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TOEFL Practice Papers

RARachit Agrawal
Updated OnDec 3, 2021

TOEFL Practice Test

“Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized test that measures the aptness and command of non-native speakers over the English Language. TOEFL acts as a criterion in over 11,000 universities in almost 150 countries. Although reading through quality study material helps in the preparation process, but it is imperative to practice a fair amount of practice test papers in order to get an idea about the type of questions that a student will have to face during the test to eventually get a good score in the test.” 

“Practice test papers are an effective way to not only improve the chances for the students to get a decent score but also provides them with “exam day” experience, although preparing for a test requires a thorough knowledge of the material it is only a battle half won, a student should also prepare himself according to the exam environment so that he is familiar to the framework of the test and the way the exam is going be conducted in order to get a good score.”

“While preparing for the test, it is essential to figure out the crux of the test, and practice test helps students do just that, students get an idea about the type of questions asked, the right way to manage time during the test, the directions for writing effective and scoring answers, it also provides an insight on how to conduct yourself during the test especially the speaking round of the test. Overall, practice test papers are essential for grooming a test taker for acquiring a good score.”

About TOEFL:

  • TOEFL is a standardized test that assesses a non-native speaker’s command over the English Language.
  • It acts as selection criteria in over 11,000 universities in almost 150 countries.
  • The test consists of four segments:

a) Reading

b) Writing

c) Speaking

d) Listening

  • Taking TOEFL allows students to be eligible for various scholarships that are interested in working abroad after completing their education. 
  • The test scores are sent to The United States, Canada, and various other universities according to the student preferences for evaluating the scores.
  • The score is evaluated on a scale of 0-120 points, with each of the four sections receiving a score from 0-30. Each of the scores is added together to form the total score of the test.

TOEFL Practice test for free

“Online practice tests are a simple and great way to prepare for TOEFL, and it helps the students achieve their target scores and gives them enough practice to do well eventually in their desired courses. Students can take the TOEFL practice test for free according to their convenience and check the results to track their progress. It also helps them in finding out their weak points and improving them so that they are at an advantage during the course of the test.”

Practice test for free:

TOEFL Practice Test Online

“Online test preparation is an easy and convenient way to brush up your skills to perform well, and there is plenty of TOEFL practice test online that are available to the students for free. Online course material provides the test takers with a quality material to prepare from without paying anything for it, and is very convenient for the test takers who are hesitant or are not in a position to pay a monetary amount for the preparation material.”

“Overall, if you have a short amount of time for preparation in your hand or are preparing side by side for the test, then preparation through online material is the best and quality option for the test takers to prepare for the TOEFL test.”

There is an ample amount of practice material available online for the test takers to practice and get their desired scores provided by trusted and certified websites offering the material for free.

TOEFL Practice Test Reading

“Before starting to prepare for the exam, the students should initially go through the pattern and the segments of the text thoroughly. The first segment of this test is the reading segment, and it consists of 2-3 paragraphs or comprehensions on which the students are asked to answer the given questions.” 

“The basic purpose of this segment is to assess the reading and comprehensive capability of a person, whether or not the person understands basic comprehension based on academics.” 

“Each comprehension in the segment is approximately 650-700 words long; the topic of the comprehension could include a reading excerpt from basically any variety of subject or a current topic or research that is in the news. But even if the student isn’t familiar with the topic, it would not be a problem because all the relevant information would be already given in the passage and based on that information the question would be asked and the students would be scored on the basis of the relevance of their answers, whether the answer has all that was asked and nothing more or less than that.”

TOEFL Practice Test Listening

“The second segment of the test is listening, and this segment is designed to measure the ability to understand lectures and comprehensions in English, it is basically about synthesizing information and answering the questions that are asked from the test takers. The comprehensions in this segment are usually not very lengthy or complicated.”

“It’s okay to be a little on edge about this segment, but contrary to popular belief, it is not very hard to get a decent score in this section. Test takers are provided a set of headphones, and the comprehension is narrated to them through a recording and the questions are based on the information given in the comprehension, the main catch in this is to listen carefully so that you don’t miss out on the important details.” 

 “TOEFL test listening normally contains three conversations and four lectures, the conversation includes two people talking about a topic or a phone call of around 2-3 minutes, and the lectures contain a professor either delivering a speech or interacting with his students. The lectures and conversations will be followed by a set of questions, and normally there are six lecture questions and 5 questions based on the conversation. Some tests might come with an extra conversation and two extra lectures; in this case the test takers will have to face a set of 17 experimental questions, 12 from lectures and 5 from conversations, but the silver lining is that these questions aren’t worth any points.” 

“The total amount of question in this section would be 34 for which you will have 20 minutes to complete, however in case of experimental questions the total time given will be 30 minutes excluding the time you will spend on listening to the conversations and lectures.”

TOEFL Practice Test Speaking

TOEFL test speaking is the third segment of the test which measures the ability of the test taker to speak fluently in English Language, whether or not you have control over your grammar and how often do you fumble while speaking in English, the main focus of this segment is to check whether or not you can easily express yourself in fluently.”

“The evaluation of this segment in reference to the academic setting. It is usually composed of 4 tasks that resemble real-life situations that one might encounter in or outside the classroom or the university campus. The first question requires you to draw your own ideas, experiences and opinions while answering the questions and hence are known as “independent speaking tasks”.”

“Questions 2-4 requires you to use your listening and speaking skills together, in order to answer the questions in an impressive manner you should listen carefully before speaking. This section not only tests your fluency but also tests your personality and the way you conduct yourself while speaking.”

“Preparation time of about 15-20 seconds is given before you answer each question, the expected duration of your response should be 45-60 seconds. It is important to keep in mind that your responses will be recorded while speaking. You will be provided with a duration of 17 minutes to complete the speaking segment. “

TOEFL Practice Test Writing

TOEFL practice test writing is the fourth segment of the test, also known as the “essay section”, this section measures your ability to come up with essays with clear arguments simultaneously checking your grammar and vocabulary, how well you are able to write in English is very crucial for getting a good score.”

“It is often stressful to come with things to write when you have a few minutes in your hands, therefore you need to develop good essay skills while also keeping an eye on the clock, therefore you should practice a fair amount of essay questions before appearing for the test, not only will it give you an advantage in the test but it will also give you an edge over the other test-takers. Although essay questions are challenging, the good thing is that you can practice them to improve your skills to get a good score.” 

The writing section consists of two sections:

  • Integrated writing task, consists of reading a short passage and answering questions based on the passage.
  • Independent writing task, consisting of writing an essay based on your personal experience or expressing your views on a topic.

How to write a perfect essay to get a good score?

“The key is to understand the structure of this segment, first learning to write a decent essay will help you present your thoughts in the most logical and structured way. Try writing four to five paragraphs in your essay, the first paragraph consisting the main argument of the topic on which the whole topic is dependent.”

“The second and third paragraphs should contain the explanation of the main argument, remember to state you views very clearly in these two paragraphs, this will establish the way you perceive the topic and will show how you think and what your views are.”

“The last two paragraphs will consist of the conclusion of the topic and summarize the whole topic into a nice little summary which will make it easier to understand your views even more clearly. “

Why good grammar is important for the essay questions?

“Grammar is an essential part of writing, it helps you express your views clearly and makes the reader interested in what you’ve written it makes them want to read it more and more. Especially in TOEFL, your grammar will be examined to a great extent, it is a must for getting a good score, although it is necessary to use good grammar but it is not necessary to use complex words, use words which convey the argument easily and clearly, using complex grammar can increase the chances of you making mistakes.” 

“But it can be practiced through several test papers, practice test papers is the best way to improve your writing skills, the more you write the more you will improve.”

TOEFL Sample Papers

“An ample amount of sample papers are released by Educational Testing Service (ETS), who conducts the English Language test, for prospective test-takers so that they can get enough practice of the questions before the main test. The free preparation resources released by ETS include practice tests, sample papers, interactive online courses, and test prep planners.”

TOEFL sample papers  are a great and effective way to prepare for the test even if you are preparing in the last moment, they give you the real-time test experience, and prepare you for every type of question.”

TOEFL sample paper:

TOEFL Sample Essays

TOEFL sample essays, are a part of the writing segment of the test, these consist of essay questions which you will have to answer according to your experience or views on a certain topic, it consists of two parts, in one part you will have to answer short passages and the other one requires you to write through you personal experience.

Here are some sample essays: 

TOEFL Sample Questions 

“As it is already mentioned above, there are 4 segments in the test, reading, listening, speaking and writing, you will have to face a different type of questions in each segment, which will be designed specifically for that segment to test your knowledge of the English Language.”

The reading section will contain descriptive comprehension questions, which you will have to answer according to what is being asked.

The listening section will contain conversations and lectures to test whether you can understand spoken English in an academic setting.

The speaking segment will require you to answer questions based on your personal experience to test your spoken English.

Finally writing segment will require you to write essay type questions based on your personal views and knowledge.

Therefore to gain a competitive advantage it is advised that you should solve a fair amount of  TOEFL sample questions.


  • What is the difference between TOEFL and IELTS?

 This is the most frequently asked question among the prospective test takers, both TOEFL and IELTS are language tests for non- native speakers acting as a criterion for selection in universities but the difference is that TOEFL is entirely multiple-choice whereas IELTS is a mix of short and essay questions, another difference is that TOEFL is available as a paper-based as well as an online test but IELTS is only available as a paper-based test.

  • How often will the test be offered?

The TOEFL test registration is available 24 hours and 7 days, you can register at any time according to your convenience. But the test is offered on 4 dates during a year, the testing year begins on 1st July and ends on 30th June of the following year.

  • How and when do I get my scores?

Typically the scores will be provided to you 5 weeks after appearing for the test, it normally takes 7-10 days to receive your scorecard in the mail.

  • How do I prepare for the test?

The best way to prepare for the test is to practice as many practices and sample papers as possible and going through the material available online, this is the best way to ensure good scores in the test.

  • What do I need to bring on the test day?

There are just two things acceptable to bring on the day of your test, the first thing is a valid ID Card for your identification, a current passport-sized photograph, and your signature. The second thing is your registration form with your details and registration number on it. No mobile devices and personal belongings are allowed in the test center.

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