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Canada University Rankings – Updated 2022

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Mon, November 26, 2018 8:40 AM   Updated on Thu, March 31, 2022 1:17 PM   10 mins read

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Canada university rankings are another factor that attracts many students to the country. Montreal and Toronto, for example, are two of the best-known study destinations in the world. University rankings tell a lot about a university’s global presence, and who doesn’t want to study at the best of the best university, right? 

Foreign students, particularly from India, believe Canada is one of the best desirable study locations. One of several factors for its appeal among overseas study applicants is its excellent quality of education combined with low tuition prices. In 2019, around 642,480 foreign students applied to learn in Canada.

So, in this post, we’ve managed to compile a list of Canada university rankings as well as other information such as fees, best courses available, acceptance rate, and so on.

University Rankings in Canada

In comparison to the United States, Canadian universities have less college elitism. The University of TorontoUBCMcGillMcMaster, and the University of Montreal are among Canada’s top 5 universities.

Although Canada university rankings may help one decide better, university rankings in Canada aren’t the only factor a student has to keep in mind while thinking of studying abroad. It’s more crucial to enrol in the program of your choice at a university that matches your learning preferences.

NOTE: A top-ranked university/college does not necessarily mean it’s the best fit for you. Some universities prioritize one criterion, such as employability, while others prioritize another, like academic brilliance. You must establish your priorities & then filter universities based on them.

  University  Global Ranking
University of Toronto 16th
University of British Columbia 35th
McMaster University133rd
McGill University51th
University of Montreal151th
University of Alberta135th
University of Ottawa199th
University of Calgary169th
University of Waterloo199th
Simon Fraser University313th
Western University294th
Dalhousie University317th
Laval University354th
University of Victoria334th
Queen’s University412th
University of Manitoba387th

Canada University Rankings 2021

Canada, which is rapidly becoming a learning destination for foreign students, is home to a few of the world’s finest institutions. Canada university rankings are executed under similar criteria as other academic institutions. The criteria of rankings are defined by rating agencies such as US News, Times Higher Edu, and ARWU.

Universities such as the University of TorontoMcGill University, and Uni. of British Columbia are among the finest in Canada, offering a great academic system and lovely environs.

University Country Ranking

University Of Toronto

McGill University

University Of British Columbia

University Of Alberta

University Of Calgary

University Of Waterloo

McMaster University

Montreal University
Simon Fraser University9th

University Of Ottawa

Western University

Queen’s University

University Of Victoria British Columbia

Dalhousie University

York University

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Canada College Rankings 2021

Canada’s colleges differ from those in the United States. Diplomas, certificates, advanced diplomas, & degrees are among the credentials that they can award. 

In Canada, the distinction between a college and a university would be that universities provide more advanced education (doctoral) and are therefore more focused on lectures & textbook study. Colleges are somewhat more hands-on & focus on preparing students for a certain job.

Regardless, Canadian college rankings are analyzed keeping the same criteria’s in mind. Colleges like the SenecaDouglas, and George Brown are among the finest college in Canada, offering a great academic system & friendly learning environment.

CollegeCountry Ranking
Douglas College3rd
Seneca College1st
George-Brown College2nd
Conestoga College4th
Centennial College6th
Humber College5th
Fanshawe College7th
Vancouver College10th
Langara College9th
Lambton College Toronto8th

Canada Top 10 University List 

Canada’s institutions have always had a strong reputation for both research & teaching. Canadian universities are well recognized among foreign institutions & schools and continue to draw the best and brightest students to their distinguished degree programs.

All of Canada’s top-ranked universities, colleges, law, medical, and engineering institutions have a worldwide reputation & remain to be the most popular schools among foreign students.

University Of Toronto


Since its founding in1827, the UToronto has grown to become Canada’s leading educational Institution. It’s a historic structure with over a hundred years of knowledge creation & discovery. The Institution takes pride in being one of the finest research-intensive institutions in the world, with a strong desire to invent & innovate. It’s a global champion in education & research, with a substantial presence in Canada and beyond.

Acceptance Rate – 51%

Avg. Fees – CAD 54,900 – CAD 68,750

Top Courses – Psychology, Management, Human & biological science, Automation & Control, Public health.

McGill University

This university is Canada’s top-level medical doctorate university, having been founded in Québec in 1821. It has continuously been rated as being among the greatest universities in the world. McGill has diversified educational institutions, with learners from 150+ countries. International students account for 12,800 of the university’s 41,000 students. It’s a public research institution with the largest percentage of Doctoral students of any research institution in Canada.

Acceptance Rate – 46-52%

Avg. Fees – CAD 24,800 – CAD 63,200

Top Courses – Physics, Economics, Arts & communication, Political science, Geography, Accounting, Computer science, Law.

University of British Columbia


This is a public research university that was founded in 1908. The Institution is known as North America’s most international Institution. Its slogan is “It is Yours.” This motto, which was adopted in 1915, pledges to foster idea creation, discovery, & learning. The goal is to inspire students & develop fresh ideas that will make a significant difference in the world.

Acceptance Rate – 44%

Avg. Fees – CAD 56,500

Top Courses – Arts & humanities, Agricultural science, Cell biology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Biology & biochemistry.

University De Montreal


The Universite de Montréal, also known as UdeM, is a non-profit research institution located in the Canadian province of Quebec. In1878, the Institution was founded with 3 faculties: theology, medicine, and law. Previously, UdeM was located in Montreal Quartier Latin until it was relocated to Mount Royal in 1942. In1967, it was granted the title of a secular institution. The university included 465 research departments & units and was placed 3rd on Research Info’s ranking of the finest 50 research institutes in 2018.

Acceptance Rate – 40-50%

Avg. Fees – CAD 27,850

Top Courses – MBA, Computer engineering, Finance, BBA, Data science & business analytics, Electrical engineering, Civil engineering.

University of Alberta


The University of Alberta, founded in 1908, is a non-profit research institution in Alberta, Canada. The Institution provides a variety of professional and academic programs that lead to undergrad and grad degrees, as well as an excellent research focus. Uni. of Alberta has 2 affiliated colleges – St. Joseph’s College & St. Stephen’s College.

Acceptance Rate – 58%

Avg. Fees – CAD 23,700 – CAD 29,600

Top Courses – Computer science, Instrument science & technology, Chemical engineering, Nursing, Business administration, Environment science & engineering, Mining & mineral engineering.

McMaster University

Canada-Top-10-University-List-McMaster University

Senator W. McMaster established McMaster University in 1887. The university was then relocated to Hamilton in 1930. It’s a research-intensive, medical-doctoral institution that developed the problem-based learning technique that became famous as “The McMaster model.” The Institution has a total student body of roughly 33, 147, including 28,290 undergrads & 4,857 grad students.

Acceptance Rate – 58%

Avg. Fees – CAD 43,000

Top Courses – Arts & humanities, Cardiac & cardiovascular systems, Biology & Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Computer science, Economics & business.

University of Waterloo


As per its site, the University of Waterloo, established in 1957, offers the biggest post-secondary co-op program in North America. Students can earn between $8,400 & $19,800 every work period as part of a course in many fields such as business, education, and healthcare under the program.

Acceptance Rate – 53%

Avg. Fees – CAD 43,000 – CAD 46,000

Top Courses – Biology & biochemistry, Civil engineering, Chemical engineering, Economics & Business, Computer science, chemistry, Condensed matter physics.

Western University

Western University, Ontario, was established in 1878 & now has a student body of almost42, 000, plus affiliated colleges. Over 5,800 foreign students from 100+ countries are enrolled in this university. As per the website, the university has a 96 percent rate of employment 2 years after grad degree.

Acceptance Rate – 58%

Avg. Fees – CAD 36,000 – CAD 50,000

Top Courses – Computer science, Electrical & electronic engineering, Economics & business, Gastroenterology & hepatology, Energy & fuels, Ecology.

University Of Ottawa


The University of Ottawa describes itself as the world’s biggest bilingual French-English university, with programs in both tongues. As per the university, nearly 94 percent of grad students from the 2018 batch were hired 2 years after finishing graduation.

Acceptance Rate – 54%

Avg. Fees – CAD 14,400 – CAD 26,400

Top Courses – Computer science, Ecology, Geoscience, Clinical medicine, Endocrinology & metabolism, Engineering, Business & economics.

University Of Calgary

The University of Calgary has a 70-year history and is located in one of the country’s finest major cities. The university’s kinesiology staff is regarded as the best Sports Science institution in North America, with 18 Rhodes Scholars among its graduates. Graduate persistence & employment rates at the University are % & 94 %, respectively.

Acceptance Rate – 15-20%

Avg. Fees – CAD 21,000 – CAD 38,000

Top Courses – Ecology, Geoscience, Business & economics, Endocrinology & metabolism, Energy & fuels, Electrical & electronic engineering.

Qs Canada University Rankings 2021

The QS university rankings, which cover 51 courses, rates the world’s best institutions in various subject areas. In response to increased demand for subject comparisons, the ranking seeks to assist prospective candidates in identifying the world’s finest institutions in their chosen profession.

UniversityQS Ranking (2021)
Uni. Of Toronto26th
McGill University27th
Uni. de Montreal111th
Uni. Of British Columbia46th
Uni. Of Alberta126th
Uni. Of Waterloo149th
McMaster University140th
Western University170th
Uni. Of Ottawa230th
Uni. Of Calgary235th
Queen’s University240th
Simon Fraser University298th
Dalhousie University272nd
Uni. Of Victoria334th
Universite Laval  414th

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How to choose a university in Canada?

Ans. Though there’s no rule on how one should pick their university, but here are a few steps you can follow:
Choose the correct subject
Consult Canada university rankings 
Find out about the university’s library
Go through the courses offered
Look for sport & society that the university offers
Find out housing & accommodation options

✅ Is American University better than Canadian?

Ans. Canadian Universities follow a standard across the boards and are generally Public Universities. Hence they cost less and are mostly affordable while in America the fees can go really high.

What is the no. 1 university in Canada?

Ans. Whether it be country or global rank, the UToronto (University of Toronto) is undoubtedly the best academic institution in Canada. What makes it unique you ask? Well, the diversity of UToronto programs also benefits students. Its students can choose from a wide selection of topics, more than many Canadian universities. Undergraduates at UToronto can choose from over 600 programs, ranging from aboriginal studies to women’s studies.

Which Canadian University is hardest to get admission to?

Ans. York University in Canada has the lowest acceptance rate (27%), which makes an entrance to this university tough. With 55,000+ students, York University is among Canada’s major institutions. The university offers several faculties that provide a variety of courses & programs from bachelor’s to PhDs. York University’s law, film, and business schools are all regarded among the finest in Canada.

What is the Harvard University of Canada?

Ans. McGill University is often considered to be a Harvard-level university because it has a rich & glorious history, with notable alumni & successful grads who have left an indelible impact on the world stage. The institution has typically had the toughest entry criteria in Canada, as well as a record for slamming students with a barrage of assessments. Obtaining a degree from McGill is a privilege.

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