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Cost of Living in Australia (Updated 2022) – Complete Guide & Country Comparision

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Mon, December 3, 2018 6:26 AM   Updated on Wed, February 23, 2022 5:39 AM   8 mins read

SOURCE: Overseas Students Australia

The cost of living in Australia is moderate, neither too cheap nor too high. The cost of living in Australia is 9% higher than that of the USA, but 10% cheaper than in London. This difference in living costs is determined by the annual inflation rate, which rose to 1.6% in June 2019 from a low of 1.3% in the previous period.

Average living cost in Australia

According to the Australian government, the average per year cost of living in Australia is AUD 20,290 which amounts to AUD 1690.83 per month. This includes various areas of expenditure such as rent, fuel, food, internet, local transportation, and so on.

It also depends on a number of other factors like:

  • Size of the family
  • City of living
  • Lifestyle
  • Choice of accommodation
  • Individual preferences

How can you save?

  • Look for Pocket-Friendly Entertainment Options
  • Use public transport which is not as costly
  • Buy food and groceries from supermarket stores on discount days
  • Plan out your monthly budget
  • Maybe you can look for part-time work

Where to live in Australia?

Bringing you some of the best cities of Australia to live in along with the reason why you should live there, so figure out what kind of person you are and pick the best city which suit you lifestyle, however, picking your city could depend on a lot other factors so you can consider those as well:

  • Adelaide: Famous for food and drinks
  • Brisbane: For rural escapes
  • Canberra: Family place
  • Hobart: Best for relocation and property purchase
  • Melbourne: Known for its culture
  • Perth: Best climate
  • Sydney: Good for job opportunities

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Living expenses in Australia

Living expenses in Australia include various expenses such as travel, accommodation, food, health care, etc. The following table discusses the different living expenses in Australia:

Types of expensesCost in AUD
Travel150-250 per month
On-Campus accommodation80-150 per week
Off-Campus accommodation110-180 per week
Food100-400 per week
Healthcare2000 per year
Gas and Electricity10-20 per week
Entertainment70-150 per week

Cost of Living In Australia for Indian Students

For Indian students, the cost of living in Australia may vary depending on the course/program they are pursuing. In order to pay all of their living expenses, including lodging, food, and social activities, Indian students in Australia require between 1,400 to 2,500 AUD each month. The housing costs differ based on the type of accommodation the student is staying in, like a hostel or boarding school. The same goes for other expenses like expenses on food, internet, etc. 

As mentioned, the approximate living cost of a student for twelve months is AUD 21,041. The tuition fee, on the other hand, ranges from AUD 20,000-45,000 for undergraduate programs and AUD 22,000-50,000 for postgraduate/master’s degree programs.

Australia Travel Restrictions amid COVID-19

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Australia has closed its borders. Entry into the country is being controlled to curb the spread of the disease. Only those people who have been granted exemption are allowed entry into the country. A person may be granted exemptions based on his citizenship status, his relationship to a permanent citizen of Australia, if he’s a diplomat, etc. A person may need to visit the website of Australia’s Department of Home Affairs to check whether he’s eligible to enter the country.

Cost of living in Australia for International Students

Australia is one of the top destinations for higher studies among Indian students planning to study abroad. The average international student in Australia spends about AUD 1,753 per month on accommodation, food, utilities(clothing, entertainment, transport) and other incidental costs.

A substantial amount of top-ranking universities providing a plethora of courses are present in Australia, attracting students from all parts of the world. While planning to study in some foreign country a lot of steps are to be followed and a lot of factors are to be taken into consideration, and the cost of living is one of those major factors.

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Cost of living in top universities in Australia 

Australia is home to many great universities. Universities like the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and the University of Queensland have been ranked high on the QS World University rankings for 2020.

We have listed the cost of living in the top universities in Australia:

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Cost of living in Australian cities

Before applying to an Australian educational institution, international students should be aware that the cost of living varies by city. Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane may be more costly than other Australian cities, but they are not alone. Students must carefully plan their money in order to avoid spending more than they can afford.

The following table discusses the average cost of living in different cities in Australia:

CityCost of living (in AUD)
South Wales1200

Cost of living in Australia vs India

According to statistics of the overall cost of living in both countries, living in Australia is 58% more expensive than India. But this difference is made up for by the increased jobs, the better quality of life and a higher growth rate present in Australia.

Also, the GDP of Australia is quite higher than that of India, hence people earn 7% more money than India. The cost of living in India and Australia varies largely due to many different aspects like rent, food, and transportation.

Following is a basic outline of some of the major points of comparison between Australia and India, in terms of cost :

  1. Rent: Rent in India is 83.49% lower than in Australia.
  2. Food: Food in India is on average 50% lower than Australia.
  3. Transportation: Although the overall transportation cost(including public transportation) in Australia is more than India, the fuel(i.e gas and petrol) is cheaper. Also buying a new vehicle costs less in Australia.
  4. Utilities: Basic monthly utilities such as clothes, internet, and telephone tariff cost 80% more in Australia.
  5. Income: The average income rate in Australia is 14.4% more than in India.

Australia vs Canada cost of living

The following table shows the comparison of the cost of living in Australia and Canada:

CostAustralia(in AUD)Canada(in CAD)
Clothes and other
Overall8.9% costliercheaper

Cost of living in US vs Australia

The following table shows the comparison of the cost of living in Australia and USA:

CostAustralia (in AUD)USA (in USD)
Clothes and other
Overall9% costliercheaper

Cost of living in Australia vs UK

The following table shows the comparison of the cost of living in Australia and UK:

CostAustralia (in AUD)UK (in pounds)
Food60080 – 100
Clothes and other
Overall10% costliercheaper

Cost of living in Australia vs Germany

The following table shows the comparison of the cost of living in Australia and Germany:

CostAustralia (in AUD)Germany (in euros)
Rent2,835 290-850
Clothes and other
Overall15.2% cheapercostlier

Cheapest Places for Living in Australia

Australia has such a huge landmass and such a wide range of diversity that different parameters affecting the cost of living show variation from region to region.

The cheapest city to live in Australia in Hobart, followed by Wollongong and Adelaide. Here the rent is much lesser than that in Sydney and Melbourne, and this alone brings about a huge difference in the total living expenses for an individual. The average cost of living is approx AUD 450-600 per week


What is the cost of living in Australia Melbourne for international students?

Ans. The cost of living for an international student in Melbourne as advised by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is approximately AU$20,290 per year. This amount is only for living and does not include the college fees

✅ What is the cost of living in Australia for the Indian family?

Ans. It is entirely state and city dependent. Although it is quite affordable in cities like Hobart, cities like Sydney and Perth are expensive for an entire family to live in. since the value of the Australian dollar is higher than the Indian rupee, the selection for the most affordable Australian state should be done. Hence the cost of living in Hobart for a single person monthly costs: 1,176.68A$ (excluding rent).

✅ How many Indians are present in Australia?

Ans. Approximately 2.8% of the population spread across Australia is of Indian descent. This amounts to 6,19,164 Indian people in Australia

What are some of the best colleges in Australia?

Ans. The University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, and universities of Queensland are the major universities in Australia. Some other top colleges are the University of Adelaide and Monash University.

✅ What are the visa requirements for Australia?

Ans. There are three major requirements for a work visa in Australia. 1. Age limit.
2. The candidate must be efficient in the English language to work in Australia.
3. The candidate must apply for a job, and the nominated job should be present in the medium and long term strategic skill list.

Apart from that certain health, skill and character assessments are also to be done

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