – 78


65 – 72


58 – 64


50 – 57


42 – 49


36 – 41


29 – 35

No Data

10 – 28

How many PTE Score Required for Australia Student Visa

Candidates need to score the required marks in each section for Australia Student Visa. The required academic score in each section is mentioned below:

Proficiency Level

Test Component

PTE Score


Overall  Score






































How much PTE Score Required for Canada

Candidates need to score the required marks in each section for Canada Visa. The required academic score in different programs are mentioned below:

Programs/ Degree

PTE Score

Diploma Programs


Bachelor’s Degree


Graduate Diploma


Master’s Programs


PTE Score Validity

PTE score remains valid for 2 years. For Australian Immigration purposes, the PTE Score remains valid for 3 years


1. Is the PTE Academic scored against the Global Scale of English?


2. What are the other tests that the Global Scale of English aligns with?

No other tests are aligned with the GSE.

3. How many sections does the score report have?

Three sections

4. What are the different sections?

Personal details, overall score, communicative skills score, enabling skills score and the analysis of the performance of the candidate.

5. What are the categories of the personal details section?

It only has the taker ID, DOB, name, etc and photo of the candidate.

6. Is there a photo included in the first section?


7. What are the different types of scores that are included?

Overall score, communicative skills score and enabling skills score is included.

8. On what basis is the overall score calculated?

Performance in reading, listening, writing and speaking sections.

9. Which skills are assessed to calculate the communicative skills score?

Listening, speaking, reading and writing are assessed.

10. Which skills are assessed to calculate the enabling skills score?

Grammar, fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written disclosure skills are assessed.

11. Is a detailed assessment of the candidate’s performance in words, given in the score report?


12. In what form is the candidate’s performance broken down for simplistic assessment?

Communicative skills and enabling skills

13. Is there any kind of imprecision in calculating the scores of a candidate?

There is imprecision in comparing overall skills with communicative and enabling skills.

14. Who calculates the scores of a candidate in the PTE Academic?


15. Are the communicative skills and enabling skills mentioned separately in the graph, for assessment of the candidate’s performance in the test?


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