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A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a professional postgraduate degree programme that leads to excellent employment scope in a variety of sectors. The two-year degree programme includes on-the-job training that allows students to obtain experience in the business world. The breadth of an MBA expands as specialisation in subjects such as health management, marketing, and international business expands. In this article, we’ll discuss how an MBA graduate may advance in their job.

MBA scope in Government Sector

Numerous international organizations in India and overseas provide jobs to MBA/MBM degree holders. The fact that MBA is not limited to a single sector is one of the reasons it is the most popular course. You can work in various fields, including medicine, business, finance, and even government. There are managerial positions available in practically every industry, from telecommunications to banking. Marketing and personal officer, Management trainee in PSUs, or manager in any bank or office are some of the preferred career profiles to consider following an MBA in the government sector.

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Scope of MBA in different specializations

MBA applicants can pursue an MBA General course or a specialization in the program of their choice. However, selecting the appropriate expertise is critical, as this decision can make or break your career. The breadth and potential for various MBA specialities will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Scope of MBA in Finance

Finance is a popular MBA speciality specialising in managerial accounting and control, the Indian capital and money market, banks, privatization, and international finance. After earning an MBA in Finance, you can work in various settings, including banks, financial consultancies, and financial institutions. With an MBA in Finance, you can work in consumer and investment banking, institutional finance, merchant banking, corporate finance, and international finance, among other fields.

Scope of MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing provides a plethora of chances for those looking to break into the fast lane of big money. MBA in Marketing is just as popular as MBA in Finance among MBA candidates. A marketing MBA is required.

Scope of MBA in International Business

Nowadays, most businesses operate worldwide, necessitating the use of highly competent and educated personnel to effectively manage business operations, management, and administration. To succeed in this industry, one must possess exceptional business acumen and the capacity to adapt to a multicultural work environment. An MBA in an International Company prepares you for a career in global business management that is interesting, vibrant, and fast-paced.

Scope of MBA in HR

HR experts are in high demand. They must focus on recruiting the finest people for the position, managing and directing them, and ensuring that the organization has the best workforce possible. An MBA in HR is a tough career requiring a thorough understanding of human relationships. An MBA focusing on human resources is a popular choice among young people. In this article, applicants who want to start a career in human resources can learn about the breadth of an MBA in HR and get a general notion of the HR field.

Scope of MBA in Hospital Management

The strategies and systems involved in growing and managing the healthcare industry focus on an MBA in healthcare management. Students will learn how to strengthen this curriculum’s internal and external cooperative systems. This degree qualifies you for careers in hospital administration, management, and even top positions in hospitals and pharmaceutical firms.

Scope of MBA in future

An MBA degree not only provides extensive knowledge in a variety of subjects such as finance, accounting, economics, marketing, and human resource development, but it also provides students with business-related skills such as leadership, communication, problem-solving ability, strong networking ability, sales, and marketing. As a result, the MBA’s scope is broadened.

The future is unpredictable, and several courses that were once popular have fallen out of favour. MBA is one of the courses that aid students in gaining a broad understanding and honing their talents. An MBA’sMBA’s future looks bright because it is in high demand not just in one field but across the board. According to many worldwide reports, the need for MBA graduates in nations such as Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others will rise.

Scope of MBA in India

An MBA degree has always been important in strengthening an organization’s administrative pillars. Whether you want to be a multinational corporate manager or a superior member of the board of directors, this groundbreaking MBA degree will help you achieve your goals. This career-focused professional program has resulted in attractive job prospects that you may have wished for.

MBA Salary in India

An MBA is a globally recognized and regarded degree that may assist you in launching a successful career in any field while also increasing your earning potential. It’sIt’s an absolute degree that will maximize your profits and give you significant growth opportunities. As we all know, an MBA allows you to specialize in a variety of fields; hence wage packages vary depending on employment positions and streams.

The following table highlights the best specializations in India and their starting salary and highest salary:

SpecializationAverage Salary
MarketingStarting salary-3L/annum
Highest salary- 18L/annum
FinanceStarting salary-10L/annum
Highest Salary- 15L/annum
Human Resource ManagementStarting Salary-2.5L/annum
Highest Salary- 4L/annum
Operations ManagementStarting Salary- 4L/annum
Highest Salary-7.5L/annum
Business AnalyticsStarting salary-11L/annum
Highest salary- 18L/annum

Some of the top MBA universities in India are:

  • Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
  • NMIMS Mumbai
  • Indian School of Business
  • IIM Kozhikode

Scope of MBA in Canada

Canada boasts a burgeoning MBA employment market and offers world-class business education. With its immigrant-friendly legislation and relatively lower school costs, it’s no surprise that it’s become a favourite study abroad destination. The availability of profitable MBA jobs in Canada is one of the key reasons for its popularity among MBA programs. After graduation, international students can easily obtain a work permit for up to three years. In Canada, an MBA graduate earns on average 133,000 CAD per year. You might also look into coming to Canada and settling in the country if you have an MBA degree and a job. MBA careers in Canada are similar to those in other nations, with executive-level roles paying the most.

The following table discusses the job role and the average salary for each job role:

Job RoleSalary in CAD
General Manager438000
Finance and Control Manager65,000

Following are some of the best universities in Canada for MBA:

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Scope of MBA in the USA

One of the most important aspects that distinguish graduate schools in the United States is the employment rate for MBA graduates, which is as high as 95%. Individuals consider an MBA to be a fantastic approach to advance their professions. It’sIt’s because business colleges in the United States provide opportunities to work for reputable multinational corporations like Amazon and Google. Perhaps this is why our country has always been a magnet for students worldwide.

The following table highlights the job roles and the average salary for each job role:

Job RoleAverage Salary in USD
Business Development Director104,801
Financial Analyst61,223
Finance Manager92,093
Senior Accountant68,343
Accounting Manager72,318

Some of the top universities in the US are

  • MIT Sloan Management
  • Tepper School of Business
  • Fuqua Business School
  • Haas Business School
  • Harvard Business School
  • Wharton Business School

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Scope of MBA in the UK

According to the Business Statistics Briefing Paper from July 2020, there are around 6 million private sector enterprises in the United Kingdom. Finding jobs in the UK after an MBA can be considered a cakewalk with a large market available. Graduates earn an annual income of around 80,000 GBP or more after completing the degree.

Although MBA programs in the United Kingdom do not provide direct internships or placement services, they have career counsellors and departments to assist students. In this country, a one-year degree is the standard, making it an expensive proposition for overseas students. As a result, many of them prefer to advance their careers in the country’s booming economy. Finding work in the UK is difficult due to the two-year stay-back policy.

The following table highlights the best job roles and the average salary in pounds:

Job RoleAverage Salary in GBP
Finance Analyst24,000
Finance Manager122,000
HR Officer32,800
HR Graduate25,500
HR Placement19,000

Some of the top universities for MBA in the UK are:

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Best Career options after MBA

There is a widespread belief that an individual’s career trajectory will skyrocket if they obtain an MBA. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. After receiving their MBA, not everyone gets their dream job and starts earning a good salary straight away. As a result, every individual must have well-defined goals to have a successful job following an MBA.

Sales and Marketing is one of the most popular MBA specialities, and the main reason for this is that there is never a shortage of career chances after completing an MBA in Sales and Marketing program. Aspirants who complete an MBA in Sales & Marketing can find work in retail, banking, hospitality, media, and more.

Jobs after MBA

After completing your MBA, you can look for work in the following fields:

  • Information Technology Sector
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • E-Commerce platforms

MBA graduates hold top positions in various industries, and some of the world’s most well-known corporations, such as Amazon, Microsoft, and McKinsey, actively seek MBA candidates. With so many employment opportunities available following an MBA, students may find narrowing down their desired roles difficult. MBA students’ all-around development throughout their stay at a business school makes them a highly appealing prospect for organizations looking for talent with acute business acumen and leadership abilities to help drive future growth. MBA graduates can work in various fields, including healthcare and finance.

Salary after MBA

MNCs’MNCs’ wage packages are fairly substantial, and they continue to rise over time, depending on job experience and skill. An MBA degree, on the other hand, increases a person’s earning potential. It provides doors to various employment opportunities in a variety of fields, allowing you to broaden your earning potential. As a result, the MBA program has become more appealing to most B-School students.

The following table highlights the best jobs after MBA and the average salary package:

Job RoleAverage Salary
MarketingStarting salary at 5 l.p.a
Banking and FinanceStarting salary 10-15 l.p.a
Business and Data AnalyticsStarting salary 3-8 l.p.a
Operation ManagementStarting salary 4-5 l.p.a
HR ManagementStarting salary 4-6 l.p.a


✅ Do I have scope after MBA?

Ans. Yes, there is a lot of scopes after MBA, be it in India or abroad. In the Indian sector, there has long been a scarcity of professional managers. However, over the previous few decades, the situation has shifted. The industry is hiring professional MBA degree holders to fill managerial roles and corporatize everything. This is beneficial to the industry’s business and growth. For example, you can work as a marketing manager in a company that sells items or provides services if you have an MBA in marketing. Your primary responsibility would be to oversee the marketing department and market the company’s products and services to boost sales.

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