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PTE Academic Practice Test

PTE exams, just like other tests are aimed to measure your proficiency over English communication. It consists of 3 sections listening, reading, and speaking and writing which combined make for a 3-hour computerized exam. Though scoring is easier unlike other exams, they still require command over English which can be done by practice and preparation. And the best way is to take a full-length mock test to assess your preparations.

For general practice, there is a test which is easily available over the internet. There are a few Whatsapp group which share free sample materials. These mock-up tests help you to get acquainted with the actual test format. Some of the mock-up tests are time framed to help you complete the test in time. It is advised to take as many academic practice tests as possible to be best prepared for the test day.


PTE Practice Papers

There are scored practice tests which are available on the PTE website. These practice tests are the time frame and score you exactly in the format of an actual test so that you can evaluate your preparations. These scored tests come with model answers to review and compare your answers.

Speaking and Writing

For Speaking and writing, it is advised to have fluency oven spoken English. The writing task requires you to answer your responses using proper grammar and spellings. It consists of 8 sub-task of personal introduction, reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing an image, re-telling lecture, answer the short question, summarize written text and an essay


Reading section is divided into 4 main tasks, multiple-choice questions single answer, multiple-choice questions multiple answers, re-order paragraphs and fill in the blanks.


The listening task is divided into 8 sub-tasks; summarize spoken text, multiple-choice question multiple answers, multiple-choice question single answer, fill in the blanks, highlight correct summary, select missing word, highlight incorrect words and to write from dictation.


PTE 2019 Test Pattern

The PTE test consists of 3 parts, Speaking and Writing, Reading and Listening. Part 1 tests your skills of speaking and writing in an academic environment. It takes about 77-93 minutes of the total test time. Part 2 tests your reading skills and takes about 32 to 41 minutes of total test time.  There are different tasks designed to test your integrated skills.  Part 3 tests your listening skills which take about 45-57 minutes of time. The task is designed to take notes while listening to an audio clip.



1. What is the validity of these mock tests?

Mock tests don’t have any validity as they are not released by official sources, but they do help a lot.

2. Do I get any sample answers for a particular question?

Yes, they may be available on the internet.

3. Does the next question start automatically in the test or do I have to click on the next button to change it?

Depends on the test you are taking.

4. How do I get to know if my answer is correct or not?

Generally, mocks provide answer keys and even paid checking facilities.

5. How can I check that I am improving in mock test section-wise?

You can check the section wise performance of previous tests and compare it with present tests.

6. Can I go to the previous question during the test?

Depends on the testing website you use.

7. If I have done any section and left it in between, will that be considered as a completed test?

Depends on the testing website you use.

8. Is it paid or free?

Generally, tests are free, but some websites may provide additional services on some extra cost.

9. Can I skip the question if I am not able to answer?


10. What to do if during the test I am not able to read the fonts of the question?

Depending on the website you use, you can either change the settings through it internally or change the settings in your browser.

11. Are these mock tests auto-scored one? Or Is the scoring provided?

Depends on the testing website you use. Generally, they charge extra for overall and comprehensive scoring but may give scores free of cost.

12. Can I use these mock tests to get a high score?

Mock tests definitely increase the chances of getting a high score, as one gets acquainted with the whole concept of PTE.

13. Who will be evaluating these tests?

Depends on the testing website you use.

14. Are these mock tests similar to the actual exam?

Generally, yes.

15. What are the possibilities to get the same questions in the actual exam?

There may be some minute possibilities, but one should not bank on them.


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  • Ramandeep Singh
    Get Numerous Practice Test and Mock Test from FourModules.com and get a good score in PTE Exam.
  • Ramandeep Singh
    Get Numerous <a href="https://www.fourmodules.com/pte">Practice Test and Mock Test</a> from FourModules.com and get a good score in PTE Exam.
  • Ramandeep Singh
    Get Numerous <a href="https://www.fourmodules.com/pte">Practice Test and Mock Test</a> from FourModules.com and get a good score in PTE Exam.
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