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PTE Preparation Tips

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PTE 2020 Preparation Tips 

PTE also known as Person Languages Tests is an English language assessment exam that is given by candidates who want to test their English proficiency. The test is graded by computers and is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency exams which is accepted by universities all over the world. The exam may appear tough to some but few tips can help one ace it quite easily.

PTE Academics

PTE academic test is a test that mainly focuses on testing the English proficiency of the candidate. The exam is computer-based and is divided into four sections - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The questions in the PTE Academics test often test 2 skills together like listening and reading, for example.

  • One should practice for all the sections properly.
  • Candidates should make sure that they have a good hold over the language.
  • Questions are multidisciplinary so, candidates should prepare for that.
  • Candidates should start practicing for the exam 2 months in advance.
  • Candidates should be confident on the day of the exam.

PTE Tips and Tricks

PTE is an important exam and crucial for admission in foreign universities, the test is of the duration of 3 hours and is quite easy if one knows adequate tips and tricks to attempt the exam.

  • Pte fills in the blanks tips prepare for your exam at least 6 weeks in advance.
  • Practice writing a lot.
  • Pay attention to grammar and spellings.
  • Grammatical errors and punctuation errors should be avoided.
  • Proofreading is a must.
  • Prepare some general sentences in advance to use during the exam.
  • Do not panic during the exam and maintain calm, especially while speaking.
  • Always write full sentences and do not use short forms or SMS language.
  • Eat healthy while preparing for the exams.

PTE Reading Tips

Reading is often an easy section and scoring in it can be easier. If one prepares well and follows certain tricks, they can score really well in the PTE Reading section.

  • Read the passage carefully, twice preferably.
  • Learn to manage your time.
  • You get 32-40 minutes for this section.
  • Attempt MCQs after properly reading the question.
  • Develop good vocabulary as these types of questions may come.
  • Make use of your grammar knowledge.
  • Try not to drop the wrong word into the box
  • Do not spend more than 1.5 minutes on a question.
  • Do not rush through the questions.
  • Be patient while answering the questions.

Retell Lecture PTE Tips

Retell Lectures require one to listen and speak. It may seem difficult or overwhelming but is quite simple and following these tips will ensure success.

  • Do not be quiet for too long.
  • Try to take good notes and clear ones.
  • Do not pause unnecessarily.
  • Use connector words, they leave a good impression.
  • Keep yourself in check with regard to time.
  • Speak loudly and clearly.
  • Confidence is the key here.
  • Try to speak grammatically correct sentences.
  • Always proofread your notes.
  • Take notes in good handwriting.

PTE Writing Tips

The PTE Writing section is quite vast and requires one to pay attention to what they are writing. Essay writing, rewriting sentences are the types of activities one can encounter in this section. These tips will help one score great in this section.

  • The sentence should be structured properly.
  • Form single and proper sentences. 
  • Make sure that the word count is between 5 and 75 words. 
  • Use the ``Total Word Count'' below to check your word count.
  • There is negative marking for exceeding word count.
  • The essay should be up to 250 words.
  • It is very important to practice a lot in this section.
  • Grammar and spellings should be rechecked.
  • Always proofread what you write.
  • Always think in English while writing in English.

PTE Essay Writing Tips

Essay writing is probably the task which most candidates find difficult. It is important to make sure that one attempts it properly and scores well in this section.

  • The candidate is given 20 minutes for this task.
  •  The word limit is between 200-300 words
  • Always stick to the given word limit. 
  • Structure your essay well and connect your arguments properly
  • Always analyze the topic first, understand it and then start writing.
  • Make note of key points, if necessary to not escape any points. 
  • Do not write biased answers. 
  • Practice a lot for this section.
  • Present your arguments well
  • Increase your vocabulary and use it in these essays. 

PTE Listening Tips

Listening requires one to be very careful and attentive. It requires one to listen and then answer wither in written or spoken form. These tips will help to score great in this PTE Listening section.

  • Be very attentive while listening to the audio.
  • Watch English shows to understand the diction better.
  • Concentrate on what is being spoken.
  • Do not waste a lot of time on one question.
  • Time management is very important.
  • Make notes while listening.
  • Practice a lot to perfect it.
  • This section has the most diverse types of questions.
  • Do practice tests to get used to the template of the test.
  • Increase your vocabulary to fill in the right words.

PTE Repeat Sentence Tips

PTE Repeat Sentences is an interesting activity, it requires you to listen to the speaker and then repeat the sentences yourself. It mixes the skill of listening and reading and requires practice to perfect. The following tips will surely help. 

  • Listen to English news and audios to get used to it.
  • Do not mimic the speaker.
  • Repeat sentences in your own style.
  • Remember what you have to say.
  • Try remembering visually.
  • You can abbreviate the sentences here.
  • Always focus on the meaning of the sentences.
  • Try to know the sentence before repeating it.
  • Don’t speak too quickly.
  • Try to look calm while repeating sentences.

Summarize Spoken Text PTE Tips

This is another test that requires one to listen and then write. It is similar to the test listed above except for it requires one to write and hence practice more.

  • Summarise between 50-75 words.
  • Use good words and be expressive.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Don’t make grammatical mistakes.
  • Try to know the sentence before repeating it.
  • Do not make spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid using punctuation if you are not sure about them.
  • Make notes in your head while listening.
  • Practice a lot to perfect it.
  • Be calm and listen patiently.

Describe Image PTE Tips

Describe is an activity which candidates have to undergo while giving the PTE test.  One needs a lot of practice as without it the task can be tough. It requires one to look at an image like graphs and then describe it.

  • Use good words and be expressive.
  • Increase your vocabulary.
  • Practice speaking a lot.
  • Read a lot to know how to describe.
  • Describe in detail.
  • Read the graph carefully before writing.
  • Be patient while analyzing the data.
  • Avoid grammatical mistakes.
  • Do not speak for the full length of the section.
  • Always write the conclusion.

PTE Fill in the Blanks Tips

Fill in the Blanks in the PTE is quite a simple task on the surface but in theory, can prove to be a bit difficult due to words that are confusing. Vocabulary is the key here and lots of practice, as well.

  • Divide your time well between the questions.
  • Do not spend more than 2 minutes on each question.
  • Practice dragging and dropping on the computer system.
  • Familiarise yourself with the template.
  • Work on your vocabulary.
  • Read carefully before filling any answer.
  • Do not strategize much.
  • Do not waste time.
  • Be patient while dropping the answer and always double-check.
  • Make sure you have entered the correct answer before submitting it.

Exam Day Tips for PTE

On the day of your exams, make sure:

  • You are well relaxed and not anxious about the test day. Try to keep calm.
  • You arrive in good time before the exams at least 30 minutes, as you need to pass the security check
  • Your microphone is in working condition.
  • You are carrying an acceptable ID. The full list of acceptable ID is available on the PTE website
  • You keep a watch on the clock. You do not want to run out of time with an incomplete test

Books to refer

Book Name



Expert Pearson Test of English Academic B1 Standalone Coursebook

Lindsay Warwick

1100 INR

PTE Academic Practice test Volume 1

Pearson Education

1100 INR

PTE Academic Practice test Volume 2

Pearson Education

1100 INR

The Official Guide to PTE Academic

Pearson Test Developer

1100 INR


How should I start preparing for PTE?

One should start 2-3 months in advance and should refer to online tests and books referred on the website. The strategy should be to start improving your vocabulary initially and then 2 months before the exam, you should start studying from books and online sources. One should start taking online tests 2 weeks before the exam.

How do you score 79 in PTE?

If you prepare well, 79 is easy to score in PTE. 

First, acquaint yourself with the syllabus. Know your weaknesses and strengths and build from there. Since, PTE often tests two skills together, make sure you perfect each section to the best of your abilities. Improving vocabulary and perfecting grammar rules is a must to score 79 in PTE.

How many days should I prepare for PTE?

6-8 weeks should be enough time. However, if you want to score a good 3 months before the date of the test is an ideal duration for which one should prepare for the test.

Is the PTE exam tough?

It can be challenging but with preparation, it is easy. The PTE exam is not tougher than any other English language proficiency exam, if prepared well, it can be quite easy.

Are PTE questions repeated?

Yes, they sometimes are. Essay topics are often repeated periodically. Questions may repeat in other sections too but there is no sure way of knowing what questions can or will be repeated. 

How should I start preparing for PTE?

Download their app, practice mocks, go through the whole syllabus, join tuition, etc.

 How can I prepare for PTE at home?

Buy their official course books, download their app, give mocks on your computer and watch YouTube videos on the topic.

How many days should I prepare for PTE?

At Least a month, but more days and more practice would obviously lead to more fruitful results.

4. How can I prepare for Speaking for PTE?

Use correct pronunciations and enunciations while looking in the mirror, making sure you look confident and your words are crisp and understandable.

5. How can I prepare for Listening for PTE?

Listen to different audio clips, in different accents and practice to summarise them as you are allowed to listen to it only once.

6. How can I prepare for Writing for PTE?

Practice writing continuously on topics while maintaining speed, quality, and handwriting.

7. How can I prepare for Reading for PTE?

Develop vocabulary, practice reading novels and develop the habit of skimming for useful information by practicing reading comprehensions.

Is the course material received enough to prepare?

It is, but additional studies from other books, mocks and guidance videos will supplement your score.

How many practice tests I need to take to prepare for the exams?

There is no definite number, but 2-3 in a week will be enough if you practice for 4 weeks.

Are there coaching classes available to prepare well?

Coaching classes are obviously a good choice, but self-study can be better if you do it with diligence and discipline.

Is self-study sufficient to score well in PTE exams?

PTE marks on one's grasp on English, and no tuition can revolutionize it in a short period of time. Thus, self-study is the way to go if you are confident and well versed.

Are there any common topics for an essay which I can prepare for?

Yes, one can easily find repeated and latest essay topics for PTE on the internet.

Can I postpone my PTE exams?

Yes, but there will be due formalities.

How long are the scores valid for PTE?

PTE scores are valid up to 2 years from the date of the test.

How sooner can I appear for my PTE exams again?

One can apply for the next attempt as well.

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