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TOEFL Results And Scores

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TOEFL is an acronym of the Test of English as a foreign language. TOEFL is a systematized test of measuring the ability of the English language of all nonnative speakers who want to get enrolled in English speaking institutions. It is generally given by the students seeking admission to universities located outside their native country.  It is one of the most popular English language Competency exams accepted at universities of various countries like America, Canada, UK, New Zealand, etc. According to a report, Approximately 2.3 million students take this exam annually. 

ETS (Educational Testing Services) is the body that undertakes the test. It is responsible for setting up the exam questions, conducting the exam, sending the scorecard to each of the test takers, etc. A student can select from various dates available round the year and opt, from the multiple centers, his/her preferred one. He/She can even choose to take the remotely from his/her home. Students can register online for the test and submit the application fees. (US$180 in case the student is applying from India.)

Since TOEFL is a well-reputed and popular exam, getting a good score in it is a matter of extreme prestige. According to the website of ETS, the score you achieve in the test gives a true reflection of your capabilities as they are analyzed in a fair and unbiased way. There are a total of 4 sections named Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. There is no minimum score of passing out the exam. Each university sets its own standards and accepts the students accordingly. 


What TOEFL score is considered good?  This can be a matter of great concern and anxiety. However, there is no hard and fast rule of considering a particular score good or bad. As stated earlier, you can’t just pass or fail this test. While some universities require a minimum of 70, others go up to 110. A good TOEFL score is more of a subjective term which depends on your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills and how well you in all these sections. However, any score above 90 is considered a good score since it can land you in most of the popular universities. 


Like most of the exam scores, TOEFL scores also have an expiration date. It is very important for the students aiming for admission in top tier universities of foreign countries to know about the validation and expiration of the score secured in the test. The TOEFL score is valid for 2 years after the test date. It means that if a student took the test on 1st April 2019, his/her score is valid up to 1st April 2021. Once the validation period is over, the score will get expired and hence, disappear from the website. 


Once you successfully take the test, you are provided with a scorecard with your total score mentioned in it. But what exactly is the total score gained in the TOEFL test? The TOEFL score total is the combined score gained by a student in all the 4 sections of the exam i,e Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. According to the range, the total TOEFL score can go as high as 120. Always keep in mind that attaining a perfect total score is very rare.


The next thing that usually pops in all those young and curious minds is the range of the score. What is the range of the score attained in the TOEFL exam? The total TOEFL score ranges between 0-120. While some universities set a minimum score for the eligibility criteria for the admission procedures, others might set a particular score range for the same. In the latter case, a student is required to attain any score between the set range to be eligible for applying for that particular university.


Every passionate and determined student has a dream of scoring marks as high as the sky. Naturally, they would be interested in knowing about the maximum attainable score in this test. According to the range specified above, he/she can attain a total of as high as 120.  Although obtaining a perfect score like 120 is rare, any score between the range of 100-120 is considered excellent and can help you to land in various top tier universities.


Some students could have this query going rounds in their minds. What is the average TOEFL score? For most of the students who have already taken the test and as per the reports, the score range of 90-100 is considered to be average. Hence for the students aiming for top tier universities, it is always better to aim for a score above 100. 


The score of the TOEFL test takers is also presented in a form of a chart or a table. As the exam is segregated into 4 sections, each section has its own range. The range of the score attained in each of the four sections can be classified as High, Moderate, and low. Based on the scores of all the sections, the total score is obtained. Here is a sample chart for the readers:



The range is nothing but the scale of the score gained in the TOEFL exam. Therefore, a student can get any marks between 0-120 as per his/her capabilities and skills in the various sections. The scale of each of the four sections is 0-30. There are further scales of each section which classify the score as per the levels mentioned in the above chart. 


MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is one of the major universities which provides courses in various fields like science, engineering, etc. Students coming from a non-English speaking country and aiming for MIT may require to give TOEFL test for some courses. The minimum score required to be eligible to apply at MIT for some courses is 90. Although, 90 is the minimum score required, MIT advices the students to aim for a higher score of 100 for better chances of selection.


Harvard School of Business is also one of the most famous and reputed foreign universities. Harvard doesn’t have the requirement of TOEFL for undergraduate students. However, they accept the TOEFL score if submitted by the students. Since Harvard is one a premium tier school, it is generally recommended to have a score of 100 or above when applying through TOEFL. If applying to be a graduate student, he/she will most likely need to give TOEFL for most of the courses.


All test takers have this anxiety with them regarding the declaration of the scores. If you also someone who can be counted as one among the above then you can distress yourself. A student can access his/her score via his/her ETS account after 6-10 days of taking the test. An email is sent to the student informing that his/her scorecard is now available on the account. He/She may download a PDF copy of the same. 


Waiting for results can be even more frustrating than preparing for the exam. Students often deal with a great amount of tension and nervousness during this period. Hence it is always better to have all the information available regarding the declaration of the result to lessen the stress. In the below sections, we have jotted down the complete information related to the TOEFL results.


TOEFL score report is the scorecard of the candidates showing the scores they have attained. A student can access his/her report on his ETS account online. In this report, the student will receive his/her personal information, including the registration and security numbers, TOEFL test date, and the scores. The scores are available as a total as well as section-wise. 


Normally it takes 6 days from the date of the test for the results to be made available online. For example if a student took the test on 1st May 2020, he/she would most probably be able to access his/her by 7th May 2020. Test takers who opted for the Special Home Edition would receive their results in 6-10 days. An email is sent to the candidate for confirming the same.


A typical TOEFL report contains personal information like Name of the candidate, email address, gender etc. Furthermore, it contains the country name and native language of the candidate, date of the test, and test center. Consequently, it contains total score and section-wise scores. It holds in-depth analysis of the performance given in each of the sections.



This topic has already been covered under the head TOEFL Result date.

TOEFL Result Check

A student can check his/her result through his/her ETS account. All she/has to do is visit the ETS website and log into his/her account. After logging in, the student has to choose the option of viewing scores online. After completing these things, he/she will be able to see his/her TOEFL result online. A student may also apply to receive a hard copy of the result which would be made available after 13 days of the test date.


Here are the steps to be followed for checking the results:

  • Visit 
  • Log into your account.
  • Provide the credentials like Name, ID number, test date, and test center.
  • Click Submit.

After following the above steps, you will be able to check the result online.


Q.1 How can I send my TOEFL score to university?

Answer: You can send your score to universities through ETS account. All you have to do is to follow some simple steps like Logging into the account. choosing order score reports, selecting the test date etc. Once you have completed the above steps, you will have to select the schools to which you want to send your score. Consequently, few additional prompts like payment have to be completed. Once done, your score will be sent to the selected schools.

Q.2 How long will it take for the schools to receive my score once mailed?

Answer: Schools take their time in receiving the mailed scores. A report or score of TOEFL can only be sent via mail. Once they are mailed, it will take approximately 7-10 days for schools located in the United States to receive them. For the schools located outside the US, it can take 4-6 weeks. Then the schools will analyze your score and will take action accordingly.  

Q.3 What is the fee structure of the TOEFL test?

Answer: There is a proper fee structure applicable for taking the TOEFL test. There are 2 modes of the test- Internet-based and paper-based. The fee applicable to both varies from place to place. It may cost somewhere between US$180 – 300. The total fee covers the registration fees, report fee, and score reports sent to schools.

Q.4 What is considered a good score in the reading section?

Answer: Reading is one of the 4 sections of the TOEFL test. It has a score range of 0-30. Further, it has some sub-ranges pertaining to certain levels. The scoring range of 22-30 in reading is considered High-level proficiency. Scoring between 15-21 and 0-14 is considered intermediate and low proficiency level respectively.

Q.5 Is 95 a good score?

Answer: Ant score belonging to the range of 90-100 is considered decent. A number of universities accept students having a 90+ score. You can easily select your preferred university from the available universities. There are some programs that require a score of 100+. However, some courses are available for the score range of 90-100. 

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