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Biotechnology Career

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

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Biotechnology is liable for a considerable lot of the things that improve our lives. The field centres around the crossing point of science and innovation, prompting a huge range of new items that are intended to enhance lives, make everyday living simpler and make us more beneficial.

There are a lot of different biotechnology degrees, employments and desires for the individuals who are keen on the field.

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Biotechnology vocations regularly require a four-year college education for section, yet the field is loaded up with individuals who likewise hold doctoral degrees.

 Biotechnology is one of the most dynamic and valuable logical advances of the last 25 years.

An interdisciplinary field that incorporates arithmetic, material science, science, building and others, it consolidates different advancements to either make another item or adjust a current one to suit our needs.

  1. The course offers a brief study in the fields of Physical, Biological, Agricultural, Veterinary & Fishery Sciences,
  2. Pharmacy is one of the main lines leading from biotechnology 
  3. The course has got great potential in the field of research
  4. A student with this degree has better potential abroad

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Biotechnology Career

When considering biotechnology, numerous individuals picture a researcher in a sterile garment building up a lifesaving medication or restorative gadget.

While this picture speaks to one normal biotechnology profession way, lab work isn’t the main choice. 

Some of the common career options are:

  • Research and development
  • Quality assurance
  • Manufacturing 
  • Sales and technical food
  • Business management

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Biotechnology Job Opportunities

The utilization of this part of science is immense.

On one hand, it takes into account the mechanical part, for example, nourishment and drinks industry, materials industry, natural items, drugs and pharmaceuticals while then again this part of science obliges the prerequisites of farming, animal cultivation, sustenance and ecological preservation. 

  • Biochemist
  • Medical scientist 
  • Microbiologist
  • Manufacturing specialist 
  • Project strategy 

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Biotechnology Career in Canada

The Canadian biotechnology area contains occupations inside research, advancement and assembling.

Industry players incorporate little and medium-sized organizations that create diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medicinal gadgets, just as worldwide organizations with research, advancement and assembling tasks in Canada, serving both local and global markets.

  • 2/3 of the degree holdings are in Canada
  • The degree offers a large scope of jobs in Canada
  • 56% of the job hunt is done from the same company in Canada
  • The jobs offered in Canada are followed by a research and development program 

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Top University For Biotechnology

Biotechnology takes in the scope of subjects, from pharmaceutical to manufacturing. Numerous employments straightforwardly use life science research and information, for example, jobs in pharmaceutical organizations, natural work and even scientific science.

  • Oxford university
  • Cambridge university
  • Imperial College London
  • London school of economics 
  • NYU

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Biotechnology Cons

1. It makes a win big or bust methodology

Probably the most concerning issue that biotechnology faces is an absence of hereditary decent variety. The procedures remembered for this field can build crop yields and improve restorative science, however it comes at the cost of a hereditary bottleneck.

2. It is a field of research with numerous questions

Despite the fact that our database of biotechnology has extraordinarily extended in the last age, there are as yet some long haul questions that we face. 

3. It could demolish croplands

Biotechnology has enabled more nutrients and minerals to enter our evolved way of life, yet it could be including some significant pitfalls. Numerous harvests acquire their wholesome substance from the dirt where they develop.

4. It transforms human life into an item

In the United States, the Supreme Court has decided that DNA which is lab controlled is qualified to be protected. 

5. It tends to be utilized for the annihilation

Every one of the advantages that biotechnology can give could likewise be transformed into a weapon that is utilized for mass annihilation. 

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Biotechnology Pros

1. It can improve wellbeing and lessen hunger at the same time

Biotechnology has improved the healthful substance of our nourishment supply. Important nutrients and minerals can be created in croplands and this decreases medical problems that are identified with an absence of supplements. 

2. It makes adaptability inside the natural way of life

Biotechnology can likewise help croplands have the option to deliver nourishments that may not be conceivable under “normal” conditions.

3. It offers medicinal progression openings

Biotechnology enables us to search inside simply as we can seek the outside world for headway.  It has enabled us to investigate the explanations for certain birth deformities to comprehend the significance of folic corrosive. 

4. It enables us to save assets

Biotechnology offers us a chance to broaden the life expectancy of our nourishment supplies. Practices that incorporate salting nourishments to save them go back past Biblical occasions. 

5. It can diminish irresistible malady rates

Biotechnology has helped us to make antibodies. It has helped us have the option to make medications that diminish troublesome indications of the malady. 

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Biotechnology Average Salary

Biotechnology as a career offers a large variety of career paths to choose from. Hence one can pick the path they wish to go for out of a pool of different options.

Biotechnology is a developing industry and hence it offers students to develop along with the subject. 

IndustryAverage Annual Salary Range
Research & Development1.9 lakh – 16 lakhs
Pharmaceuticals1.9 lakh – 18 lakhs
Vaccines2.2 lakh – 11 lakhs
Cardiology2.4 lakh – 15 lakhs
Academics1.6 lakh – 9 lakhs

Biotechnology Facts

  1. The utilization of biotechnology dates as far back as 1919
  2. People are conceived without microscopic organic
  3. ms and gain them over the initial scarcely any long stretches of life.
  4. About 99.9% of human DNA is actually the equivalent.
  5. People shares about 98% of their qualities with chimpanzees, 92% with mice, 76% with zebrafish, 51% with natural product flies
  6. Every cell in your body contains around two meters of DNA.


Is biotechnology a good career?

Ans. Biotechnology does not have many high paying jobs, so it is not considered a very good option for students, but with higher education, one can earn decently.

What is the salary for biotechnology?

Ans. Average salaries of biotechnology can vary from $45,518 to $418,928.

Is there any scope for biotechnology?

Ans. Biotechnology is required in several different fields like food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc.

What is salary after MSc biotechnology?

Ans. An MS Biotechnology can get you a salary ranging from Rs. 28,000- Rs. 31,000 per month in India.

Can a biotechnologist become a doctor?

Ans. Being a biotechnologist can help many prerequisites for a medical school.

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