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Masters in Psychology in the USA is a popular choice for students wishing to study abroad. You can work in educational and medical establishments if you have a master degree in psychology. Therefore, You are definitely on track for a fantastic career if you wish to pursue a Masters in Psychology in the USA!

You should expect to pay fees of anywhere from $25,000 to 60,000 (about INR 18.56 lakhs to INR 44.56 lakhs) for your MS in psychology in the United States. Students in psychology have the option of pursuing independent degrees or completing theses as part of their PhD coursework. More than 200 colleges offer the course, which has a range of prerequisites.

Read along to learn everything about Masters in Psychology in the USA!

Why Study Masters in Psychology in the USA?

USA in addition to being the location of some of the most prominent colleges and universities in the world, it provides a vast selection of masters programmes. 

Here are some fascinating facts that international students looking to pursue Masters in Psychology in the USA should be aware of:

  • At American universities, there are around 50 branches of psychology, giving students a wide range of employment opportunities. Schools, colleges and universities, hospitals, outpatient facilities, and family services are the industries that hire psychology graduates most frequently in the USA.
  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that employment of psychologists will increase by 14% between 2018 and 2028.
  • There were 181,700 psychologists in the USA in 2018, according to sources. By 2028, this number is anticipated to reach 207,800.

According to the BLS, psychologists earned an average salary of 80,000 USD in 2018. A psychology graduate in the USA can choose from a variety of work options due to the availability of several subfields and the demand for psychology specialists.

Top Universities for Masters in Psychology in the USA

There are 148 top psychology universities offering undergraduate and graduate programmes in the USA, according to QS.

 Here, we’ll look at some of the best American universities that grant Masters in  psychology in the USA.

UniversityProgram NameProgram Duration (in years)Annual Program Fee (in USD)
New York University (NYU)Master of Arts (MA) Psychology238,100
Columbia UniversityMA Psychology258,764
University of ChicagoMA Social Sciences- Psychology149,734
Northwestern UniversityMS in Counseling1.554,559
University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin)MEd Educational Psychology235,388
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMS Psychological Sciences
University of Wisconsin- Madison (UW-M)MS in Counseling225,526
Michigan State University (MSU)MA Psychology244,520
Ohio State UniversityMA in Educational Psychology137,140
University of Minnesota Twin Cities (U of M Twin Cities)MA Psychology128,452
Boston UniversityMA Psychology130,780
Pennsylvania State UniversityMS Educational Psychology137,694

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Admission Procedure for Masters in Psychology in the USA

Although a bachelor’s degree is required for admission to a psychology master’s programme, candidates with experience in the field will be given preference. For some areas of psychology, including counselling, previous work experience in a related discipline is an advantage. Schools favour students who are able to engage with others and who can comprehend the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of others.

To study in the USA, students must provide documentation of passing standardised exams like the GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, etc. In addition to this, a student must also meet the additional requirements, which are covered in the section below.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Psychology in the USA

  • The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in psychology or a closely related subject.
  • It is necessary to have a minimum GPA of 3.0-3.5 on a scale of 4.0 (83-90 percent) or an equal.
  • A few requirements for admissions include having taken statistics, experimental psychology including a laboratory course, or introductory or general psychology.
  • There are no prerequisite GRE scores. But for admissions, a score of roughly 310 is taken into account.
UniversityAcademic RequirementsAdditional RequirementsTOEFL ScoreIELTS Score
New York University (NYU)Relevant bachelors with high gradesGRE required, Case Study, Video Submission, SOP1007
Columbia UniversityUG with high scoresSOP1007.5
University of ChicagoAcademically excellentGRE Qant- 154, GRE Verbal- 1557
Northwestern UniversityUG with 3.2 GPA (83-86%)GRE (more tan 60 percentile), Personal Essay90
University of Texas at AustinRelevant degree in UGSOP, LOR, GRE Scores, CV796.5
University of Illinois Urbana ChampaignRelevant degree in UGGRE, SOP, max 5 LOR79-1026.5
Michigan State UniversityGPA- 3.2GRE required575
Ohio State UniversityGPA- 3.8GRE percentile 78+, SOP, LOR, CV797
University of Minnesota Twin CitiesGPA- 3.0GRE, 3 LOR, Personal Statement, Additional forms796.5

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Masters in Psychology Specializations in USA

A wide range of specializations are available in the discipline of psychology. You should choose your specialization according to your interest and the domain the in which you wish to carry forward your career.

Some of the most well-liked and in-demand areas in psychology are as follows:

  • School Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Advanced Biological Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Family, Group and Individual Therapy
  • Marriage Family and Child Counseling
  • Addiction Studies
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Ethics and Multicultural Issues in Psychology
  • Aging and Long-Term Care
  • Arts Therapy

Cost of Studying Masters in Psychology in the USA

Living costs can be very expensive for students. It is important to plan out your budget before moving to USA for Masters in Psychology.

Pre-arrival cost

Type-Estimated USD
Counseling (optional)$340
Other expenses during applications$162
Visa fee$160
SEVIS fee$200

Post-arrival cost

Type Estimated cost USD
Accommodation (monthly)$1000-2000
Study materials and books (monthly) $287-$479
Food and groceries$115-$153
Public transportation facilities every month$95-$287
Miscellaneous expenses (monthly)$287-$575
Health insurance$431-$671
Air ticket (one-way)$675
Tuition fee$40,000

Scholarships for Masters in Psychology in the USA

It can be very expensive to study in the United States. Students must therefore evaluate their budget while in the USA in order to reduce costs. Then, he or she can look into several financial aid programmes to help their academic endeavours.

Check out the table below for scholarships for Masters in Psychology in the USA:

ScholarshipScholarships Amount (in USD)
American Psychological Foundation Scott and Paul Pearsall Scholarship10,000
Merit Scholarship10,000
QS Leadership Scholarship for Masters10,000
Dr. Michael Horowitz/Dr. Jeannie Gutierrez Immigrant/First Generation Scholarship10,000
President’s Scholarship7,000
P.E.O. International Peace scholarship12,500
Inlaks Shivdasani FoundationVari

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Jobs after Masters in Psychology in the USA

Graduates in Psychology with a Master’s degree may be qualified for a variety of jobs in educational, industrial, or organisational psychology, among other fields. However, choosing to pursue a Ph.D. in psychology at another level of higher education in the USA is also a common choice among students.

According to the American Psychological Association, American colleges received more applications for doctoral admissions than for master’s admissions, with about 70,000 applications. This demonstrates how common a Ph.D. in psychology is in the USA. Students who get a Ph.D. in psychology may expect to make an average salary of 88,000 USD annually, which is more than the 55,000 USD earned by graduates with a master’s degree.

OccupationRoleAverage Annual Salary (USD)
Education CounselorHelp people improve their psychological well-being careers as a marriage counselor, child or school counselor, or personal therapist come under this area95,000
Educational PsychologistStudies behavior & relations;seek to solve issues in the workplace128,000
Clinical School PsychologistWorks with teachers and other individuals in the education system to understand behavioral and learning problems in children;deal with student issues such as struggle with violence, bullying, hyperactivity, autism and various learning disabilities, etc. 121,000
Head of SchoolDevelop effective teaching strategies for students of all ages; device methods to provide students with the best educational experience possible137,000
MentorUses psychological methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy and psychoanalysis to help patients overcome behavioral & psychological obstacles and problems88,100

In conclusion, enrolling in a Masters in Psychology in the USA has as its objective becoming extremely specialised in one of the numerous branches of psychology. The importance of mental health is becoming more widely recognised, and Psychology is now a growing area of study that attracts many foreign students to the United States. 

Masters in Psychology in the  USA has grown in popularity among students because of the variety of job opportunities it offers, including those as Neuropsychologists, Social Psychologists, Industry-organisational psychologists, etc.  A Psychology degree from the United States is respected and accepted practically everywhere in the world.

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Can I do Masters in psychology in USA?

Ans: It can be obtained independently or as a subset of a doctoral programme that requires thesis work. The duration of the degree is one to two years. Cost estimates range from USD 23,171 to USD 55,348.

How much does it cost to study psychology in USA?

Ans: Master’s from a private institution can cost on an average upto $30,000.

Do you need GRE for Masters in psychology?

Ans: Most master’s programmes in psychology need the GRE, even though some graduate schools no longer do or instead accept alternative credentials and skills in its place. The GRE General Test costs $205, while the GRE Subject Tests cost $150.

Is psychology a STEM in USA?

Ans: Due to both its direct contributions to scientific and technical advancements and its indirect effects on science and technology education and learning, psychology is a fundamental STEM discipline.


Masters in psychology in the USA

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