Australia Student Visa Interview - Complete Details

Updated on - January 17th 2020 by Piyush Bhartiya

In the interview section, the interview will ask some questions to validate the information which you have provided. It is necessary because of security purposes.

Some of the questions which are asked in the interview are:-


  1. What is the purpose of your trip?

The case officer is verifying the information submitted in the visa application form. State the purpose of your trip (for example, I plan on studying in Australia).


  1. Why do you wish to study in Australia?

For this question, the case officer wants to know why you picked Australia over other choices. Provide a clear and well-thought out answer to the question, listing reasons why Australia appealed to you over other options.


  1. Are you planning to live in Australia after your course ends?

For this question, the case officer is trying to verify if your main aim in settling in Australia. Make it clear that you will be returning home after your course and back it up with strong reasons.


  1. Do you plan to continue studying in Australia after your present course ends?

Provide an honest answer to this question (for example, if you have not decided yet, communicate this through your answer).


  1. What course have you applied for?

For this question, the case officer is seeking to verify the information submitted in the application form. Mention the name of the course you plan on pursuing (such as Masters in Geology/Bachelor’s in Chemistry).


  1. Why have you chosen this particular course?

The case officer wants to know the reason behind your choice of course and whether you are serious about pursuing it or only using it as an excuse to move to Australia. Your answer should communicate your desire to pursue the course and the reason behind its choice.


  1. Tell me a little about your course and subject.

Through this question, the case officer wants to test your interest and motives behind applying for the course. Provide a brief overview of your course and its structure.


  1. Why have you picked an Australian college/university? Can’t you do this course in your home country?

The case officer wants to verify the reason provided to study in Australia and whether it is justified. Provide an answer that indicates your motivation behind choosing to study in Australia as well as why it is a better option.


  1. How long will your course last?

Provide an honest answer (for example, it is a 2 year course/it is a 5 year program).


  1. How will doing this course benefit you?

The case officer wants to know if you have done your research regarding the scope offered by the course. In brief, list the reasons you picked the course and how you require it for your future career prospects

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