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Arts Subject – Complete List For Class 11th, Bachelors, Career

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Arts Subjects can be broadly defined as an academic discipline that deals with the study of the human condition, developing critical, argumentative, and creative skills of the student.

It involves methodologies that are generally analytical, critical, or speculative. The subjects offered under this stream range from humanities, visual arts, literary arts, and performing arts.

Students interested in vital and research work with a creative mind and excellent communication skills can take up understandings that will offer them the development of their personalities.

  1.  The subjects offered under humanities cater to the creative skills of the students.
  2. It develops the thinking process of the students by presenting a wider picture of the world and society through the study of language, history, and psychology.
  3. Students interested in learning about world affairs, social issues, historical events, and human psychology can explore the arts stream.
  4. Students taking up arts should be inclined towards theoretical learning since the subjects offered are mostly theoretical.

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Art Stream Subjects

Arts and Humanities offers a wide range of subjects from various fields from history, language and literature, performing arts to law, philosophy, religion, communication, and much more.

The subjects deal with the development of analytical and critical thinking as well as general knowledge. The subjects cover all the aspects of learning of the world, society, culture, and mankind.

Arts Subject List

  1. History
  2. English
  3. Hindi
  4. Sanskrit
  5. Economics
  6.  Political Science
  7.  Psychology
  8. Philosophy
  9. Geography

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Career Options In Arts Stream

Since the arts cover a wide range of subjects, the career options available are also numerous. Arts students can take up jobs depending upon their interests, skills, and scope of learning in various fields.

The various sought-after career options available to an Arts student are:

  1. Law
  2. Management
  3. Teaching
  4. Media
  5. Hotel management and tourism
  6. Fashion and designing
  7. Journalism
  8. IAS/IPS and Defence

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Career In Arts Stream After Graduation

The arts stream is the one that offers the most career options to the students because of its vast area of study. Students can study professional, technical, and bachelor degree courses for their under-graduation and postgraduate and choose from the careers they are interested in pursuing.

Arts offers career opportunities in Law, Architecture, History, Language and Literature, Media and Communication, Fine Arts, and much more.

  1. Law is one of the top preferred career options available to the students. A student can choose from options like Corporate Counsel, Litigation, work in Law Firms, Legal Publishing, or even become a lecturer in law schools.
  2. A student interested in politics and world affairs can take up a career in Political Science and Public Relations. They can work as research assistants, Political analyst, or have the opportunity to represent the country as a Diplomat and work with various international organizations.
  3. Civil service is a prestigious career that enables one to participate in the governance of the country. To become a civil servant, a student will need to clear a UPSC examination after which they can be appointed in different government posts.
  4. Hotel management is another attractive option where a student can explore his creativity and management skills by learning to work in food, catering as well as administration and management of the hotels.
  5. Students with a creative and imaginative mind can also pursue a career in designing as a fashion, interior, textile, jewelry, or graphic designer to boost their creative skills.

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Bachelor Of Arts Subject List

After class 12 students can choose from a number of bachelor’s degree courses that will lay the foundation of their career later.

The various courses available are:

  1. B.A. in History
  2. B.A. in English
  3. B.A. in Political Science
  4. B.A. in Economics
  5. BCA- Bachelor of Computer Application
  6. B.A.+ L.L.B.- Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Legislative Law
  7. Bachelor of Fashion Designing
  8. Bachelor in Performing Arts
  9. BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

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Arts Subjects In Class 11

Arts and Humanities offer various subjects under visual arts, performing arts, humanities, and literary arts. The subjects prepare the students for various prestigious and creatively inclined career options.

The subjects focus on developing creative and analytic thinking, their world, and general knowledge. Students open to new thoughts and ideas can choose to study the arts stream.

  1. Economics– Focuses on the study of production, sale, and demand, the supply of goods and services at a larger and individual level.
  2. History– it covers the major historical events of the country and the world, the evolution of mankind and civilization from prehistory to present.
  3. Psychology– it is a scientific discipline that studies the mind and behavior of human development.
  4. Geography– it is concerned with the physical aspects of the Earth and studies the relationship of man with the environment.
  5. Political Science– It focuses on the working of the government and scientific analysis of various political activities.

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Additional Arts Subjects

The subjects mentioned before are a part of the main curriculum for classes 11 and 12. Apart from these subjects, students are also required to choose from a number of ‘optional’ subjects that become a part of their studies for class 11th and 12th.

Many of the professional courses after class 12 depend upon the course combination chosen, which is the optional subjects taken up by the student.

Various optional Art subjects offered are:

  1. Information Practice
  2. Fine Arts
  3. Home Science
  4. Physical Education
  5. Music
  6. Computer Science
  7. Public Administration
  8. Foreign Languages

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Jobs For Arts Stream

Students of Arts and Humanities have ample job opportunities to choose from at their disposal. After graduation, the jobs available in a particular subject of Arts are several. Arts offers some of the most sought-after and highly paid career options to the students.

For example, a literature graduate can become a lecturer, become a content writer, or get into media and public relations. Similarly, an economics graduate can work with banking firms, research firms, financial consultancies, or government ministries.

Here are a few job options available to students of the arts:

JobsAverage Salary (for freshers)
LawyerINR 5-7 lakhs
Animation and Graphic designerINR 3-4 lakhs
Fashion DesignerINR 2-3 lakhs
Content WritingINR 2-3 lakhs
Hotel ManagementINR 5-6 lakhs
JournalistsINR 2-4 lakhs


✅ Is Arts an easy stream to study?

Ans. No stream is particularly easy to study. Arts too can be tough for some students as it is a completely theoretical subject. If you want to take up Arts, you must be interested in intensive learning and critical thinking.

✅ What is the minimum score I need to take up Arts after class 10?

Ans. To take up Arts after class 10, you need a minimum score of 40% in class 10 board examinations.

✅ Can I pursue a bachelor of arts course after doing science or commerce in class 12?

Ans. Yes, you can take up any B.A. degree course as it deals with creative and theoretical concepts and studies.

✅ Is it necessary to take an optional subject as a part of my course?

Ans. In most schools, it is not necessary to take an optional subject. It depends upon the interest and skill of the student as well as their personal choice

✅ What subjects are compulsory in Arts?

Ans. The subjects to study depend upon your own choice and the subjects available in your school. However, the subjects that are usually offered to be compulsory can be, English, Geography, History, Political Science, Economics, Hindi, Psychology, etc.

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