Top 5 MBA Colleges in Canada (Updated 2019)

For students who aspire to enter the world of business management and finance, it is necessary to hold a professional degree to appear capable in their respective field. Pursuing MBA has become a trend all over the globe. Canada is a bright region which has colleges that offer MBA courses managed under a comfortable environment. Do you know, more than 40 universities offer MBA courses in the nation, which is quite impressive. Let us check out the top five colleges which have successfully maintained a quality reputation in terms of offering precise education.

Why study an MBA program in Canada?

  1. Canada is considered one of the world’s wealthiest nations, with it boasting the 11th largest GDP (nominal) according to the International Monetary Fund 2013.
  2. Applying for a post-grad work permit in Canada is relatively straightforward and with the country being so multicultural, a great many international MBA students opt to stay after their studies.  
  3. Fees for Canadian MBAs are generally cheaper than for their US counterparts.
  4. Canada has five business schools listed in the top 100 of the Financial Times Global MBA Ranking.

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Top Universities for MBA in Canada

These are the top universities for MBA in Canada:

1. Rotman School of Management

The University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management has been topping Canada’s top business schools list for many years. It is well symbolized in the latest ‘Thinkers50’ biennial ranking of the most powerful figures in management. Moreover, three of its faculty members are associated with the school’s Martin Prosperity Institute (MPI), which is a think-tank in worldwide economic prosperity. Rotman students are benefitted of an innovative curriculum noted for its integrative & cross-functional approach. High-caliber classmates dramatically enhance your learning experience and provide a lifetime learning network of friends.
Rotman graduates stay actively involved in the school, joining a vibrant worldwide alumni community of more than 16,000 graduates from 73 countries.

Some of the programs offered are:

  1. MBA
  2. One Year Executive MBA
  3. Master of Global Affairs (MGA)/ MBA
  4. Morning & Evening Part-time MBAs
  6. Rotman Commerce (undergraduate degree)
  7. Master of Financial Economics
  8. Master of Management Analytics
  9. Master of Financial Risk Management
  10. PhD
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 2.  Ivey Business School

The Ivey Business School has always been in the top colleges in Canadian MBA rankings. This institute was established in 1948. It is still running strong to benefit the student population. Ivey is seen to be the world’s largest producer of Asian and Indian business cases due to its links to Hong Kong and Mumbai (campus locations). On the basis of research, the school decided that HBS’s case study method was the best approach to management education. The Ivey Case-Method follows Cross-Enterprise Leadership™ (CEL) approach, which prepares leaders to see the bigger picture and to lead initiatives that enhance the whole enterprise. Students have the support of Ivey Career Management who provide coaching and access to the resources, which students need to succeed throughout their careers. It is a business school that prepares you better for career success. Five years ago, Ivey graduates pledged to sustain the business profession’s code of ethics and the school celebrated its 90th anniversary last year by inaugurating a new building.

As of 2018, Ivey’s Full-Time MBA is currently ranked at position number 11 in Bloomberg BusinessWeek’s International MBA Ranking, meaning that it’s currently the highest ranked of all Canadian business schools in that publication. In this ranking, it’s fallen rather precipitously since 2015, when it was ranked as the top school in the world outside of the United States.

Some of the programs offered are:

  1. HBA (Honors Business Administration)
  2. MBA (Master of Business Administration)
  3. Executive MBA
  4. Accelerated MBA
  5. MSc in Management
  6. Executive Development
  7. PhD MBA

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3. Sauder School Of Business

Vancouver’s Sauder School of Business has significantly recovered in its ranking from last year after it was placed in the seventh position among the top business schools in Canada. Presently, it’s up to third with the country’s second-highest gain in the academic segment which now forms 15% of the regional MBA rankings by QS. Apart from its full-time MBA in Canada, Sauder provides its students with a part-time international MBA in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Moreover, this year the school became the single Canadian member of the Global Network for Advanced Management, which is a collaborative coalition of 27 business schools from around the globe. The School is known for its worldwide reputation for excellence in research. Sauder is always among the top 25 internationally for business research in The Financial Times ranking. Through the Sauder Business Club program, students can connect with alumni. School’s faculty enjoys international recognition for its excellence in teaching, research, and outreach.

Programs offered:

  1. MBA
  2. Master of Business Analytics
  3. International MBA
  4. Master of Management
  5. Master of Management in Operations Research
  6. Joint MBA/JD
  7. Joint MBA/MAPPS
  8. Bachelor of Commerce
  9. MSc in Business Administration
  10. PhD in Business Administration
  11. Diploma in Accounting Program (DAP)
  12. Diploma in Marketing & Sales Management
  13. Summer Programs
  14. Licensing Courses & Credit Programs (Real estate)
  15. Business Families Centre Programs
  16. Advanced Management Program
  17. Ch’nook Scholars Program

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4. Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

The Desautels Faculty of Management managed under McGill University, is placed fourth in Canada’s top 10 business schools in the current year. Apart from its full-time MBA, Desautels even provides a bilingual EMBA along with HEC Montréal and a weekend MBA program active in Japan from the institution’s base in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The student strength at Desautels is quite decent, with a good record of scholars producing every year.  Till date, its alumni and faculty have six Nobel Prize winners and expecting more in the future. It has an integrated and disciplinary curriculum that gives students a comprehensive understanding of business. It has a very diverse student body who are from 160 countries. The university focuses on giving a unique combination of practical experience provided by leading industry experts worldwide and innovative research.

Programs offered:

  1. BCom
  2. Honours in Investment Management Program
  3. International Business
  4. International Summer Program
  5. MBA
  6. Professional Part-time MBA Program
  7. Law MBA Program
  8. MD MBA Program
  9. McGill-HEC Montreal Executive MBA
  10. International Masters for Health Leadership
  11. MBA Japan
  12. Bcom Hons
  13. International Masters in Practicing Management
  14. Masters in Global Manufacturing
  15. Public Accountancy
  16. PhD

5. Schulich School of Business

Schulich School of Business is one of the most renowned institutions in Canada which offers professional MBA courses. It provides a 16 month program which covers an integrated process to general management fundamentals. Apart from its full-time MBA in Canada, this Toronto-based school at York University also runs a MBA program in Hyderabad, India, which focuses on offering an international MBA that stressing on gaining global experience. At Schulich, you will learn to manage ambiguity, complexity, and change as you examine business issues in a global environment. In the areas of business ethics and sustainability, the Schulich MBA has been ranked highly. Moreover, it was placed first in the latest international sustainability MBA rankings developed by the Canadian magazine, Corporate Knights. After doing MBA from Schulich, you will gain an international perspective, strong management education and a diverse skill set that will accelerate your career.

Some of the programs offered are:

  1. BBA, iBBA (International BBA)
  2. MBA, iMBA (International MBA)
  3. MBA in India
  4. MF (Master of Finance)
  5. Master of Accounting
  6. MSc in Business Analysis
  7. Diploma in Advanced Accounting
  8. MBA/MFA/MA (MBA/Master of Fine Arts/Master of Arts)
  9. MBA/JD (MBA/Juris Doctor)
  10. PhD
  11. Financial Engineering
  12. Post-MBA Diplomas
  13. Executive Education Programs

Besides these, there are few more universities in Canada and business schools renowned for their programs such as

  1. The Queen’s School of Business
  2. HEC Montréal
  3. The Alberta School of Business
  4. Simon Fraser University
  5. The Edwards Master of Business Administration
  6. University of Alberta

For all MBA students it is important to follow the saying “hard work has made it easy”, since the courses are quite tiresome an intense. The above mentioned top five colleges from Canada offering MBA degrees should be considered if you are planning to enter the corporate field.

Is work experience necessary for MBA?

To sum up Canada is one of the top countries for overall convenience of studying abroad. It offers affordable education, with world class resources, a multicultural exposure, good living standards, and most significantly, the opportunity to conveniently transition from studying to a legal working status. Information is dynamic and we encourage you to explore Canada as a viable, and excellent, alternative, to USA, for an MBA in North America. The favourable work permit, and the overall welcoming culture, are compelling reasons to pursue an education in Canada. Good luck. We hope you find what fits best for you.

Kindly do post if you have any feedback, comment or suggestion.

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