Is part-time MBA worth it?

Part time MBA

MBA often gives a boost not only to your CV but also to your career. However, it is often assumed that MBA from any source will yield the same result. It is not the case always. One has to understand that everything has its own perks and drawbacks. In the same way, MBA is not about the degree, it is about the exposure, it is the learning which you will not experience in an online MBA program. Exposure yields experience and an experience holder often succeeds.

Part-time courses are usually offered as evening, or off-office-hour courses, covering essentially the same amount of coursework but over a longer duration. But what relevance does this degree hold? How much is it worth it? Let us analyze this now.

Advantages of doing part time MBA

To start with, let us begin with advantages before moving towards the other side of the story.

  1. A part-time MBA is the best option for the students who aspire to earn and study both simultaneously. There are students who cannot leave their jobs but aim to boost their CV in order to get to a better position. A part-time MBA degree helps them greatly to fulfil this need.
  2. Although the medium of instruction differs and there is lack of exposure, the course structure and curriculum is the same and the students do not lose out on the essentials of the course. In layman terms, it is a situation of losing out one thing in order to gain other.
  3. Part-time MBAs are indeed very flexible as compared to the full-time course. Distance learning programs are spread across the duration of 2-3 years. Online resources allow you to choose a time schedule, as per your convenience.
  4. A part-time MBA program provides monetary relief. Therefore, you are gaining the same traditional knowledge as others while having your degree supplemented by some years of permanent working experience.
  5. In some cases, a part-time MBA is advised by the company itself in order to enhance your capability and contribution to the society.
  6. They also give an opportunity to mingle with similar working professionals, thereby increasing the pool of your professional network.

But as it is said, not all is smooth with the candidates of part-time. There are certainly some aspects one should keep in mind before opting for it. Let us analyze them now-

Disadvantages of doing a part time MBA

There are several drawbacks to doing a part-time MBA. The major reason being- it significantly decreases the candidates’ professional growth to a certain extent.

Listing down the others-

  1. Though the students have the same curriculum, it lacks several benefits of a regular course. Students also lose out on the productive classroom sessions and interactive discussions with peers.
  2. There is a notable amount of drop out observed in part-time MBAs as the students are unable to cope up with distance learning.
  3. There is low competition in part-time MBA. Therefore the assessment of students capabilities is not done resulting in the generation of less capable students with no quality enhancement.
  4. There is also a general sense of unwantedness Investment Banking and Consulting Firm companies. Their recruiting processes are quite rigorous and they usually offer jobs to successful interns. Thus, depriving the part-timers of an opportunity of campus placement or successful internship.
  5. However, many recruiters are rigid and know what type of candidate they are looking for. They easily filter them out irrespective of the fact that how and from where this degree was achieved. This is not always the case, so one should evaluate his condition accordingly and then apply.
  6. The most notable concern for part-timers is time management. Most of the part-time MBA doers are the ones who are established professionals and have a family. Therefore, before joining in one should know how much time can be invested and is their time worth this investment?

Therefore, one should make sure to take benefits as well as the drawbacks into consideration before applying for a course in order to gain maximum returns. Notion down below are the following top Universities providing this opportunity.

Best Universities for part time MBA in the World

University of California Berkeley (Haas)*1
University of Chicago*2
New York University (Stern)*3
University of California Los Angeles (Anderson)*4
Northwestern University (Kellogg)*5
University of Michigan Ann Arbor (Ross)*6
Temple University (Fox)*7

MBA degrees do boost your career but the sources hold relevance too. Now, it depends on you to make the wiser decision according to your needs and make the most of your abilities.
Part-time MBAs are legit and respectable. It is an alternative to provide you with an option to boost your career. And just like any other investment, one should certainly research on the benefits and drawbacks to ensure maximum returns.

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