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GAP Certificate – Format, Documents Required, Sample, Uses (Updated 2022)

Written by  Piyush Bhartiya, MBA

Published on Thu, December 12, 2019 8:08 AM   Updated on Sat, July 15, 2023 6:30 PM   10 mins read

A gap certificate is an indispensable duty of those students who take a sudden break from full-time education related to a particular situation and are seeing to restart their knowledge.

This diploma notifies the teacher or the organization in charge of a precise motive of why the student had to take a break. Reasons may vary like, for example, to follow an occupation or start a free enterprise. 

What is GAP Certificate?

A gap certificate is also known as a gap affirmation which is a self-declaration made by a non-judicial stamp paper. This certificate justifies the break during an academic course taken impulsively.

For example, if a student wasn’t able to finish his education or particular course he/she is pursuing and want to continue again. Then the student needs to state what was the reason for taking the gap. The reason can be anything.

GAP Certificate Format

Usually, Colleges or organizations recommend their own GAP certificate format, in the absence of any prearranged format given by the university, you can go to the lawyer and request for ‘Gap Certificate‘. They have a prearranged set-up. They may ask you various basic particulars and deliver you the format.

Example of the documentation to help you comprehend the fundamentals:

Details Mentioned on Gap Certificate

The following information is included in the format of the gap certificate:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Age
  • Residential address
  • Most recent educational qualification
  • Date of application
  • Name of the college/university where the candidate want to take admission
  • Institute Name (from where he/she have received education)
  • Date from which candidate has taken a gap or Gap durations
  • Reason for taking the gap
  • Signature of advocate
  • Signature of candidate

Documents Required For GAP Certificate

Gap certificate requires documentation which is handled by a legal expert in most cases. It commonly does not necessitate any lawful documentation. While documents for submitting GAP Certificate student needs to bring in their last educational mark sheet in addition to evidence of an educational establishment wherever one had graduated from, in that particular academic year.

Documents needed for certification may be conscripted below:

  • Candidate name
  • Guardian name
  • Address 
  • Tenure of the gap
  • Reasons for the Gap certificate
  • Declaration of the authenticity of the documents submitted
  • Highest educational qualification

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Details Mentioned on Gap Certificate

The following information is included in the format of the gap certificate:

  • Candidate’s full name
  • Age
  • Address of residence
  • Qualifications obtained most recently
  • Name of the Institute (where he/she earned his/her education)
  • Date on which the candidate took a break or Gaps in time
  • The reason for the pause
  • Name of the college or institution where the candidate wishes to matriculate
  • Application submission date
  • Candidate signature
  • Advocate’s signature

Use Of GAP Certificate

Gap certificate is an affirmation whichever is used to explain a breach in schooling or further education. It is usually used by a student while getting admitted to college. If a student is taking any theoretical gap before in between his/her academic course, gap documentation or else gap Confirmation is the way to it.

Gap certificate is a statement arranged via the non-judicial stamp paper justifying the need for a break during an academic. One may purchase such certificates from any lawyer, sub-registrar workplaces, or even from courts.

The uses of gap certificate are:

  • It helps to bridge the gap in the academic journey.
  • Re-joining of education after a break is easier after that.
  • Students can take education in a breezy manner.
  • It aids the absence during the crisis
  • It explains the year loss in an academic cycle 
  • Being related to the judiciary it acts as an official identity
  • It helps in explains the gap in education during a job interview
  • The students can pursue their passion and come back later to finish studies if they have this certificate.
  • It makes  student take a break from academic stress without much worry
  • It adds to the corporate and academic image

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How to Write An Application For GAP Certificate?

Gap Diploma is a statement presumed on a specific explanation, made on a non-judicial paper explaining the aim for a break in schooling or academic purpose.

When applying for a gap certificate, you can either fill out an affidavit that has been self-attested or obtain one from your college or school officials. In this instance, you must submit an application to the dean of your college. The following is a sample application format:

Dean Name

ABC College

City : Pin Code ABC

Respected Sir/Ma’am

Subject : Dispensation of a Gap Certificate

I’m writing to ask that you arrange for my gap certificate, which is essential for my further studies. After completing my graduation, I took a gap year to prepare for_____. However, I am currently planning to study ahead of time and apply for a bachelor’s/degree. master’s
Please provide me with the document. I will be grateful to you greatly.
Thank you very much,

Regards, Yours Truly,

Attached are the following documents:

Transfer certificate
Graduation Mark sheets
Course completion certificates
Legal identity proofs
Birth certificate

Reasons for GAP Certificate

There could be numerous reason for writing a GAP Certificate which might result in a student taking a breach from his full-time education.

Common details for a gap year in coaching have stood stated below:

  • Financial crisis
  • Family emergency
  • Employment
  • Other career activities
  • Global education application
  • Health issues
  • Personal issues
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Other examination preparations
  • Pursuing foreign education 

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GAP Certificate Online

You cannot transmit for a gap diploma certificate online. You are supposed to get in touch with an activist or a lawyer. In cases like these, a promoter asks for secondary promotional material, for which you can get help from training centers or so. Usually, they are not supposed to ask for it.

Gap Certificate is an announcement, prearranged on a certain amount as fees, for non-judicial evidence on paper affirming the reason for the gap in between full-time tutoring. You may have to pay some additional cash (INR 70 to 150) as compensation.

Here are the steps on how to make Gap Certificate online:

  • Visit online making of gap certificate websites
  • Review the given form
  • Fill up the form
  • Provide the necessary documents
  • Make the due payment

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Character Certificate for Gap Year Students

Even if you take a gap year, most institutions will accept the character certificate you obtained from your school. Some universities, however, may have an issue with this. Some Delhi University institutions and colleges accept gap year diplomas that are no more than six months old, while others need a year.

In this instance, you can apply for a new character certificate at the school where you most recently attended. Your circumstances, the reason for the gap, and a request for a new character certificate should all be included in the application.

Crutial Elements

Because this affidavit is legally binding, each item of information provided by the student must be truthful, confirmed, and sworn. Some crucial elements to include in this certificate are listed below:

  • Name and Age of the Candidate
  • Name of the Father/Mother/Guardian
  • Household Address
  • The highest level of qualification Gap Period Achieved Gap Reasons for the Gap
  • A statement from the candidate stating that he or she was not involved in any unlawful behaviour during that time period.
  • A statement that the information supplied is truthful and authentic.

Gap Certificate After 12th

The Gap Affirmation is to be assumed as a hallmark which is accordingly to explain the gap taken in between an academic course or diploma. The Gap Affirmation is to be stated on stamp paper, accordingly authenticated, affirming that through the said time period, the applicant did not link with any supplementary educational development in any constitutional or academic establishment.

It is easy to get a legal gap certificate or you may even type one, following a designated format. You can merely go to the lawyer to request for Gap Year Proclamation.

Documents required for the GAP Certificate after 12th are:

  • Government ID proof
  • Class 10th pass certificate
  • Documents verifying the above two points

Gap Certificate After Graduation

Gap documentation or gap document is a self-declaration made on a non-judicial stamp that states the time period and the motive of the gap taken during a designated assignment academic course. 

Additionally, if a student wasn’t capable to finish his/her progression in an agreed time, then consequently that student will be required to give in a gap confession or documentation.

The explanations for a gap certificate after graduation are:

  • Pursuing some hobby as an experimental career
  • Financial crisis
  • Entrepreneurship

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✅ What is GAP Certificate

Ans. A gap certificate is an indispensable duty of those students who take a sudden break from full-time education related to a particular situation and are seeing to restart their knowledge.

✅ How to get GAP Certificate?

Ans. GAP Certificate is nothing but your declaration given on Rs. 100/- nonjudicial stamp paper stating the reason for GAP in between education.

Can we make GAP certificate online?

Ans. GAP Certificate cannot be made online, you need to address to an advocate or a notary along with our documents and reasons for a gap that you took.  It will help students to not break their further dreams on studies.

Is GAP certificate necessary for MHT CET?

Ans. Yes, you need to provide a GAP certificate for MHT CET, but you can give it later also.

Who can issue GAP certificate?

Ans. GAP certificate is issued by any lawyer, sub-registrar workplaces, or even from courts. It mainly helps to cope up with the gap in the academic journey.

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