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Percentage To CGPA Calculator For Engineering Students

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

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Percentage To CGPA Calculator For Engineering

To convert Percentage to CGPA, you just need to divide the percentage by 9.5 and the outcome will be your CGPA. Now that we know how to convert CGPA to Percentage we should also get familiar with how to convert Percentage to CGPA. Some students find it difficult to calculate to convert their percentage to CGPA. So here is an example to make things more clear.

For instance, your overall percentage is 85% and you need to convert it into CGPA. Just divide your percentage i.e. 85/9.5 = 8.9. So 8.9 is your CGPA.

How to Calculate CGPA?

CGPA is the average marks obtained by a student in all subjects within a course. CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is the sum total of your grade points in a given semester or academic year of a curriculum.

In Engineering CGPA grades are given on the basis of the range of marks that you score. For instance, if you get an A in a subject then the marks will be range between 90 to 95 and your grade point will be 9. CGPA is calculated with the help of credit points.

Let us understand the method on how to calculate CGPA in engineering with the help of an example:

Say that physics and mathematics are awarded a total of 4 credit points each by your university. Now imagine that the marks range and the grade point is as follows:

  • 90-10 is a 10 and it is O
  • 80-89 is a 9 and it is A
  • 70-79 is an 8 and it is B

and so forth. Now imagine that you score an 86 in physics and 96 in mathematics. This means that you will get a 9 for your physics and a 10 for your mathematics

Your CGPA would technically be:

(The Credit awarded to the subject * The Point that you have received) / The total credit points

In this case, it would mean

  • (4*9 + 4* 10) / 8
  • (36+ 40) / 8
  • 76/8 = 9.5

Which means that your CGPA would be a 9.5

CGPA Calculator for Engineering

The formula for CGPA Calculation is : 

CGPA calculator for Engineering

Here is the CGPA calculator for engineering, now convert your percentage to CGPA easily.

CGPA To Percentage Calculator for Engineering – VTU

The VTU adopts the grading system wherein the marks are converted to grades, and every semester results will be declared with semester grade point average (SGPA) and Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

The CGPA will be calculated every semester, except for the first semester.

The Conversion formula to convert the GPA to Percentage is [CGPA – 0.75] x 10=  Resultant will be your Percentage.

For instance, [CGPA Earned 8.2 – 0.75]x 10 = 74.5%
Computation of SGPA and CGPA
1. SGPA (Si) = ∑(Ci x Gi) / ∑Ci
2. CGPA = ∑(Ci x Si) / ∑ Ci

CGPA To Percentage Calculator For Engineering Anna University

Anna University follows Grade Point Calculation (GPA) from 2008 regulation batch students instead of calculating the percentage.
Comparing the percentage method with the grade point average(GPA) method is a good method because the performance of the student’s marks for every subject will be considered based on their credit points.

GPA for a semester means the ratio of the sum of the products of the number of credits for courses acquired and the corresponding points to the sum of the number of credits for the courses acquired in the semester.

GPA = Addition of [Credits acquired x Grade points]

Sum of Credits acquired CGPA is calculated in a similar manner, considering all the courses registered from the first semester.

CGPA = n
∑ Ci GPi
∑ C
i=1 i

Ci– Credits assigned to the course
The point corresponding to the grade obtained for each course
n –
is the number of all courses cleared successfully in a  particular semester in the case of GPA and during all the semesters in the case of CGPA.

Read More: CGPA to Percentage converter for Anna University

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CGPA to Percentage Calculator for Engineering Mumbai University 

CGPA means Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is calculated on the basis of all the subjects you take.
Convert CGPA to the percentage for Engineering Mumbai University:

That is : % = (CGPA-0.75)*10
eg. 6.75-0.75= 6.00, 6.00*10 = 60%

This formula is used by companies such as TCS, Infosys, and some others. However, many companies prefer the formula: %= CGPA*9.5. Convert grade to grade points table:

A 4

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✅ How is CGPA calculated from the percentage in engineering?

Ans. For Calculating CGPA to Percentage in engineering you need to multiply your CGPA with 9.5 and you get your result in a percentage.

✅ What percentage is 8 CGPA?

Ans. The percentage of 8 CGPA is 76%. (8 X 9.5 =76%)

✅ What is CGPA engineering?

Ans. CGPA is the calculation of the overall performance of a student from the time of his or her registration in engineering.

✅ What is Full form CGPA?

Ans.CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

✅ What is the maximum CGPA?

Ans.The maximum CGPA is 10.

✅ Does CGPA matter in IIT?

Ans. Yes, CGPA in IIT does matter.

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