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What is the Australia Student Visa Process?


The process of applying for a student visa for Australia begins with first applying to and getting selected at the college and course you wish to go to/pursue. Once you receive you offer letter of admission, you’ll be often asked to provide the evidence of financial viability/feasibility and requested to pay the tuition fees of 6 months in advance along with the cost of overseas student health cover. After this is processed, you shall receive an enrolment confirmation with necessary details which is when you will start working on your visa application. Undertake the medical exam and proof from doctors about your well-being and begin lodging the visa application by filling the form and uploading the necessary documents online by creating an account on their immigration website. 


Australia Study Visa Process Time


The student visa process time depends a lot on whether or not you have submitted the essential documents, on your promptness with regards to reverting when asked for additional information. For higher education sector it is-


  • 75% of applications in 26 days, this is the general scenario as per the immigration sector of the Australian Home Affairs official website for full time students. The embassy takes a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 75 days for the processing of study visa. The students should be aware of the deadlines so that they won’t miss any application date.
  • 90% of applications in 42 days, this is also for full time students as per the Australian Home Affairs official website. For the full time students the study visa time is a little more as the embassy has to get confirmation from the particular college. Al though if everything is correct then it would take at least 22 days and maximum of 48 days for the visa process time.


Australia Study Visa Processing Time


The visa processing time for an Australian student visa is generally 5 days once the application has been lodged. After submission, the processing begins within 24 hours approximately although it may take longer depending on whether or not all the necessary documents and information have been furnished by the applicant. 


Cost of Australia Study Visa

There is a standard cost of the Australian student visa and that is AUD 575 which is to be paid online while applying and all credit cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard can be used or other online payment methods. This is the main application fee for a student visa.

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