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RARachit Agrawal
Updated OnDec 3, 2021

SAT Exam Center- 2020

SAT exams are taken by students for admission to some of the top colleges. The test is online and is conducted many times each year. Due to its high demands and number of students appearing each year, there are many SAT test centres in India. 

SAT Test Center in India

As we all know there are SAT centers all around the world. There are centers in INDIA too. In INDIA, the centers are located in most of the cities and even in villages. Candidates have to apply and select the nearest center. In INDIA, SAT best centers are available in the following states.

Best SAT centers in INDIA 

  • Mumbai- The Cathedral + John Connon School
  • Dehradun- The Doon School
  • Gurgaon- The Heritage School 
  • Bangalore- The International School of Bangalore
  • Kolkata- LA Martiniere for boys school
  • Kerala- Sacred Heart College
  • Delhi- Pathways School Noida
  • Punjab- Learning Path School
  • Pune- Mahindra United World Col India
  • Chennai- Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School

Items allowed in SAT exam centers

Every exam center and the venue has their guidelines. The students must follow them. The SAT exam centers also have some guidelines regarding items allowed in the exam hall. Following is the list of items allowed.

List of items allowed

  • Admission Hall Ticket
  • ID proof with Photograph
  • Stationary- Pencil, and Eraser
  • Auto-injectors (Click pens)

SAT exam centers rules

Every exam hall has rules of their own. SAT exam centers also have some. Student's violation of them will be punished. The list of the rules is mentioned below.

Rules and regulations

  • Face covering
  • Your up-to-date admission ticket
  • Acceptable photograph and ID
  • Stationery items
  • Click pens

SAT Test Center Bangalore

Bangalore is a highly populated area having a dense student population as well. This is also a common spot for many students in South India to take their SATS.

Bangalore International School

Bishop Cotton Boys School

Canadian International School

The International School Bangalore

SAT Test Center Hyderabad

It is also situated in the southern part of India. There are 3 SAT centers which indicate that many students appear for their SATS in Hyderabad.

Sreenidhi International School

Indus International School

Delhi Public School

SAT Test Center in Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India. It is also a student hub as it has many top colleges and schools in India. Many students even go to Delhi to prepare for different competitive exams.

Metro Delhi International School

St. Michael’s Senior Secondary School


SAT Test Center in Chennai

South Indian states of India are statistically shown to have a number of English speakers when compared to other parts of India. As India is progressing, more and more students are becoming aware of SATS and the number of test centres has increased in Chennai which now has 2 SAT test centres.

Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School

CPS Global School

SAT Test Center in Chandigarh

Chandigarh, long ago, used to be a part of Punjab. Now, it is a Union Territory. Chandigarh has only one test centre which is the Strawberry Fields High School.

SAT Test Center Pune

Pune is situated in Maharashtra and is also home to many aspiring students. Students from all over Maharashtra avail the SAT test centres in Pune as well as Mumbai.

University of Pune

Mahindra United World College of India

Symbiosis International School

SAT Test Center in Punjab

There are only two SAT test centres in Punjab as of now.

Learning Paths School, Mohali

Spring Dale Senior School, Amritsar

SAT Test Center in Kolkata

Kolkata is situated in West Bengal. It is one of the Metro cities of India. Students from all over West Bengal and neighbouring states take their SAT test in Kolkata. 

Calcutta International School

South City International School

La Martiniere for Boys School

United States – India Educational Foundation

SAT Test Center in Gujarat

The state of Gujarat has many SAT test centres which indicate a high number of test-takers.

Delhi Public School, Ahmedabad

Fountainhead School, Surat

Ahmedabad International School

PV Patel Smarak Trust, Galaxy School

Navrachana International School, Vadodara

SAT Test Center Kerala

Kerala is situated in the southern part of India and also has a very high literacy rate. It has two SAT test centres.

Sacred Heart College, Cochin

Trivandrum International School, Trivandrum

SAT Test Center Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the biggest and most popular cities of India. It is densely populated and has many aspiring students too. There are 4 SAT test centres in Mumbai excluding the neighbouring parts of Mumbai.

Singapore International School

Oberoi International School

Bombay Teachers Training College

Jamnabai Narsee School


  • How can I find the nearest SAT test center in 2020?

Students can find the list of all the SAT test centers online. They can choose among 73 test centers. These centers are spread in more than 40 cities in India. Students can select while registering them for exams. They can choose according to their convenience.

  • Who can apply for SAT 2020?

SAT is basically an exam for admission in abroad colleges. The College Board has not set any criteria yet. The student who wants to go abroad for school, university, or any other institutional education can apply. They must follow the rules and regulations in the exam hall. They have to register themselves online.

  • Why is SAT important?

SAT is an admission or entrance test for abroad colleges. The test focuses on 3 core areas of student’s skills- critical reading, Math, and Writing. The students of class 11 and 12 can also consider SAT for getting admission abroad colleges. This test is mainly important in the USA. If you are trying to get admission in USA colleges, some colleges in the USA consider the SAT as an entrance exam.

  • Is the SAT one test?

SAT is divided into 3 parts with different time duration each. The whole test consists of 3 hours. 

  • Reading section- 65 min
  • Grammar section- 35 min
  • Math section- 80 min (25 min without a calculator and 55 min with a calculator)
  •  Is the SAT test a paper or computer-based test?

SAT is a paper-based admission test. This is considered by some abroad colleges for admission. The students can give this exam as many times as they want. The university or college they are applying for will always consider their highest scores. These highest scores are also known as super scores.

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