PTE Speaking Tips: How to Score Better in the Speaking Module? (Updated 2019)

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The Pearson Test of English Academic is the newest entry in the field of English exams, standing simultaneously next to IELTS/TOEFL, etc. It is the world’s leading computer-based test of English for study abroad and immigration.

PTE Academic is a test especially conducted for the students who are non-natives and aim to seek proficiency in the English language. Universities like London Business School (UK), Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, and other reputed institutions in the United States accept the PTE score for the admission in their university.

The other countries that accept PTE scores are Spain, France, and China. Read here if you are confused about which exam should you give PTE or IELTS.


What are some PTE Speaking Tips?


Here are some tips to help you score better in the speaking section of PTE:

1. Stay Focused and Alert

Every candidate is advised, ‘to stay conscious’. When you are totally into it, there is nothing that can stop you to gain superiority. ‘As soon as one gets distracted there arises a chance of losing out’. It’s very much a necessity to ‘stay awake’ while you appear and even when you prepare for it.

Therefore, stay alert, focused and do not get distracted as it might lead to stammering. Also, with constant focusing, you are required to have dedicated practice to develop your skills.

2. An Overall Knowledge:

Many of the candidates don’t even know what PTE acts like! All they do is to grasp knowledge about other tests and assume PTE to be the same. If you stand in the same category, you are required to increase your horizon.

PTE is completely computerized, making complete justice to the candidates who are willing to opt for it. Other tests are based on traditional methods of pen and paper.

Therefore, it ruins the scores for some due to bad handwriting or some other reason. However, one has to be clear enough at the time of speaking so that the computer understands the language and the accent easily.


3. Maintain Clarity

Whenever you come on to the section of speaking, mind well to whatever you speak, and do it clearly. You should remember the fact that there is a computer you are talking to. It will listen to your technicalities, but not your emotions.

So make sure that you speak a bit slow and in a way that can make you confident of your scores. Speaking something that the computer may not understand might make you lose marks. Therefore, try to maintain clarity.


4. ‘Open Your Ears and Listen!’

When you listen, keep a track of the words. Catching the previous one might make you lose your ears over the next. So it’s very much important that you keep taking a note of the things that you listen. That will surely help you.

Make this a habit, practice this often, so that it automatically turns up during your exam.


5. Critical Thinking Required

It’s necessary to think a lot about whatever you are writing. Make it go in a rhythm, as losing the rhythm will make you lose the grip on whatever you are writing or speaking.

When it comes to this module, especially, try not to focus on something else but to only whatever your topic is. This will surely yield success. Read here to know about the list of important PTE Essay topics.


6. Ample Practice makes a Difference

Reading can surely make a difference. You are required to do an ample amount of practice and this can only be done with the help of newspapers.

Stories and plots are merely for beginners guide but newspapers help you expand vocabulary and expands your horizon on various issues. Therefore it is very important to keep newspapers at hand and practice speaking from it.

7. Innovation leads to Success

As the sub-heading suggests, you are not required to innovate but understand innovation. this means that do not go with mainstream words and languages.

Try enhancing your vocabulary section by experimenting with the synonyms and using them while speaking. for this make notes of various new words and try to instill them while practicing. This leads to great results.


8. Keep a check on Grammar

Well, the soul to every language is its Grammar. You might think that you have a perfect grip on grammar, but this might take seconds to turn into a myth. Practice it every day, there will surely be an ample amount of things that you will learn. Try to use the things you learn in your daily usage, and at last, you will emerge with a perfect score.

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What is the Structure of PTE Academic?


PTE aims to test 4 parts – Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. It assesses listening, reading, speaking and writing all via computer in a single 3-hour test session. PTE scoring is entirely technology-based and done by computers. Thus, there is no chance of preferential marking and the scores are unbiased. 

All the parts hold equal relevance. However, it is the Speaking section that poses a problem for many. It poses a hindrance in scoring a 65+ in PTE exams. Oral fluency is difficult to create within a short span, therefore making it one of the most stressful parts of PTE,  because applicants do not feel confident enough, become flustered, and as a result, cannot formulate the opinion correctly.

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What is the structure of PTE Academic Speaking Test?


What is the PTE Scoring for PTE Speaking Module?

PTE Academic tests your oral fluency and pronunciation with a scaling done on the computer-based scores. Following are the 5 modules of this section-

5 – Native-like

4 – Advanced

3 – Good

2 – Intermediate

1 – Intrusive

0 – Non-English

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It is said that practice makes perfect and victory loves preparation. Therefore, spend some time every day to improve your speaking skills and listen to audiobooks. Understand your flaws and work on it; care about the absence of hesitation and long pauses. This will also help you feel more comfortable during the test.

There are several PTE academic online tests, mock tests, free preparation material available online which helps greatly. Also, you have to concentrate on the topic, not on the time or mistakes. Practice in such a way that you do not stammer. 

What do you think about these tips? Do let us know your suggestions on other ways of improvement in the comments section below.

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