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The candidate has to select a test date and test center and reserve a seat. She/he has to provide the necessary details. The candidate has to complete the procedure of payment in order to sanctify his/her registration.

TOEFL Eligibility

TOEFL has no specific criteria for eligibility. Some universities or colleges may have their own eligibility statements. Such statements do not restrict any individual from appearing for the exam.

How to register for TOEFL?

You can register for the TOEFL both online or in person.  The points to keep in mind are given below.

  1. The candidate can take the exam as per his convenience.
  2. There is no specific time that a candidate has to follow.
  3. The candidate can sit for the test for only 5 times in a year.
  4. The next attempt can be scheduled only after the passage of 31 days.
  5. The easiest way to register for the TOEFL is through online mode.
  6. The candidate can also register offline at the specified offices, or through mail and phone.
  7. The candidate has to go to the specified website, follow the instructions and create an online profile.
  8. She/he would then have to select the test date as per his convenience.
  9. The candidate is also required to select the test centre.
  10. The payment would complete the process of registration.

Change/cancel your TOEFL iBT score

The candidate can opt to cancel his scores by the end of his test session. Keep in mind that it is not possible to cancel only a certain portion of the test. You have the option to reinstate your scores. But this can be done only if your request is received by the ETS within a time limit of 60 days of your test date. For reinstating, the charge is US$20.

To change/cancel your TOEFL iBT score you need to follow the following steps. Firstly login to the official website. Go to the ‘Test Registration and Orders’. Then click on the ‘Modify’ button. The candidate can always seek the help of the ‘Help Desk’ and mail/call the helpline that has been provided.


Payment Policies

  1. The cost of the TOEFL exam varies from one country to the other. In India, the cost of the TOEFL is around Rs 12,788.10. There will be additional late fees if the situation demands.
  2. The payment has to be made in full and must have all the correct details.
  3. The candidate can opt to pay through credit card or e-cheque.
  4. Cash and Demand Drafts are not advisable.
  5. In case the candidate is paying through paper check/money order, she/he must see to it that the required details are carefully filled up.

Modes of Payment

The payment can be made through

  1. Valid credit cards.
  2. e-cheques.
  3. Paper cheques.
  4. Money order.
  5. In all the cases the details must be carefully filled up.

TOEFL Test Centers

The test center has to be chosen during registration. The candidate can choose the test centers as per their convenience. The test is held in all metropolitan cities of India. About 39 cities in India conduct TOEFL. It is advised to take experts advice after giving the test.

TOEFL Test Dates

The test is held for around 50 times in India. There is a gap of at least 12 days between two TOEFL tests. It is conducted in ETS authorized centers. The official website publishes the dates of the test online. The candidates have the liberty to choose the date as per his convenience.



1. What do I need to know before I register?

Before you register, decide where you want to take the test. See test centers, test dates, and seat availability through your ETS account.

You will be required to enter identification (ID) information before you can register for the test. Be sure to use the same form of ID that you will bring to the test center. ID requirements depend on your country of citizenship and where you plan to test. See ID Requirements for details.

2. When can I register for the test?

Seats can fill up quickly, so register early. We recommend that you register 3 to 4 months before your desired test date to reserve your seat. Your test date should be 2 to 3 months before your earliest admissions application or another deadline.

3. How do I register to reserve my seat?

You can register using any of the 3 methods — online, by phone or by mail. Online registration is the fastest, easiest method. You can choose where you want to test and see which dates are available.

When you register, remember to:

  • have your identification with you. Your name must be entered exactly as it appears on the identification (ID) you bring with you on test day, and you will be required to enter identification information before you can register for a test. ID requirements depend on your country of citizenship and where you plan to test. See ID Requirements for details.
  • have your credit/debit card, electronic check, or PayPal account information for payment.
  • know where and when you want to test. Select from this list of testing locations and dates.
  • provide the names of up to 4 institutions or agencies you want to receive your scores. You can select them from the TOEFL Destination Search. If you register by mail, you will also need to provide the TOEFL codes for each institution. If you register online and are not ready to select your score recipients, you can do so up until 10 p.m., local test center time, on the day before your test through your ETS account. Please keep in mind that if you designate any institution or agency to receive your scores, you will not be able to have your Writing and/or Speaking section rescored through the Score Review service.

4. What is a TOEFL iBT Resource Center?

A TOEFL iBT Resource Center is a place where you can go to get general in-language information about the TOEFL test and test preparation. TOEFL iBT Resource Centers cannot assist with registration or score reporting.

5. What forms of payment do you accept?
Online payment is accepted.

6. How should my name appear on my registration?

Your name and the spelling of your name must match the name printed on the valid ID document you will present at the test center. If this information does not match, you will not be permitted to test, and your test fee will not be refunded.

7. I have a multiple-part first or last name. How should I enter it?

Enter your name exactly as it appears on the ID document you will bring to the test center. If the names do not match, you will not be permitted to test and your test fee will not be refunded.

Enter your entire last name (family name/surname) and first (given) name. If you have a multiple-part first or last name, enter it as it appears on the ID document you will bring to the test center, excluding accents and apostrophes. For example, if your first/given name is "Jean Louis," enter both names in the First/Given Name(s) box. If your last/family name is "Smith-Davis," enter both names in the Last/Family Name(s) box. Be sure to enter all the names in the same order as they appear on your ID document.

8. I don't have a first (or last) name. What should I do?

If you do not have a first name, or do not have the last name, enter the name you have in the Last Name field and leave the First Name field blank. This is because the Last Name field is a mandatory field, and the First Name field is not.

9. Should I enter my middle name?

If your ID shows your middle name, you must enter it in the Middle Name field so the name on your registration matches exactly to the name on your ID. If your ID does not show your middle name, or you don't have a middle name, leave the Middle Name field blank.

10. How can I find a test center?

When you select a date and general location in the online registration system, you'll see a list of test sites in that area. You can search by site or date to find a match for your needs.

11. What can I do with my ETS account?

When you register online, you will create an account, including a username and password. You will be able to use your account to:

  • update your email or mailing address
  • update your ID information
  • view your registration at "View My Orders"
  • add a TOEFL Value Pack to your order
  • reschedule or cancel your registration
  • change your score report preference
  • view your scores
  • order a Score Review
  • request reinstatement of scores you canceled at the test center
  • download a PDF test taker score report (not currently available for tests taken in China)
  • order additional score reports
  • check the status of previous orders
  • pay an outstanding balance

12. What if I make a mistake entering my name or date of birth?

Once you enter your name and date of birth, you can't change those fields. If you need to make a change to your name or date of birth, contact TOEFL Services:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +1-609-771-7100 (outside the United States and Canada) or 1-877-863-3546 (United States and Canada)

September–May: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–7:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays

June–August: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5:45 p.m. U.S. Eastern Time, except for U.S. holidays

Phones are busiest on Mondays.

13. Will I receive a confirmation of my registration?

Yes, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also print your confirmation on the page with the heading "Thank You for Your Order." Your test date, start time and test center address are listed on your confirmation. Return to your online account the day before the test in case changes have been made to your registration details (for example, different time or building than originally scheduled). You will also receive an email confirmation.

14. How can I change my email or mailing address?

From your Home page, on the top right under your name, pull down the drop-down menu and select "Personal Information and Preferences."

15. Why can't I get the test date I want?

You need to register at least 4 days before the test date. For example, if the test is on a Saturday, the deadline to register is Tuesday.

If the test date you want is not listed, the deadline for registration may have passed, or all seats may have been filled.