Humber College- All you need to know (Updated 2020)

Source: Humber International Centre

Humber College

Humber College is the leader of polytechnic education. It helps students to broaden their learning experiences and develop their intercultural skills. It allows them to move from a certificate to a diploma and become the professionals they want to be. It also allows them to develop creative and entrepreneur thinking. 

At Humber College, there is something for everyone. It has to offer many different courses, recourses, and opportunities for the community, the employers, and alumni. At Humber College, the emphasis is put on hands-on carrier focused learning. The College recognizes and supports student’s achievements and helps them in their post-secondary education by implementing a number of scholarships.

The college offers a wide range of credentials, which include bachelor’s degrees, certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate certificates. Choosing this college will help the candidates to chart the best path towards their goals.

Humber College provides the students with the needed knowledge and skills they need to lead and innovate. The faculty uses the latest technology and teaching methods in their classrooms that provide students with a real-world working environment.

Why Humber College, Canada?

The Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, mostly known as Humber College, are located in Ontario, Canada. Humber offers over 150 programs, which include degrees, certificates, post-graduate certificates, and partnership programs for over 40 fields of studies. The college provides career finder as well as academic advisors and resources.

Gordon Wagg founded Humber in 1967. In the 1970s, the number of student’s enrollment was rapidly increased, which was the reason for expending the business and technology programs to the North and Lakeshore campuses. That way, Humber became the largest college in Canada.

In the late mid-1980s, the college focused on arts and internal processes. It focused on local instead of national or international activities. So in this way, it became what it is today the Ontario Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning.

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Humber College – Campuses and Facilities

Humber College has three beautiful locations, each with its unique campus. Humber’s three campuses are the North Campus, Lakeshore Campus, and Orangeville Campus. At the Humber College students live on campus in Residence. This allows them to discover a different world where they can, make new friendships, study hard, and get involved. Also, this provides them with comfortable living quarters, tasty food, new friends, and great experiences. 

The Humber Arboretum is located behind the North Campus, and it has natural areas and botanical gardens close to the Humber River. The Humber Room is an upscale-casual restaurant offering a full service. The Humber Room is located at the North Campus of the college.

Humber College, Toronto

Humber College, Toronto is focused on student’s success in learning through excellence in teaching. It represents one of Canada’s most respected educational institutions. It is one of the most populated cities in Canada.

While studying in Toronto, students will enjoy the attractive city lifestyle. The city is rich in cultural diversity, and it is welcoming immigrants and embracing talents from all around the world, no matter where they come from.

Student’s studying experience in Humber College, Toronto is unforgettable, and they can enjoy the multicultural environment of this vibrant metropolis. The campus is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, which surely will be appreciated by students who enjoy outdoor activities.

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Humber College North Campus 

Humber College North Campus is located in northwest Toronto, and it is next to the Humber River. It has a library, spa, poll, fully-functioning sauna, and athletics facilities. It offers a few eating establishments, a pub, and an upscale-casual restaurant. There are more than 19,000 full-time students living on campus. The campus has an Arboretum with a beautiful park of hundred acres.

The campus is situated on the Toronto public transit line, and it is close to many Toronto attractions like the Air Canada Center, the Royal Ontario museum, art galleries, clubs, and theaters. Just up the street is the Centre for Trades and Technology, which features two townhomes and labs for home renovating, construction, plumbing, and woodworking.

The Transportation Training Center is very near to the campus, and it is offering DZ and AZ truck licenses.

Humber College Lakeshore Campus 

Humber College Lakeshore Campus is positioned on the shores of Lake Blvd and Lake Ontario. It is located in New Toronto, and it is a home of 7,200 full-time students and 400 residence students. The campus has a library, and it offers a variety of food establishments. It has biking, hiking, and walking trails. It has a Lakeshore Commons building, which is LEED-Silver certified. The building offers open, airy workspaces, media production suites, computer labs, and a cafeteria.

The campus is very close to downtown and is located on the Toronto transit public transit line. It is also close to many Toronto attractions, and students can often enjoy listening to jazz and other types of concerts at the performing art center.

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Humber College Brampton

Brampton is the ninth city by size in Canada, and it has over 600,000 residents. It is a lively city, students can enjoy different kinds of entertainment, arts, culture, parks, shops, and restaurants.

Humber College Brampton offers all sorts of entertainment throughout the entire year, which includes many interesting festivals and events. Events like: the World of Jazz Festival, Winter Lights Weekend, Culture Days, and many more are on the list of this vibrant city hub. Humber offers experiential learning opportunities that can help students not only inside the classroom but outside of it as well.

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Humber College Ontario

Humber College Ontario is one of the 24th colleges in Ontario. Ontario is a city with vibrant multiculturalism and beautiful landscapes, making it a great place to live and study. The most significant number of population is concentrated in the “Golden Horseshoe” by the shore of Lake Ontario where the Humber College is located.

This area is one of the fastest-growing ones in North America, with more than nine million people. E-campus Ontario gives the opportunity of online learning, which is technologically enabled by all publically assisted colleges and universities such as Humber College Ontario.

Humber College Ranking

Humber College ranking is significant because it gives the students and their parents the general idea of the college in order to help them make a decision.

Down below are the rankings of Humber College:

Country Rank 71
Continental Ranking
World ranking
Presence 3380

Humber College Courses

Humber College offers a variety of courses, which include:

  1. Bachelor courses
  2. Engineering courses 
  3. Computer courses 
  4. Science courses
  5. Humanities courses
  6. Business courses
  7. MBA
  8. BBA
  9. MS
  10. BHM
  11. BE/Btech

Humber College also offers part-time courses that last from one day up to fifteen weeks, depending on the course chosen.

Such courses are:

  1. Accident theory
  2. ACE Biology
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. Archives
  5. Applied Calculus
  6. Baking and pastry arts
  7. Basic Human Anatomy
  8. Beekeeping
  9. Build a Hive
  10. Business Finance
  11. Capstone

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Courses for International Students

Humber College has a Gold award as recognition for its efforts to include in its Strategic Plan as many international activities as possible. Humber College is known for being one of the most diverse and comprehensive colleges.

Below is a list of some of the courses available for international students at Humber College:

  1. Architectural Technology
  2. Civil Engineering Technology
  3. Electrical Engineering Technology – Control Systems
  4. Electromechanical Engineering Technician
  5. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  6. Accounting, Business
  7. Business Administration
  8. Sport Management
  9. Digital Business Management
  10. Child and Youth Care
  11. Child and Youth Care – Accelerated
  12. Developmental Services Worker
  13. Social Service Worker
  14. Graphic Design
  15. Interior Decorating
  16. Multimedia Design and Development

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Humber College Programs

The hands-on skills, the partnerships, and connections that the college has are the many perks of the programs. Besides developing their English skills, students also improve their presentation skills, which are very important when they start their diploma.

Down below is a list of the many programs that Humber College offers:

Program NameCredentialLengthLocation
3D Modelling and Visual Effects ProductionCertificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth
Academic Upgrading (AU)Certificate of Completion3 semestersTBD
Accounting, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Accounting, BusinessDiploma4 semestersNorth
Accounting, Business AdministrationAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Acting for Film and TelevisionDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Addictions and Mental HealthOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Advanced Chocolate and Confectionery ArtistryOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Advertising & Graphic DesignDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Advertising – Account ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Advertising – Media ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Advertising and Marketing CommunicationsDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Advertising CopywritingOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Alternative Dispute ResolutionOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Animation – 3DAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Arborist ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement12 weeksTBD
Architectural TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Art FoundationOntario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Arts Administration and Cultural ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Baker ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement4 semestersTBD
Baking and Pastry Arts ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Behavioural Science, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
BiotechnologyDiploma4 semestersNorth
Broadcast Television/VideographyDiploma4 semestersNorth
Building Construction Technician NEWDiploma4 semestersNorth
Business AdministrationAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
Business Administration (Co-op)Advanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Business Insights and Analytics NEWOntario Graduate Certificate4 semestersLakeshore
Business ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
Cabinet MakingCertificate of Achievement3 semestersNorth
Carpentry and Renovation TechnicianDiploma3 semestersNorth
Carpentry and Renovation Techniques NEWOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Child and Youth CareAdvanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Child and Youth Care – AcceleratedAdvanced Diploma4 semestersLakeshore
Child and Youth Care, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Civil Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Clinical ResearchOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersOnline
Comedy: Writing and PerformanceDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Community and Justice ServicesDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Community Development, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Community Integration through Co-operative Education (CICE)Ontario College Certificate4 semestersNorth
Computer and Network Support TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Computer Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Computer ProgrammingDiploma4 semestersNorth
Construction Boilermaker ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Construction Engineering Technology NEWAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Content Strategy NEWOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Cook ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement4 semestersTBD
Cosmetic ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Creative Advertising, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Creative Book PublishingOntario Graduate Certificate1 semesterLakeshore
Creative Writing – Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, PoetryOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Criminal Justice, Bachelor of Social ScienceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Culinary ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Culinary SkillsOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Design FoundationOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Design, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersNorth
Developmental Services WorkerDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Developmental Services Worker – AcceleratedDiploma3 semestersLakeshore
Developmental Services Worker – ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement3 – 4 yearsTBD
Digital Business Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Digital Communications, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Early Childhood EducationDiploma4 semestersNorth
Electrical Engineering Technician – Control SystemsDiploma4 semestersNorth
Electrical Engineering Technology – Control SystemsAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Electrical TechniquesOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Electrician – Construction and Maintenance ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement8 & 10 weeksTBD
Electromechanical Engineering TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Electromechanical Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Electronics Engineering TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Electronics Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Emergency TelecommunicationsOntario College Certificate1 semesterNorth
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)Ontario College Certificate8 weeksLakeshore
Enterprise Software DevelopmentOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Esthetician/Spa ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Event ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Exercise Science and Lifestyle ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Fashion Arts and BusinessDiploma4 semestersNorth
Fashion ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Fashion Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Film and Media Production, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Film and Multiplatform StorytellingOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Film and Television ProductionAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Finance, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Financial PlanningOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Financial Services, Business ManagementDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Fire ServicesDiploma4 semestersNorth
Fitness and Health PromotionDiploma4 semestersNorth
Food and Nutrition ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Forensic Identification NEWOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Fundraising ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersTBD
Funeral Director Class 1 (Embalming)Diploma5 semestersNorth
Funeral Director Class 2 (Non-Embalming)Diploma4 semestersNorth
Game ProgrammingAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
General Arts and Science – College TransferOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
General Arts and Science – TechnologyOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Certificate)Ontario College Certificate2 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
General Arts and Science – University Transfer (Diploma)Diploma4 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
Global Business ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate4 semestersLakeshore
Graphic DesignAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Graphic Design for Print and WebCertificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth
Healthcare Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Horticultural Technician ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement12 weeksTBD
Hospitality – Event ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Hospitality – Hotel and Restaurant Operations ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Hospitality and Tourism Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Hospitality and Tourism Operations ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Human Resources ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Human Resources Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Inclusive Resource Practice – Child and FamilyOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Industrial Design, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersNorth
Industrial Electrician ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement8 & 10 weeksTBD
Industrial Woodworking TechnicianDiploma3 semestersNorth
Information Technology SolutionsOntario Graduate Certificate4 semestersNorth
Insurance Management – Property and CasualtyOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Interior DecoratingDiploma4 semestersNorth
Interior Design, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersNorth
International Business, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
International DevelopmentOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
International Development, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
JournalismAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Journalism (Graduate Certificate)Ontario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Journalism, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Landscape TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Law ClerkDiploma4 semestersNorth
Management Studies, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Marketing ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Marketing, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Marketing, BusinessDiploma4 semestersNorth
Massage TherapyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Mechanical Engineering TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Mechanical Techniques – MillwrightOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Media CommunicationsDiploma4 semestersNorth, Lakeshore
Media FoundationOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Multimedia Design and DevelopmentDiploma4 semestersNorth
Music BusinessOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Music CompositionOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersOnline
Music, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Music, Introduction to Commercial Jazz MusicOntario College Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Network Cabling Specialist ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Nursing – Regular, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersNorth
Nursing – Second Entry Preparation, Bachelor ofPreparatory SemesterN/ANorth
Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle PromotionDiploma4 semestersNorth
Occupational Therapist Assistant & Physiotherapist AssistantDiploma4 semestersNorth
ParalegalOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Paralegal EducationDiploma4 semestersNorth
Paralegal Studies, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
ParamedicDiploma4 semestersNorth
Personal Support WorkerOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Pharmacy TechnicianDiploma4 semestersNorth
PhotographyDiploma4 semestersNorth
Plumber ApprenticeshipCertificate of Achievement8 weeksTBD
Plumbing TechniquesOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Police FoundationsDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Post-ProductionOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Practical NursingDiploma4 semestersNorth
Pre-Health Sciences Pathway to Advanced Diplomas and DegreesOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Pre-Service Firefighter Education and TrainingOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Professional Accounting PracticeOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Professional Golf Management, Business AdministrationAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Professional Writing and CommunicationsOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Project ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Protection, Security and InvestigationDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Public AdministrationOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersLakeshore
Public RelationsAdvanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Public Relations, Bachelor ofHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Radio and Media ProductionOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Radio, BroadcastingDiploma4 semestersNorth
Recreation and Leisure ServicesDiploma4 semestersNorth
Regulatory AffairsOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Research AnalystOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Social Service WorkerDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Sport Business ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Sport ManagementAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Supply Chain ManagementOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Supply Chain Management, Bachelor of CommerceHonours Degree8 semestersLakeshore
Sustainable Energy and Building TechnologyAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Systems NavigatorOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)Ontario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Television Writing and ProducingOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersLakeshore
Theatre Arts – PerformanceAdvanced Diploma6 semestersLakeshore
Theatre Arts – ProductionDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Tourism – Travel Services ManagementDiploma4 semestersNorth
Traditional Chinese Medicine PractitionerAdvanced Diploma6 semestersNorth
Transfer Service Sales Representative NEWOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Urban Arboriculture – Tree CareOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
User Experience (UX) DesignOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Visual and Digital ArtsDiploma4 semestersLakeshore
Web Design and DevelopmentCertificate of Achievement2 semestersNorth
Web Design and Interactive MediaAdvanced Diploma6 semestersTBD
Web DevelopmentOntario Graduate Certificate3 semestersNorth
Welding TechniquesOntario College Certificate2 semestersNorth
Wellness CoachingOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Wireless TelecommunicationsOntario Graduate Certificate2 semestersNorth
Workplace Health and Wellness, Bachelor of Health SciencesHonours Degree8 semestersNorth

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Programs for International Students

More than six thousand students from over a hundred countries all over the world are pursuing degrees, diplomas, and certificates on one of the two campuses in Toronto. Humber helps international students to shape their future careers by providing them with the necessary knowledge for their field.

Down below are some of the Humber college programs for international students:

  1. Animation3D
  2. Architectural Technology
  3. Business Administration
  4. Business Administration-Accounting
  5. Business Administration Professional Golf Management
  6. Child and Youth Care
  7. Civil Engineering Technology
  8. Electrical Engineering Technology – Control Systems 
  9. Electronics Engineering Technology
  10. Journalism
  11. Theatre Arts – Performance 
  12. Behavioral Science
  13. Commerce – Accounting
  14. Commerce – Fashion Management
  15. Commerce – Healthcare Management
  16. Commerce – Hospitality and Tourism Management 
  17. Commerce – Human Resources Management
  18. Writing and Performance
  19. Culinary Management 
  20. Electrical Engineering Technician – Control Systems 
  21. Developmental Services Worker (DSW) – Accelerated 
  22. Early Childhood Education (ECE) 

Humber College Reviews

Humber College, as an institution has great reviews from students. They express their satisfaction on the professors, the programs, on the results they are getting and the equipment at the college. The college also has good reviews from current and former employees. They think that the college has a supporting environment, there is control over course work, the part-time schedule is flexible, a variety of opportunities, cooperative and a great place to work.

Below are given the overall reviews of the Humber College statistically:

Overall experience 5/5
Admission process 4/5
Study Experience 5/5
Life Experience 5/5
Job prospects 5/5
Recommend 5/5
Approve of SEO 4/5
Accommodation 5/5
Programs 4/5
Equipment 5/5

Humber College – IELTS Requirement

All the activities at the Humber college (presentations, seminars, laboratories, classes etc.) are performed in English. It is crucial that every student has a good command of written and spoken English. So that’s why students need to have excellent comprehension skills in order to be prepared for the thoroughness of the academic curriculum and for further work components of the program. If English is not the student’s first language they will need to submit results from IELTS test evaluation method. 

Below are listed the Humber College IELTS requirements:

  • For Certificate, Diploma Minimum IELTS Score Overall 6.0 and No band below 5.5.
  • For Advanced Diploma Minimum IELTS Score Overall 6.0 and No band below 5.5
  • For Degrees Overall 6.5 and No band below 6.0
  • For Bachelor of Nursing Overall 7.0 and No band below 6.5 
  • Graduate Certificate Overall 6.5 and No band below 6.0 
  • IELTS test scores should be submitted directly at the Humber college on the day of the application
  • Students who have studied in institutions out of Canada should asses test results before the admissions evaluation

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Humber College International Student’s Requirements   

Program availability is a subject to a constant change that’s why it can get very competitive to get admission to Humber College. Students should check if the program is available before they submit their application. Admission requirements are a subject of constant change at any time.

Below are requirements for Humber College for international student’s:

  1. Students should go to the online application.
  2. Students should complete all the fields.
  3. Scanned copies of certification diploma for finished secondary school (for diploma).
  4. Scanned copies of certification diploma of college or university (for postgraduate and degree programs).
  5. The full amount of the tuition must be paid. The deadline is given in the offer letter.
  6. A nonrefundable fee payment of $75 CAD must be paid.
  7. All the required documents must be handed since that’s the only way they will be prioritized for an admission decision.

Humber College Address

Humber College address:

205 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke,
ON M9W 5L7, Canada

The Humber Lakeshore campus is located in the west end of Toronto. The campus is close to many famous cultural attractions such as: CN Tower, Air Canada Centre, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Place and Harbourfront.

Humber College Location

Humber College has three campuses with very attractive locations. There is a 250-acre Arboretum. These are botanical gardens that serve as public space, conservation area and also as an educational center.

  1. North Campus is located close to the shore of the Humber river.
  2. Lakeshore campus is located close to the Lake Ontario Shore.
  3.  The center of trade and technology is just up the street from the Humber North campus.
  4. The Humber North campus is situated on the public transit line of Toronto.
  5. Humber Lakeshore Campus is located in the west end of Toronto.
  6. Humber Lakeshore Campus is located on the public transit line of Toronto.
  7. The campus is only minutes away from downtown.
  8. Humber Orangeville campus is located northwest of Toronto.

Humber College Application Deadline

Crafting a college application takes time and attention to details so that’s why it should be done carefully and with a lot attention on detail. The college application should be sent on time in order to get admission.

  1. Tuition Deposit Due for Winter 2020- Wednesday, November 6, 2019
  2. Registration Begins for Winter 2020- Monday, November 18, 2019
  3. Tuition Deposit Due for Summer 2020- Wednesday, March 4, 2020
  4. Registration Begins for Summer 2020- Monday, March 23, 2020

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Humber College Fees

Humber Colleges fees are a subject to constant change and are finalized when the registration is completed. Applicants that work placement that extends into new academic year which starts in September term will be charged for health insurance as well.

The Medical Insurance fee is mandatory and it is charged every academic year. Fall start $420, winter start $280, summer start $140. Additional fees include: Airport pickup, course instruction, learning materials, social activities, weekend meals.

Humber College Application Fee

Applicants must pay the full fee amount before registration. Humber doesn’t accept wire transfers. A nonrefundable fee of 75$ CAD must be paid.

International Student Fees

The amount of fees given on the official webpage is given for guidance only. Fees are a subject to constant change and are finalized when the registration is completed. International students will be covered by health issuance when they enroll in a Humber college program. 

Humber College Notable Alumni

On the list of Humber College notable alumni there are people from different domains in life, like: doctors, actors, theater personalities, singers, writers, intellectuals and etc.

List of famous Humber College alumni:

  1. Giacomo Gianniotti
  2. Dina Pugliese
  3. Nathan Fielder
  4. Charlotte Hegele
  5. George Stroumboulopoulos

Humber College – Global Business Management Program

The Humber College Global Business Management program gives students the chance to prepare for a video spectra of job opportunities in the business management sector and gives them the right amount of time to decide which is best for them.

Here is list of specialization streams:

  1. Advertising Media Management
  2. Alternative Dispute Resolution
  3. Entrepreneurial Enterprise
  4. Event Management
  5. Fashion Management

Humber College – MBA

The diploma from Humber College’s Business Administration program gives students the opportunity to develop extensive knowledge of how business works and teaches them to become competent in a variety of skills needed to ease business operations.

List of courses needed to take for this program:

  1. Business Essentials
  2. Introduction to Business
  3. Business Law
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Business System

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Humber College – Masters Program

The graduate and postgraduate certificate programs complement the post-secondary education of students. They are usually given in an intensive format and last about two semesters, and prepare students for work in a specific field.

Down below is a list of postgraduate programs:

  1. Web Development
  2. Enterprise Software Development
  3. Creative Book Publishing
  4. Fashion Management
  5. Clinical Research

Humber College – Supply Chain Management

This program gives students a solid knowledge on both business and global supply chain matters. Students will know how to research and analyze the marketplace, use technology like Applications, Systems, and Products in Data Processing.

Down below is a list of subjects in the curriculum:

  1. Distribution
  2. Supply and Demand
  3. Business Processes
  4. Logistics Technology
  5. Purchasing/Supplier Management

Humber College – PG diploma Course

PG diploma courses are pursued after the completion of postsecondary education. Depending on the previous education of the students and their long term goals their pathway through Humber may consist of one or many credentials together.

Down Below is a list of PG diploma courses:

  1. 3D Modeling and Visual Effects Production
  2. Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce
  3. Addictions and Mental Health
  4. Cabinet making
  5. Design Foundation

Humber College – Postgraduate Programs

The Humber College postgraduate programs are career-oriented and through them, students will gain a competitive edge. In eight to twelve months they will gain real-world job experience and develop skills in their chosen sector.

Down below is a list of postgraduate programs:

  • Biotechnology
  • Behavioral Science
  • Baker Apprenticeship
  • Acting for Film and Television
  • Broadcast Television/Videographer

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Humber College PG Courses 

Students studying at Humber can expect experiencing learning that is beyond the academic learning. The PG courses prepare students to think critically. The college also works closely with businesses to ensure that the curriculum stays relevant to the changing business environment. Down below is a list of PG courses: 

  1. 3D Modeling and Visual Effects Production
  2. Academic Upgrading (AU)
  3. Advanced Chocolate and Confectionery Artistry
  4. Advertising – Account Management
  5. Construction Boilermaker Apprenticeship

Humber College – Project Management Course

On the Humber College Project Management Course students will learn how to manage projects and programs. In the time span of two semesters, students will learn how to move a project through all its phases. 

After the completion of the course the graduate will be able to:

  1. Know how to monitor the project and take measures on time to deal with opportunities and problems
  2. Anticipate challenges that may happen during complex projects
  3. Identify and monitor risks
  4. Work with a team in a professional manner
  5. Respect different opinions in order to have a collaborative environment

Humber College – Information Technology Program

This diploma provides the students with the skills, concepts, and knowledge needed to become a software developer. This is a diploma created for students without any background knowledge in IT. The emphasis is put on presentation skills.

Down below is a list of skills and possible job careers:

  1. Enterprise development
  2. Database programs
  3. Information technology
  4. Database Developers
  5. Web programmers

Humber College – Scholarships for International Students

Humber College is the number one supporter of students when it comes to completing their programs, especially in financial matters.

That’s why the college offers scholarships which are ranging form 1,000$ to full tuition scholarships.

  1. Academic Excellence Award in Academic Purposes
  2. The English for Academic Purposes International Student Degree/Postgraduate Pathway Award
  3. The English for Academic Purposes International Student Diploma Pathway Award

Humber College Admission Requirements for International Students

It’s important that students have in mind that admission requirements may change at any time and they should visit the official college website for detailed requirements.

Down below is a list of admission requirements for international students:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree
  2. Postsecondary Diploma or Certificate
  3. Graduate Certificate
  4. English for Academic Purposes Program
  5. Portfolios

Humber College Acceptance Rate

The Average academic score for GPA is 3. The Average academic score for IB is 28 and the Average academic score in percentage is 75. The average entrance score for IELTS is 7 and for TOEFL is 90.

Humber College Careers 


  1. Accounting Recruiting Firm
  2. Studio animation
  3. Management recruiters
  4. Hospitals
  5. Youth and women’s shelters


  1. Finance
  2. Accounting
  3. Consulting
  4. Marketing
  5. Technology

Humber College Staff Directory 

Humber college staff directory is used in these cases:

  1. To contact someone from the Humber staff
  2. In case of emergencies
  3. When the applicant cannot find a number they should try and find it in frequently called numbers
  4. It’s strictly forbidden for clients to call the staff to ask for business information and contributions
  5. For updating the Humber College Staff Directory the I.T. Support center should be contacted

Humber College Business School

Humber College offers over fifty programs covering different fields that reflect the new business landscape. The college offers students a mix of academic theory and practical knowledge and in return, they graduate with the ability to become their best.

Down below is a list of full-time programs:

  1. Accounting, Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Accounting, Business
  3. Accounting, Business Administration
  4. Accounting, Business Administration
  5. Baking and Pastry Arts Management

Humber College vs. Lambton College

CriteriaHumber CollegeLambton College
Estimated Annual Revenue$30M$3.6M
Estimated Employees18553
CEO Approval Rating75/10070/100
number of students8350
AwardsProfessional Golf Management Student Awards
Distinguished Performance Awards
Department of English League for Innovation Student Literary Contest Second Place Awards
ESYS Automation Excellence Award
Nancy Lawrie Memorial Award
Academic Awards

Premier’s Awards


✅ Is Humber College Good? 

Humber College provides a good academic experience for its students. It’s an award-winning faculty that offers advanced academic credentials. Humber College gives the students the opportunity to engage in sport and athletic activities in the fitness and recreation facilities.

The facilities are clean, safe, and well maintained which gives the students the feeling of well being and gives them a peaceful and clean environment they need. Students feel that they have the necessary knowledge after they graduate from Humber. An amazing 85% of graduates have found employment only after six months after graduating.

✅ What is the processing time for Offer Letter at Humber College?

It takes about two weeks or sometimes even more to process an offer letter. It’s a press that usually takes a different amount of time and it is individual for different applicants. 

Are students required to pay additional fees to graduate?

No, they are not. Gowns are provided free of charge on the day of the graduation ceremony.

Is the college providing services for people with disabilities?

The venue is completely assessable for people with disabilities. And extra assistance can be required for people with visual and hearing impairments.

If students graduated last year and missed their convocation, can they join this year?

Unfortunately, students can attend only the year when they are invited.

✅ When should students pay the tuition fee?

Students should pay their tuition fees once they receive an Offer of admission.

Can students apply for more than one bridging program at Humber?

Yes, they can. But they can only be accepted at one program.

✅ Where can students find what events are happening on campus?

On Hamber Today’s calendar through Outlook.

Where is the Marketing Communications Department located?

It’s located in the LRC building on the 6th floor.

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