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How to register for SAT 2019?

SAT is conducted 7 times a year within the U.S. In most countries outside the U.S, SAT is conducted only 5 times. You can send your scores, during registration as well. SAT Registration is open throughout the year. Interested candidates, however, have to book the future take a look at the date of their alternative before the point in time of that specific SAT date.

Types of SAT

There are two types of SAT

SAT general

The SAT is a standardized check widely used for school admissions within us. Since it had been initial debuted by the faculty Board in 1926, its name and rating have modified many times. Originally known as the Scholastic ability check, it had been later known as the Scholastic Assessment check. The name was again modified to then the SAT I: Reasoning check. The name was again switched to SAT Reasoning check, and now, merely the SAT.

SAT subject tests

A candidate can also opt for SAT subject test. One has the option to write both SAT and SAT subject tests. Both the tests are taken with the same frequency. The candidate must make sure that both the tests do not fall on the same day. Subjects for the tests: English Literature, History (U.S. or World), Language (Chinese, French, Hebrew, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Spanish or German), Math (Level 1 or Level 2), Science (Biology-Ecological, Biology-Molecular, Chemistry or Physics).

SAT Eligibility

There are no such eligibility criteria. Students who are twelve years or younger in age can solely register by mail. Students in eighth grade or below need not embody a photograph in their registration.

SAT 2019 Registration

SAT registration includes three stages – 1.making a student’s profile, 2.filling the applying form 3.booking the take a look at the date and take a look at center 3.paying the mandatory charges

Online Method of Registration

  1. Visit SAT’s official website and then Click on “Sign Up”
  2. Fill in the information asked.
  3. Select your Username, Password, and Security Question. Click on Next.
  4. Review and then confirm the details. You will receive a confirmation mail.
  5. Fill the SAT Application Form. Login with your username and password. Then, click on-register for SAT.
  6. Enter your personal information, high school details, and email address. Enter demographic details and parental information.
  7. Fill your academic details.
  8. Select your preferred country where you will be taking the test.
  9. Select SAT Subject Tests or Test Type SAT then Select the Test Date from the list.
  10. Pay Application Fee. Pick study material, if you think you would need it. Review the details provided, and then make changes if needed. Click on the option-Make Payment-Pay via Credit Card or PayPal


Registration via mail

  1. Request SAT Student Registration Booklet from College Board or a counselor.
  2. Fill up the below details in your application form:
  • Name
  • College Board
  • High School Code
  • Sex
  • Photo
  • Current Grade Level
  • Date of Birth
  • Mailing Address
  • Test day and type
  • Test Fee
  • Test Center Code

    3. Mail your application form
    4. Also, attach the money order or check of application fee
    5. Use the registration envelope and address it as:

College Board SAT Program

P.O. Box 7502

London, KY 40742-75027

Photo necessities

For online registration, the candidate’s image should –

  1. Be properly centered with an endeavor of head-shoulder read, with the whole face, hair, and eyes clearly visible and should not wear any eyeglasses or any such reflectors.
  2. Head coated for non-secular reasons is suitable if the eyes and face area unit is not covered.
  3. Be classifiable as a candidate, and match his look on the day of the take a look at.
  4. Not have all or a part of head cut-off nor be a photograph of full profile or fractional profile
  5. Not be too foggy or too bright or tampered with or digitally altered

For registration by mail, the candidate’s icon should –

  1. Be a pair of x a pair of inches and no quite a pair of.5 x three inches in size.
  2. Not be Associate in Nursing ID card or alternative laminated photographs.
  3. Have your name, date of birth, and high school code written on the back (for registration by mail).
  4. Be taped over the barcode.
  5. Use clear tape round the edges of the icon. Don’t use paper clips, staples, or glue.

Rescheduling SAT exam

Students should request a modification in check date or center or check: SAT to SAT Subject test or SAT to SAT with Essay or vice versa.

  1. Log in to the faculty Board profile to form any changes
  2. Click on Update My data
  3. Make the specified changes before the point in time
  4. Pay the charge applicable mistreatment MasterCard or PayPal. Click on Update
  5. Print the updated admission price ticket.


Information about the fee charged by the College Board for SAT and its services is given below

Registration Fee: SAT- $47.50, SAT with Essay- $64.50

SAT subject fee: Registration Fee- $26

SAT Admission Ticket

  1. Student Name
  2. Student Address
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Gender
  5. High School
  6. Test Date
  7. Test Type
  8. Test Center
  9. Registration Number
  10. Instructions for Test day

SAT for Students with disability

  1. Such students will request for special accommodations.  
  2. Extended time
  3. Computer use for essays
  4. Extra and extended breaks
  5. Reading and seeing accommodations like Large-print checkbook; Braille check book; Braille graph,  MP3 audio check format; Reader; Magnifier/magnifying machine
  6. Four-function calculator
  7. Students should register with Services for Student with Disabilities.
  8. The process takes up to seven weeks.
  9. After the registration, students receive seven-digit “SSD Eligibility Code”
  10. The code should be provided throughout the SAT registration.


SAT for Younger Students

  1. Applicable for all the Students of age 12 or below
  2. Can register only via mail.
  3. The Students in eighth standard can also apply
  4. An eighth standard student should not attach any photograph
  5. A student can also apply for SAT as a talent search program
  6. If SAT is being taken as a part of a talent search program, students need to submit additional documentation given by the particular organizers of talent hunts.
  7. Scores of eighth standard and below are excluded from the student’s records.
  8. For making a permanent record, student must file a request by mail
  9. The mail should contain:
  • Full identification information
  • Registration number
  • Test date
  1. Send the documents to: The College Board SAT Program



1.What qualifications are required to register for the SAT?

SAT does not ask for any educational or general eligibility criteria. Anyone can register for the SAT.


2. Can one register for each the SAT and SAT Subject Test?

Yes, one can register for both the exams. However, one cannot sit for both the SAT and SAT Subject on the same day.


3. What suggests that area unit accessible to register for the SAT?

You can register for the SAT online on the faculty Board web site or by mail.


4. How many times am I able to register for the SAT?

You can register for the SAT as much as you would like.


5. How many times is that the SAT administered in an exceedingly year?

SAT is held 7 times in a year in the US and 5 times a year in most countries outside the US.


6. Is it necessary to form a school Board profile?

It’s suggested that you have a school Board profile for the convenience of use.


7. I misspelled my name in the SAT registration. What should I do?

Log in to your profile, click on update my information, correct the writing system your name and then Click on update.


8. I am unable to transfer my photograph through online SAT registration. What should I do?

In such cases, you can register via mail by requesting an SAT Student Registration Booklet from your counselor.


9. How much does SAT registration cost?

SAT costs USD 47.50. SAT with Essay costs USD 64.50.


10. Can retake weekday with the previous registration?

No, you want to register and pay the appliance fee on an individual basis when you would

like to require the weekday.


11. How many weekday Subject Tests will register for?

You’ll register all the twenty subjects take a look at. However, you can register for less than 3 take a look at for one day.


12. Where do I purchase the admission price ticket from?

SAT admission price ticket is available right when the completion of registration. You can print the admission price ticket from your faculty Board profile.


13. I have forgotten the username and parole of my faculty Board profile. What should I do?

You can check your email id and rummage around for the confirmation mail you want to have received throughout profile creation or Visit the web site and click on forgot username or parole possibility. Enter your registered email. A link is going to be sent to you to reset your parole or/and username.


14. Can I schedule the registered weekday date?

Yes, you can schedule exploitation your faculty Board profile or by causing missive of invitation by mail to the faculty Board workplace.


15. I now not need to sit down for weekday however I would like to change to weekday Subject take a look at. Can that be made possible?

Yes, the College Board permits students in switching from SAT to SAT Subject Test or SAT to SAT with Essay or vice versa. Students have to pay the service charges and then can go on making the changes through their respective College Board profiles.


16. I am below 13 years of age. Can I appear for the SAT?

Yes, you can appear for the SAT. You can register only by mail and must not attach any photograph.


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