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SAT Exam 2019

The SAT exam is taken by students who wish to study abroad. This test is taken annually and it is a Standardized International Exam required for the colleges in the United States. All candidates who wish to study in the US or Canada must take this test. The fee for taking this exam is around USD 47.50.

It is a three-hour test and is conducted by Education Testing Services on behalf of the College Board. It is an offline test held at the test centers. Around 1.7 million students took this exam in 2017 and almost 2.1 million students appeared for the same in 2018. Some other countries where this exam is accepted are Singapore and Australia. The SAT exams are also taken by students who wish to pursue, history, literature, mathematics, science and foreign languages.

The paper is divided into four parts: reading, writing, mathematics, and Language. The evaluation is done in the score scale of 400 to 1600. The test takes about three hours to finish (three hours and fifteen minutes with breaks). If you opt for an optional essay, then it takes three hours and fifty minutes to finish (or four hours and five minutes with breaks). A student can also opt for some other test for a particular course.

SAT Exam Pattern

Broadly the paper is divided into two parts, one with the use of calculators and one without the use of calculators. The paper has four parts: reading, writing, mathematics, and Language. The time allotted for these four parts in three hours. A student can also opt for the fifth part, which is optional writing, which increases the time allotted to three hours fifty minutes. A student can go for subject tests as well. These tests take about an hour to finish and held six times a year.



Score Range


80 minutes


Writing and Language

35 minutes



65 minutes

200-800(combined with writing)


50 minutes

Not defined


SAT Exam 2019 Results

The results are usually available online. The multiple choice question paper releases the results in about 13 days after the test day. The SAT essay scores are released 5 days after the MCQ paper results are out. Once the candidates get their scores, they can send it to their chosen colleges. These scores are valid for 5 years unless there is any change in the rule.


SAT 2019 Exam Dates

The frequency of SAT exams ranges from 5 to 7 times per year, though it varies from country to country. The students can choose their date according to their preference. The subject exam dates have different dates. The candidates are allowed to give as many subject tests as they want. There are two registration dates for the Sat exam.


Exam Date

SAT test Date

March 9, May 4, June 1

SAT Subject Date

March 9, May 4, June 1, August 25, October 6, November 3, December 1


SAT 2019 Exam Highlights

The SAT fee is around $52.5. An additional fee of $26 may be taken for the subject exams. It is conducted across 25,000 test centres and in over 192 countries.

Exam Name


Official Site


Conducted by

Educational Testing Service


USD 47.50

Score Range



Domestic:- 866-756-75346

International:- 212-713-7789


SAT Eligibility

  • The candidate should be at least 13 years of age, to apply through the mail.
  • Students below 8th grade need not past their photographs in the registration process.
  • Should pass their high school to get admitted to the undergraduate programs.

SAT registration

  • SAT is conducted seven times in an exceedingly year within the U.S.
  • In foreign countries, SAT is conducted only five times.
  • SAT Registration is open throughout the year.
  • Interested candidates, however, are needed to book the future take a look at the date of their alternative before the point in time of that specific SAT date.
  • There are two ways for applying for SAT- online and through the mail.



  • Create a profile in the College Board Website.
  • Fill in the form providing the personal details.
  • Select the test date and the center after creating the student profile.
  • Upload a front-facing picture of the headshot.
  • Pay the fee through credit card or PayPal


Registration By Mail

  • The candidate needs to register for SAT student registration booklet from the College Board.
  • Fill in the application form of the SAT exam
  • Mail the application form
  • Also, mail the cheque or money order
  • The address College Board SAT program is

            P.O. Box 7502

            London, KY 40742-72502.



The SAT exam fee is around $52.5. An additional fee of $26 is taken for subject test. Extra fee is taken if the exam is taken outside the U.S. territory.

Fee Waiver

  • The SAT fee is waived for low-income families.
  • This option is available for people living in the US.
  • Students whose family income falls below the income eligibility guidelines set by the USDA Food and nutrition service have this choice.
  • Students living in foster homes may also apply for a fee waiver.
  • Students who are enrolled in federal, state or other programs can also apply for the same.

SAT Admission Ticket

The SAT admission ticket has the following information

  1. The student address
  2. The student name
  3. Test date
  4. Registration number
  5. Test type
  6. Test center
  7. Birthdate
  8. Gender
  9. High school
  10. Instructions

SAT Syllabus

Reading Test

The reading test has questions based on paragraphs and graphics in the question paper. One of the paragraphs chosen has a part of the world literature, or a classic work of the U.S. The other passage is either the U.S founding document or may have a paragraph from the Great Global Conversation. The third paragraph is related to topics such as economics, sociology, and psychology. The last two paragraphs are science-based to test student’s fundamental and scientific concepts.

Writing Test

In the writing and language test, the paper has MCQs based on paragraphs. The content may have informational graphics, graphs, charts, etc. You will find questions based on sentence structure, usage, and punctuation. The students will have to change the sentences and keeping its meaning same to fix the sentences with some error. The topics are a verb, tense, subject-verb agreement, etc.

Maths Test

The maths section has two parts- a calculator and test-no-calculator. The grid-in questions should be filled in the space given. The topics covered are Algebra, polynomials, linear and exponential growth, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, and probability.

SAT Score

It can be tricky for some foreign students to understand SAT scoring. The score of the exam ranges between 400 and 1600. If a student gets a score of 1400 then he/she is given the percentile 95%. If a student scores 890 then he/she is given the percentile 21%. The raw score is converted to the range of 200 – 800 per section.

The candidates can apply for score verification if their expectations were different. You can send for verification till 5 months the result is out. The result gets automatically updated after the verification. The booklet of questions and answers are provided to the candidate. Students can request for the score verification online or offline (mail).

SAT 2019 Results

The multiple choice question paper takes 13 days to give its result after the test day. The results can be viewed online. The SAT essay scores are revealed after 5 days of the multiple-choice scores.  The candidate can send their scores to their university after receiving the scores.

SAT Subject Test List

There are over 19 subjects included in the SAT subject list

  • For maths section - Math Level 1
  • For maths section - Math Level 2
  • For science subjects - Biology
  • For science subjects - Chemistry
  • For science subjects - Physics
  • For Arts subjects - U.S history
  • For Arts subjects - World history
  • For Language subjects - Spanish
  • For Language subjects - Spanish with listening
  • For Language subjects - French
  • For Language subjects - French with listening
  • For Language subjects - Chinese with listening
  • For Language subjects - Italian
  • For Language subjects - German
  • For Language subjects - German with listening
  • Modern Hebrew
  • For Language subjects - Latin
  • For Language subjects - Japanese with listening
  • For Language subjects - Korean with listening



1. How many times can I attempt the SAT exam in a year?

There is no limit for the number of attempts in SAT exam, though the exam is held only 5 times annually.


2. How many times SAT exam conducts in a year?

It is available 7 times annually in the U.S and 5 times a year in other countries.


3. How do I register for the SAT exam?

Register in the College Board website or offline through mail under Special cases to apply for SAT exam.


4. What are the eligibility criteria for the SATs?

There is no criterion for the SATs. You have to make sure you have a valid ID to present at the test center.


5. What to do if I lose my admission ticket?

You can take another print of your admission ticket from the College Board website.


6. What to do if I forget my admission ticket at the test center?

Students without an admission ticket are not allowed to enter the test center. So, make it a point to have the admission ticket with you on all test days.


7. Is it important to take the SAT Subject test?

Students can show their interest in the subject through this test and let the college of their choice know about it.


8. Is essay writing necessary in SAT?

It is optional in the paper though there are many colleges in the U.S who ask for an essay to get an insight of student thought the process.


9. What are the main subjects covered in the SAT exam?

The exam mainly tests the knowledge the students gained during their high school. The subjects are English, History, Mathematics, and other subjects.


10. Is the use of calculator permitted for the maths paper?

The use of calculators is permitted in one section of mathematics, but the other section of maths, it is prohibited.


11. How do I send my SAT scores to the colleges?

College Board provides the facility of Score choice through which one can send four scores for free, during registration.


12. Is there an option to cancel the SAT scores?

Yes, you can cancel the SAT scores if you feel you haven’t performed well in the exams.


13. How to cancel the SAT score?

An individual can ask for the score cancellation form at the center and submit it with the coordinator or he can download and fill the form and send it with a written request to the College Board.


14. Can I cancel my scheduled SAT?

You can cancel your scheduled SAT if you have a valid reason behind doing so.


15. How can I check the SAT result?

Login to your College Board profiles to check your SAT scores.


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