BSc Computer Science Syllabus

BSc Computer Science Syllabus

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BSc Computer Science Syllabus includes various high-level programming and AI programming as well. The duration of the BSc Computer Science is of three years in which there are six semesters, and every semester has a different programming language and theory attached to it.

Some of the sections below will show the description of computer science syllabus in brief.

BSc Computer Science Course Highlights

BSc Computer Science course provides a huge amount of opportunities for students along with skilled learning.

The several subjects explore a whole technological world from the basics of the computer until the back end programming of a game or a high-end application, etc.

  • Students get to explore various programming language
  • Each programming questions includes logic and it leads to competitive programming in an individual
  • The duration of the course is three years with experiences in various computer-related exams and competitions.
  • There is a chance for a student to become a developer in a short period.
  • Scoring is an important aspect and the computer science students score well due to their interest in the subject.
  • Each day a student gets to learn a new method of coding a program.
  • Computer science is a vast subject where an individual can gain a lot of knowledge regarding the subject.

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What is BSc Computer Science?

BSc course stands for Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as it’s an undergraduate program.

It is a degree course of duration about three years where each semester includes different subjects and scoring is quite easy if a student is highly interested in the subject.

This degree course starts with the basics of computers in general and goes up to the point of developing software with various back end tools and coding.

  • It’s a degree course of three years.
  • The course explores the technological advancements in an individual’s life through the usage of computer
  • The fee structure differs from college to college as this course is highly on-demand in the market
  • It is a sub-degree of science field and has different subjects and themes in comparison with other science courses and degrees.

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BSc Computer Science Syllabus – Overview

BSc Computer Science syllabus is designed in a way that covers every topic needed in computer applications to make a career in the IT sector.

The process of coding and creating your level of the program through logic makes the course more enhance in every aspect. The syllabus includes important concepts about computer science.

1st Year BSc Computer science syllabus

Course NameDescription
C++ programming The codes are explored in this field
Python programming The language uses several function and libraries to code a program
Java programming Uses logic to create a new program through functions and classes

2nd Year BSc Computer science syllabus

Course NameDescription
Computer networksThe internal association of
computer and networks through
firewalls, etc.
Data structures It includes binary and insertion of numbers and strings
Database Management systems This a part of back end
programming through SQL

3rd Year BSc Computer science syllabus

Course Name Description
AI programmingThe basic idea of artificial intelligence is learned here
PHP programmingThis is a back end program to connect HTML and SQL languages etc
Software codingThis part of the syllabus covers
coding of software through various applications and logic

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BSc Computer Science Subjects

BSc Computer Science Subjects are a part of this course with advanced learning skills and it includes several programming languages to enhance the students learning experience and knowledge.

Some of the subject courses are listed below with the required description of it in brief.

1st Year BSc Computer science subjects

Course NameDescription
Introduction to ComputerIt has various short chapters about the basics and origin of computer
Data Structures and
The structures in a computer and
the usage of it in the computer
Digital Fundamental and
The functionality of the computer
is discussed in this part of the course
Mathematical foundation of CSThe practical usage of applications to code and create various programs

2nd Year BSc Computer science subjects

Course NameDescription
C++ programmingThe programming language to create a base with a level of difficulty
Operating system and
system software
OS and the power it holds in
building the system and several coding languages
Java ProgrammingIt has a practical application Oracle and is an advanced programming
Software engineeringThe basics and skills required for
being a software engineer is
discussed here

3rd Year BSc Computer science subjects

Course NameDescription
Computer networks and information security This is the part of course after learning several programming languages and implementing it to hack, etc.
Software testing Here a developer can create a software along with the testing of it
Visual ProgrammingIt has visual codes to put up with
the logical programming
Python Programming It’s a much easier programming language and is used while hacking
various devices through codes, etc.

BSc Computer Science Books

Students are advised to go through some of the below-mentioned books for clear concept and practical training:

Name of the BookName of the Author
Fundamentals of Database SystemsRamez Elmasri
Programming with JavaE. Balagurusamy
Data Structures with JavaJ. R Hubbard
Theory of Computer ScienceK. L. P. Mishra and N. Chandrasekaran
Programming in Ansi CE. Balagurusamy
Practical Data Acquisition For Instrumentation and Control SystemsJohn Park and Steve MacKay
Mathematical structures for Computer ScienceJudith L. Gersting
Elements of Discrete MathematicsRonald E. Prather
E-commerce: Fundamentals and ApplicationsHenry Chan, Raymond Lee, Elizabeth Chang, Tharam S. Dillon

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Key Components of BSc Computer science Syllabus

Key components of BSc Computer Science are like the concepts of computer applications and the need for it in our daily life.

This course is designed for students who are highly interested in the subject and uses logic to code programs.

  • This course is designed through every aspect of IT and Software sector.
  • It includes developers’ code and logic to create self back end programs for an application or game, etc.
  • The syllabus explores every detail of the computer basically to enhance computer science students’ thinking power.
  • The syllabus also develops a practical approach in a student’s mind and helps in gaining more knowledge about the subject.
  • There are several methods to develop computer skills in students’ minds critically.
  • Most of the computer science syllabus has been designed with several classroom lectures and guest lectures with practical lectures as well to enhance students’ knowledge.
  • Computer programming is taught to undergraduate students so that they can use it in the real world as well.
  • Using a computer as a source of expressing one’s knowledge creates a huge impact on the viewer.
  • The syllabus has various professional skills that are required in various IT hubs.

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Popular Computer Science Colleges

Popular Computer Science Colleges offer computer science as their main course of study are listed below.

Colleges have different criteria and fees during the time of admission in a computer science course.

As the degree program is popular amongst the student, the admissions are closed early for this course in universities worldwide.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers computer science to several students with a fee of more than $ 60000 per year, it offers tuition fees and scholarships to the top students every year.
  • Stanford University is popular for its computer science course as the syllabus of the university is set according to the student’s need of knowledge, the fees are approximately $45000 per year.
  • The University of California offers computer science as their undergraduate course with a fee of more than $45000 and the admission requirements is strict in the university.
  • Princeton University has a peaceful environment and has a fee of about $50000 for the computer science course.
  • Harvard University has a different building for all the computers and provides the students with wifi connection separately for the usage of practical and project purposes in the undergraduate computer course, the fee of the course is provided on the website of the university.
  • Georgia Institute of Technology is a technological university with a wide range of computer science undergraduate degree students who are seeking their dreams of developing a new application, etc.
  • Columbia University offers this course with a fee required of approximately $55000 and it helps students to realize their dream of creating their path in the IT sector.

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What are the requirements for this course?

Ans. A student with a minimum of 87% in their maths and computer science subject in class 12th is eligible for this course.

Is it worth studying computer science?

Ans. This course has several perks and gives a good amount of salary after graduating.

Are there any career scopes available for this degree?

Ans. The most known IT sector and software hubs are available for computer science students.

What are the job opportunities after BSc?

Ans. Students can choose to develop and start their computer business or they have an option to join the IT sector.

How is BSc computer science different from BTech computer science?

Ans. The amount of knowledge in a four year of study is higher than a three-year BSc course, the skills differ minutely.

What is the tuition fee required for this degree?

Ans. The tuition fee is not large for BS computer science course, $45000 approximately for a year with practical labs facility and computer hubs.

How many students apply for this course every year?

Ans. An average of 300000 students each year opt for this course worldwide.

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