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PTE Test Preparation tips

  • Take up as many mock-up tests as possible to assess your preparations. These are offline tests.
  • Download the official Academic Practice App which offers activities and information to help you prepare
  • The official course books help you to understand the test format and prepare for specific question types
  • You can even opt for joining coaching classes which train you to excel the PTE exams.
  • A lot of videos on YouTube help you to prepare by guiding you in the right way.


Preparation Tips for reading section

As reading tests your integrated skills along with writing in subtasks you must

  • Focus on your speed by reading as much as possible
  • Develop your vocabulary by reading intensively on academic topics.
  • Skimming and scanning is a vital skill which helps to save time in reading. Develop it by more reading
  • Try to understand the message of the paragraph it will help you in reordering paragraphs
  • Develop your grammar as it will help you spot the right answers in some of the sub tasks.


Preparation Tips for Speaking and Writing Section

Speaking and writing which basically interprets your command over the language can be easily trained by practice. Some tips:

  • Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas, etc
  • Do not deviate from the topic while speaking
  • Make sure you speak loud and clear in the microphone
  • As it is computerised test, practice speed typing to save time.
  • Train yourself to finish a 200-300-word essay in time frame.


Preparation Tips for listening Section

Make sure you practice listening well as you are dependent on the audio clip for answers. To practice:

  • Try to listen to as much audio as possible and try to understand it to train in listening
  • Try listening to different accents.
  • Make sure you have read the questions beforehand as you’ll hear the audio clip only once.
  • Watching movie shows with and without subtitles to practice over listening
  • Try to summarise the content as you’ll hear the audio clip only once.


Exam Day Tips for PTE

On the day of your exams, make sure:

  • You are well relaxed and not anxious about the test day. Try to keep your calm.
  • You arrive in good time before the exams at least 30 minutes, as you need to pass the security check
  • Your microphone is in working condition.
  • You are carrying an acceptable ID. The full list of acceptable ID is available on the PTE website
  • You keep a watch on the clock. You do not want to run out of time with an incomplete test


Factors to Take Care of

Apart from the preparation and practice tips some factors you need to take care of:

  • Write full sentence answers with proper punctuations
  • Make sure you work on your pronunciations while speaking
  • Read the instructions carefully as some questions do carry negative marking.
  • Do not repeat a lot of words. Try rephrasing
  • Give attention to multiple choice questions, they may look easy but can be challenging.


Books to refer

Book Name



Expert Pearson Test of English Academic B1 Standalone Coursebook

Lindsay Warwick

1100 INR

PTE Academic Practice test Volume 1

Pearson Education

1100 INR

PTE Academic Practice test Volume 2

Pearson Education

1100 INR

The Official Guide to PTE Academic

Pearson Test Developer

1100 INR



1. How should I start preparing for PTE?

Download their app, practice mocks, go through the whole syllabus, join tuition, etc.

2. How can I prepare for PTE at home?

Buy their official course books, download their app, give mocks on your computer and watch YouTube videos on the topic.

3. How many days should I prepare for PTE?

At Least a month, but more days and more practice would obviously lead to more fruitful results.

4. How can I prepare for Speaking for PTE?

Use correct pronunciations and enunciations while looking in the mirror, making sure you look confident and your words are crisp and understandable.

5. How can I prepare for Listening for PTE?

Listen to different audio clips, in different accents and practice to summarise them as you are allowed to listen to it only once.

6. How can I prepare for Writing for PTE?

Practice writing continuously on topics while maintain speed, quality and handwriting.

7. How can I prepare for Reading for PTE?

Develop vocabulary, practice reading novels and develop habit of skimming for useful information by practicing reading comprehensions.

8. Is the course material received enough to prepare?

It is, but additional studies from other books, mocks and guidance videos will supplement your score.

9. How many practice tests I need to take to prepare for the exams?

There is no definite number, but 2-3 in a week will be enough if you practice for 4 weeks.

10. Are there coaching classes available to prepare well?

Coaching classes are obviously a good choice, but self-study can be better if you do it with diligence and discipline.

11. Is self-study sufficient to score well in PTE exams?

PTE marks on ones grasp on English, and no tuition can revolutionize it in a short period of time. Thus, self-study is the way to go if you are confident and well versed.

12. Are there any common topics for an essay which I can prepare for?

Yes, one can easily find repeated and latest essay topics for PTE on the internet.

13. Can I postpone my PTE exams?

Yes, but there will be due formalities.

14. How long are the scores valid for PTE?

PTE scores are valid up to 2 years from the date of the test.

15. How sooner can I appear for my PTE exams again?

One can apply for the next attempt as well.


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