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Writing Tips for LOR

Do's while writing a letter of recommendation

● Make sure the content within is not self-contradictory.
● Using examples to describe the qualities is a good way.
● Describe in detail how well you know the applicant.
● Describe in brief the positive qualities like leadership, team building, and hardworking
● Each statement should be supported with specific examples.
● Describe in brief the general view that the company employees/university has about
● Describe his/her strengths.
● Mild criticism can be included when necessary.
● You can add information about their extra contribution or activities.
● Applicant’s potential in his chosen field should be highlighted.

Don'ts while writing a letter of recommendation

● The candidate shouldn’t be generalized with others.
● He shouldn’t be discriminated based on caste, creed, race or religion.
● Don’t use too many superlatives.
● Vague sentences should be avoided.
● The candidate shouldn’t be discriminated based on his/her gender.
● Content shouldn’t be self-contradictory.
● Don’t use words like “beautiful, cute” which looks informal.
● Don’t mention anything irrelevant to the purpose of the LOR.
● Don’t repeat the sentences.
● Don’t be too critical.

How to make an impressive LOR

A recommendation letter is an essential document of an application and hence, choosing the
right recommender is a must. This depends on the equation that the aspirant share with the
recommender. The selected recommender must be able to come up in detail and an effective
manner that would aid in your application, using anecdotes and instances.
The recommender needs to have a clear idea about certain specific attributes you have and
how well you have implemented the same in project works in the past. Simply mentioning the
skills wouldn’t do, it must be supplemented with real-life examples. The content needs to be
unique and not a copy paste job.

● Always use a formal letter writing conventions, to begin with
● Open with an enthusiastic note and preferably with a bit of praise.
● Describe how well you know the person.
● Be brief and specific about his/her attributes.
● Make use of illustrations to display his/her success in the field.

Five secret tips for an impressive LOR

● Never exaggerate. Only show how they can improve, though in a genuine way.
● Keep your writing useful and action-oriented.
● Closing of the letter should be in an affirmative tone.
● The paragraphs must be short but specific
● Use a business closing as it seems formal and better.

LOR Tips for MS

● Most universities ask for at least 2-3 LORs when going for an MS abroad. It can be
written by an ex-professor, the head of your department during your graduation, or even
the dean of your university.
● Candidate should decide it beforehand who should write a LOR for him/her. In such
cases, building a rapport from the start of your course in front of your faculty is a plus.
● The letter needs to highlight your achievements in the previous universities along with
displaying your skills with proper examples and anecdotes.
● Provide specific details about your application and course. For example, if you have
applied for an MS in Biotechnology, recommender needs to highlight some successful
research and filed patents, if any.
● Highlight the creative aspects of the candidates. This may include the innovation
solutions you provided during your research.

Advice to Graduate School Recommendation Letter Writers

● Letters of Recommendation are an essential part of the application so they should be
written with patience.
● The LOR should establish the credibility of the person properly.
● All essential information about the candidate should be mentioned in the LOR.
● The content should be divided into paragraphs and then written as per a defined format.
● The LOR should begin with proper introduction.
● All the achievements and qualities of the candidate should be defined in the body
● Any sports achievements and extracurricular participation performance should be
● The LOR should be concluded properly with a conclusion paragraph.
● The LOR should be signed and the contact details should be mentioned.
● It should be kept in mind that the LOR should be clear and concise while mentioning all
essential information.

Rules to follow for different types of LORs


Engineering Studies

The LOR displaying skills for an Engineering course must include :

● Internship and project details
● Communication skills
● National or state-level seminars, if attended
● Knowledge of the subject you have specialized in.

Management Studies

The LOR for Management course must include :

● Skills like managerial skills, leadership skills, and team building skills
● Highlighting achievements in HR, Marketing or Project Management. May also include
experience letter if any.
● Achievement throughout career
● Internship details.

Arts & Humanities Studies

The LOR displaying skills for an Arts & Humanities course must include :

● Creative abilities
● Portfolio of your detailed work
● Communication skills
● Expertise in the chosen course.


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