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LOR Writing Tips

A LOR is an important piece of the manuscript which determines the admission of an applicant into an academic or professional institution. It is required to highlight the abilities of the candidate in a subtle way. Usually, the employer or educator of the previous institution writes a LOR as a source who knows the candidate and his/her capabilities from a close view. There are a lot of ways to write letters of recommendation which make it perfect.

Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is inscribed by a former company, co-worker, consumer, educator, or by somebody eligible to endorse a character's labour or educational presentation. The objective of a letter of recommendation is to promote the abilities, accomplishments, and ability of the individual being supported. These letters act as signs, proposed to signify an imperative person’s confidence in an applicant. It is valid in the following sectors:

  • Schools
  • Graduating colleges
  • Work-life

Types of LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

The LOR is a certificate that provides the panellists at the admission board with a complete understanding of the applicant’s appropriate application, for admission into the respective Academy. There are two types of LOR, namely, professional and academic. Usually, a recommendation letter is directed to an employing manager or to the admission panellists to enable a meeting to outline the personality of the candidate.

Academic LOR

An academic LOR is offered by a faculty associate of the other organization. Usually, academies probe you to deliver a few certificates from your other organization (this might be your educators or from your colleges). This is used in cases of:

  • School
  • College
  • University
  • Postgraduate life

Professional LOR

Maximum of the MBA Universities Overseas have pre-defined labour involvement necessities. Thus, they appeal for a Professional Letter of Recommendation via a direct administrator. The Professional LOR Arrangement via a Supervisor differs from an Academic LOR in relations of some specific parts that focus on the candidate's aptitude to work as a squad, the introduction to the respective team area along with his/her leadership aptitudes that are essential for the respective field applied for. It may be presented by:

  • A faculty of the previous job sector
  • A faculty of an institution
  • Anyone who knows you personally
  • Anyone who knows your work life for a long time

Tips to Write a LOR

Here is an example of some decent writing tips required for a LOR. Make a list of potentials and activities you may want to focus on, in the message. Understandably, don’t put up these as a prerequisite. The most excellent writing tips may be to embrace them as a director. 

Craft a unique story

Stories are fashioned bits of art, writers put together from the pits of their creative heads to decorate a LOR. But you don’t require a superior talent like this to make your story for the LOR. First, describe the critical instants of your imagination. When you attach your work to your vision, you strengthen and inspire your onlookers.

Use the CAR-Format

The CAR method (Context – Action – Result) for a LOR is mentioned so frequently since it is reflected as an effective way to establish how you practise your advertised operational style, services and information to a variety of career involvements. It helps make the LOR attract more attention.

Include Facts, avoid Claims

The more you include facts in a LOR, he more it seems real to the person reading it. One should strictly avoid using claims as it would add drama to the LOR which is not at all desired in a professional arena.

Quote a client

Quoting a client in a LOR will help you give a personal touch to the LOR. It would reflect the intimate bonding and attachment with the respective client. This would help to build an image of you as someone with excellent interactive and communication skills.

Tell a Story

If you include a personal story in the LOR hen it would have a personal touch to it, within the boundary. This would make your LOR different from the others and also help attract a lot of attention. The letter story is preferred to be a real one. Fake stories must be well articulated or it will be seen through and hence ruin your image.

Highlighting important themes

The LOR consists of a lot of stories and quotes and whatnot. One must try to highlight the essential parts of the LOR to grab sure shot attention of the person reading it to avoid the risk of getting ignored. The themes should be highlighted subtly and it should not be much visible.

Use anecdotes

In a captivating LOR, a passionate reference is sustained by proof and statistic and dotted with stimulating anecdotes. It should also contain perceptive and educational background. Such a LOR usually comprises something that a person reading it should think of, such as an uncommon story, interest, or a portrayal of the candidate in a virtual form.

LORs of students studying abroad

Swapnil Shah

University of Massachusetts

Pradyut Bhatnagar

The University of Hong Kong

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Ishaan Goenka

The University of Hong Kong

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Abhishek Jaiswal

University of Southern California

Shrinivas S

University of South Florida


Monash University

Vahini Goyal

Swinburne University of Technology

Gourav Chhabra

RMIT university

Prateek Biyani

University Of Sydney

Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin

Varun Garg

University College Dublin


Aston University

Saloni Goyl

University Of Glasgow

Nitya Singh

James Cook University

Vishal Sharma

University of Mannheim
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