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Engineering Management may be a specialized style of management that’s needed to with success lead engineering or technical personnel and comes. The term is often accustomed to describe either practical management or project management.

Source: Meridean Overseas Education Consultants

Engineering managers usually need coaching and knowledge in each general manager and also the specific engineering disciplines which will be utilized by the engineering team to be managed.

The prospering engineering manager should have the talents necessary to teach, mentor, and inspire technical professionals; skills that are typically terribly completely different from those needed the effectively manage people in different fields

Top Universities For Engineering Management In Canada

There are 3 Universities in Canada which offer Masters in Engineering Management:-

University Of Windsor

You can accelerate your engineering career by getting a Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree from the University of Windsor.As Ontario’s solely weekend engineering management degree, the biennial, knowledge domain program offered by the school of Engineering and also the Odette college of Business permits operating professionals to earn their master’s degree while not interrupting their careers.

MEM graduates are able to occupy leadership roles in international engineering and technical enterprises and contribute to producing methods, company innovation and operations management.

Courses Offered

Students acquire core competencies in applied finance, administration, marketing research, engineering style, and merchandise management.

A two-term capstone project offers students the chance to figure with their leader or native trade partners below the supervising of seasoned Windsor school members, entrepreneurs, and skilled engineers.

University Of Ontario Institute Of Technology

The Master of Engineering Management (M.Eng.M.) program permits students to review topics in coming up with, allocating resources, Associate in Nursing directional, and dominant activities that have an engineering or technological element. Students will learn to use engineering principles in organizing and directional technical comes and the way to manage the folks at intervals them.

Courses Offered

The M.Eng.M. program provides courses within the areas of engineering project management, production coming up with and operations management, energy systems management, mathematical modeling and optimization (as they pertain to advanced engineering systems), internal control, health and safety, and applied risk analysis.

University Of Ottawa

The Engineering Management Program offers a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management and a Graduate Certification in Engineering Management. This program is supervised by the committee composed of representatives from the telpher faculty of Management and of the college of Engineering.

  • Main Areas of analysis
  • Production and operations management
  • Robotics and producing management
  • Reliability and maintainability engineering
  • Human resource management, industrial and technology selling
  • Technical project management and management
  • Research and development and innovation management
  • Operation analysis
  • Forecasting

What is the fee for Engineering Management in Canada?

The University of Windsor – Master of Engineering Management

  • Location – Ontario, Canada
  • Tuition Fees – C$16,000 per year

University of Ontario Institute of Technology – Master of Engineering Management

  • Location – UOIT, North Oshawa
  • Tuition Fees – C$20,000 per year

University of Ottawa – Master of Engineering Management

  • Location – Ontario
  • Tuition Fees – C$16,000 per year

Scope/Opportunities for Engineering Management in Canada

An engineering management degree qualifies professionals for a various array of jobs. They will work as an associate engineering project manager, wherever they need direct authority over the actions of everybody on the work web site. A mix of engineering information and business acumen is crucial.

They will additionally work as a senior lead analyst, wherever they make sure that engineering groups reach the foremost economical outcomes on their allotted tasks. This degree may result in employment as a price analyst, wherever they need a right away impact on rock bottom line of large-scale comes.

Some become construction management engineers. These folks have authority over the design and building of a large form of structures within the housing industry. A degree in engineering management may be wont to attain the skilled engineering designation. It may result in additional education in business, law, or medication, wherever their knowledge domain background is associate quality.

Salary For Degree Holders In Engineering Management In Canada

The average Engineering Management pay in North American country is $90,578 annually or $46.45 per hour. Entry-level positions begin at $54,555 annually whereas most practiced staff frame to $153,982 annually.


Admission in North American countries is primarily supported by your college boy standard. Therefore a decent standard is usually decent and. standard of 7+ (out of 10) or 65%+ is usually the minimum demand. Your college boy’s degree ought to be in engineering.

Few universities need the GRE and in some cases GRE is elective. Therefore there a decent GRE will really strengthen your application. Work expertise is usually and. two years of expertise in associate engineering/technology company could be. Additionally an announcement of Purpose (SOP), Resume, and proposals would be needed.

Online Masters In Engineering Management Programs

Online Masters in Engineering Management (MEM) programs might award the Master of Science in Engineering Management, or briefly kind, MSEM degree. Most on-line MSEM degree programs need students to finish from thirty to thirty-six credits.

Full-time degree seekers may complete their program in concerning a pair of years, though some students might select a part-time program. Part-time programs might offer students 5 years approximately to complete, however, these parameters are set by individual universities.

Admissions For Online MS Engineering Management

Other than a bachelor’s degree in an exceedingly STEM field, some colleges stipulate a minimum measure and will wish to visualize transcripts and GRE scores. whereas it depends on the university, a web letter of the alphabet degree programs might need students to own some relevant work expertise, elaborate on a resume. Letters of reference, personal statements, and different materials may well be required furthermore.

Curriculum For Online MS Engineering Management

One of all the ways in which to assess a web letter of the alphabet curriculum is to see out a college’s course of study. Usually, students take a series of core and needed categories, electives, and probably, attempt to a neighborhood of stress.

Essentially, core topics might facilitate learners to develop comprehensive skills to guide sophisticated employees and convey nascent concepts to fruition. These courses may cowl aspects of skilled development like selling oneself, furthermore as business basics for engineers.

They may conjointly explore things like federal laws, contract negotiation and therefore the strategic analysis of technical comes. Whereas every program has its own forms of categories, below are some general samples of what you would possibly study on-line.

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Engineering Systems Simulation
  • Design Project Management
  • Leadership ways
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Contact individual colleges for a full course list.

Concentrations For Online MS Engineering Management

Some grad colleges might supply areas of stress wherever students take further courses set around selected theme stress may facilitate students to tailor their program to interests and private career goals. Through a level, students might perceive the technology that goes into engineering comes, furthermore because of the management method through that the technology is applied.

We have highlighted a number of potential topics however there are additional to be discovered. Check through individual colleges to visualize what’s out there.

Technical Project Management: Technical Project Management courses might facilitate students to find out how to effectively take a project through its life cycle. Topics might embrace risk assessment and management, planning, and communication with team members and different executives.

Systems Engineering: Systems Engineering courses might dig into electrical and laptop engineering. Students may study distinct maths, package engineering, and system design. Or, you would possibly explore for a college wherever you’ll investigate cloud computing, computing, and knowledge assurance.

Management Science: Management Science courses might discuss things like labor problems that have an effect on the economic atmosphere. Students might find out how to arrange and execute the strategy or grasp the international political economy.

Structural Engineering: Structural Engineering courses might facilitate current structural engineers to develop a management model for disasters and catastrophes. Students might study, for instance, things like earthquake engineering and bridge style.

Optics and Photonics: Optics and Photonics courses might cowl topics like intermediate electromagnetics and optical maser fundamentals. Students may additionally take more electrical and laptop engineering courses.

Applied Physics: Applied Physics courses might cowl electronic materials and electronic packaging. Students may additionally study materials science, sensors, and therefore the physics of climate.

Logistics: Logistics courses might facilitate students to develop their grasp to provide chain management. Students may explore topics like buying for supply, international supply, and transportation management.

Electives: Elective courses might take the place of stress or raise one. It depends on the college and the way they frame degree needs. Electives might permit students to explore a selected interest or expand their understanding of connected fields. Sometimes, topics may well be designated, approvingly from school, from different college departments – the graduate school as an example. Some electives might have conditions related to them, thus it’s perpetually a decent plan to see this before time.

Capstone: Students may well be needed to finish some sort of capstone. this might be a field project, AN analysis of case studies, viva vice, or another fixed final project, designed to bring all the topics from the program along.

Online Doctor Of Philosophy In Engineering Management Programs

Students who wish to earn a terminal and research-based degree may explore for a web Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Management Program. Whereas program lengths and course credits might disagree, a web Doctor of Philosophy usually entails concerning sixty to seventy-two credit hours.

Students may like better to work towards their Doctor of Philosophy on a full or part-time basis. Thus it might take some students concerning four to seven years to finish. every college typically provides AN calculable time of completion, furthermore because most time they allot for all the wants to be happy.


Admission to a web Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Management program might vary between colleges. In some cases, students may wish a master’s degree to use and should meet the final admissions criteria. different colleges might need students to own attained an MS degree with a minimum measure (e.g. 3.5) and will wish to visualize GRE scores, letters of reference, and different material.


The course of study in any Doctor of Philosophy program depends on the university that gives it and students’ personal interests. Generally, work is each broad and specific, as students typically ought to show comprehensive information of the sector, furthermore as experience in one space.

In their core categories, Engineering Management Doctor of Philosophy degree seekers may examine technology and innovation from the purpose of reading of leadership. categories might thus dig into the way to manage risk, produce technology policy, and keep data personal and safe. To more build experience, students may then take stress courses.

These topics vary by college and program, though some general examples are listed below:

  • Quality Management
  • Engineering Law
  • IT Project Management
  • Systems Analysis

In addition, Doctor of Philosophy candidates typically studies analysis ways, statistics, and different subjects to assist them do their inquiry. At constant time, students may explore technical subjects like laptop networks and business intelligence.

Dissertation: As a final project, Doctor of Philosophy students usually gift their donnish analysis in an exceedingly written paper or thesis. In it, the candidate contributes new theory or insight into their chosen topic.

Online Graduate Certificates In Engineering Management

An online Graduate Certificate in Engineering Management program might permit distance learners to finish a shorter series of work relevant to their specific wants. instead of being needed to finish all the course needs for AN MSEM degree, students might take concerning four courses (12-credit hours) that typically target one topic.

As an example, students who look for a Graduate Certificate in Systems Engineering Management may study risk analysis, project and systems management, and systems engineering. Through their courses, students may find out about operational feasibility and the way advanced engineering comes ought to be managed over the life cycle of the project. Also, they may find out how to explain and prepare System Engineering Management to arrange (SEMP).

A certificate might act as a stand-alone certification. but in some cases, course credits might apply to a full letter of the alphabet program, must you attempt to continue later. One might conjointly earn quite one certificate or work on a certificate and master’s degree at constant time.


Prerequisites and admission requirements for certificate programs often mirror those of an online master’s in engineering management program.  Usually, applicants need a bachelor’s degree, minimum GPA of 3.0, personal statement, and resume. Furthermore, because certificates consist of graduate courses, students may need to apply to graduate school even if they just want to earn the certificate. Contact schools to learn about their specific requirements.

By learning optimization philosophies and their sensible applications, one will play a good half in up the commercial productivity, efficiency, scaling down wastes, and reducing lead and cycle times. Since industries nowadays compete on excellence in whatever they do, so Engineering Management is all the way a hot field that will keep on expanding in the future.


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