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At present, students are wanted to pursue their higher education in aboard. New-Zealand is the best option for them. Being an overseas student, if you want to complete your studies in New-Zealand, you must be needed some necessary documents. So, if your course duration is more than three months, you will need a student visa. 

Student Visa

A student visa is issued to those applicants whose main purpose of visit to the country is the pursuit of education. This student visa allows the students to complete the full-time course in New-Zealand for a limited time. Students must follow the condition to gain a student visa. Likewise: the program name for that you want to study in aboard, the New-Zealand location of the educational provider, and finally the requirements to hold acceptable insurance. Basically, these are the main documents that are needed for a student visa. Students can apply for a student visa for online as well as offline also. In online students can apply by created a student profile on the university’s official website online. In offline, students first download the application form, then fill it with all the required documents and then finally submit it to the required authorities.

Cost of Application for Student Visa

The cost of a student visa in New-Zealand is one of the main things. Candidates who are submitting the form online are required to pay 222 New-Zealand Dollar + Rs. 222 (Indian Rupee) in the receiving center. But it should be net banking or debit card or credit card. Because of the Indian New-Zealand center, New-Delhi does not accept cash. Candidates who are submitting the form in offline, they have to submit Rs. 1087 (Indian Rupees) + 222 New-Zealand Dollar via post in the receiving center. These are the fees details for form submission on a student visa. 

Documents Required

The documents that will be required for the application process of student visas are A valid passport that is the main and foremost thing for a student visa. It is valid a minimum of three months beyond your period of stay in New-Zealand. Application fees payment receipt (all two cases Offline and Online) that is also main things. Completed form of student visa application is also necessary things for a student visa. A confirmation letter from your current Institution stated as a study aboard student. If you have health insurance, the receipt copy of that insurance copy is needed very much. The health and character certificate proved that your intention of staying in New-Zealand is genuine. Two passport size photographs and so on. These are the main things that are needed for the starting phase of your application form. But still needed some additional documents.

  • During the personal interview of the university, the interviewer may ask these documents — the marks of the entrance exam held by the college or university. Basically, in New-Zealand, there are two types of entrance exams. Candidates who have appeared in PTS, they must be scored 43-50 and candidates who have appeared in IELTS, they must be stored in the band of 5.5. And the transfer certificate or degree certificates from your last attended schools. Lastly, the basic situation of your payment of all details (educational, living, travel).

Application Process

When you are submitting your application form online, first you gather all documents that are needed, then scan and prepare all your main and supporting documents in PDF format. A photo of yourself must be scanned and attached to it. Depending on the individual’s background, the average time taken by the New-Zealand High Commission for visa procedure is 8 to 12 weeks. So, students needed to apply for the visas at least three months before their course commencement. 

  • The spouse and dependent children of a student will be granted a visitor visa for the same duration as their partner or parent’s say. However, the dependents of students on visitors have no work right. For, in this case, you must hold a New-Zealand student visa to study for a post-graduate qualification. 

Additional Information

There is also some additional information for a student visa. You must be completed your course within the mentioned period in the acceptance letter. Although, if you are not getting any job within the course duration, you may apply for post-graduation. Normally visa allows to work in a temporary job and are valid for 12 months. You can also do a part-time job in New-Zealand if these jobs are at-least two years in duration. You may also apply in a full-time job if you are enrolled in a full-time program and at least one academic’s duration. 


These are all about details on the New-Zealand student visa. The new-Zealand government gives a huge number of scholarships for international students. So, if you are an international student and eagerly wanted to study in New-Zealand. You have fulfilled the criteria, and then undoubtedly you can apply the student visa for New-Zealand.

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