How to go to Canada without IELTS?

How to go to Canada without IELTS is a question on the minds of students planning to go to Canada for studies. In recent years, Canada has become one of the best educational hotspots. It provides quality education and living standards, which are the highest in the world.

You get the quality education at affordable rates. The degrees from Canadian universities are of great value, comparable to those of Australia and USA. Universities also provide ample research and internship opportunities during your course period.

Apart from academics, Canada is also a very beautiful place. There are many tourist places and you can enjoy both on campus and off campus life. And the most important of all, students are given security inside the university and across the country. Inexpensive healthcare has put Canada on the top country to live in for past 8 years.

But before you pack your bags for Canada, it is necessary to know that you need to give an English proficiency test, called the International English Language Testing System (or IELTS for short). If you are applying for any college, for permanent residency or Canadian citizenship, you need to show the test score as a proof. But it is not necessary to give the IELTS exam.

What is IELTS?

IELTS or International English Language Testing System is the English Proficiency Exam for non-native English speakers to prove their efficiency in the English language. It was started in 1989 and is jointly managed by the British Council, IDP, Cambridge Assessment English and IELTS Australia.

Students who wish to pursue studies in the countries where English is the first language are required to appear for IELTS Academic if they are from a Non-English speaking country. IELTS is used by more than 10,000 colleges and institutions in more than 140 countries worldwide.

Canada PR Without IELTS

You can give another English proficiency test of Canada called the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program or CELPIP for short, which acts as an alternative to IELTS. Your relatives can sponsor you for PR, but they need to be staying in Canada for more than 1 year and need to have a PR for themselves before they can sponsor you.

Canada is one of the best countries to study, work, and live in. The facilities provided, and the general services are among the best in the world and attract a lot of people every year. You can go to Canada for work and study purposes, granted you have some prerequisites fulfilled like a work permit and sponsorship from the company without the need for IELTS.

But getting permanent residency requires you to produce your English proficiency test score and sponsorship from your relatives. Alternatives to IELTS exist, so you are not confined to only one exam.

How To Apply for PR in Canada Without IELTS

Canada provides several programs that enable an individual to apply for a PR in Canada. Though IELTS is one of the basic requirements for PR, these programs offer an alternative to IELTS, like the Canada Language Benchmark (CLB). CLB is the Canadian standard for measuring and assessing the English proficiency of people wanting to obtain PR in Canada.

The jobs in Canada are classified into 5 types and this classification is called National Occupation Classification (NOC). For immigration, these are the main groups:

  1. Skill Type 0: These refer to management jobs.
  2. Skill Level A: Jobs that require university degrees.
  3. Skill Level B: The technical jobs that require a college diploma or training before recruiting.
  4. Skill Level C: The jobs that require job specific training.
  5. Skill Level D: Labor jobs that provide on-site training.

Programs offered for applying for a PR in Canada

Canadian Experience Class

To apply for a PR via this program, you need to satisfy the following conditions first:

  1. Strong English skills, with CLB 7 for NOC 0 or A, else CLB 5 for rest of the NOCs.
  2. Experience of working in Canada in NOC 0, A or B.
  3. 1 year of working experience in Canada.
  4. Higher preference if you have a job offer and Canadian Education.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

To apply for a PR via FSWP, you need to satisfy the following conditions first:

  1. Strong English skills, with CLB 7 for all NOCs.
  2. Experience of working in Canada in NOC 0, A or B.
  3. 1 year of working experience in Canada, either full time or part time job equivalent to one year.
  4. Higher preference if you have a job offer.
  5. Secondary education is needed. Higher preference for post-secondary education.

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Federal Skilled Trade

To apply for a PR via this program, you need to satisfy these conditions:

  1. Strong English skills, with CLB 5 for speaking and listening, while CLB 4 for reading and writing.
  2. Experience of working in Canada in NOC B.
  3. 2 years of working experience in the last 5 years.
  4. An offer of a full-time job is required for at least 1 year.
  5. Higher preference for having Canadian Education.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Before applying for a PR via PNP, you must fulfil these criteria:

  1. Strong English skills. The required NOC depends on the provinces.
  2. Experience in working is dependent on provincial rules.
  3. Work experience, job offer, and educational requirements are province dependent.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

Applying for this program demands the following:

  1. Strong English skills with CLB 4 minimum.
  2. Type and amount of work experience are not required.
  3. Job offer should be of NOC 0, A, B or C and should last for at least 1 year from the day PR is granted.
  4. Must have graduated from publicly funded post-secondary college in Atlantic Canada.
  5. The job should be offered by an employer of Atlantic Canada.

Can I Go To Canada Without IELTS?

It depends on the reason for immigration. If you are going to Canada as a tourist, then it is not necessary to give IELTS. If you are going to Canada for a job and you have a work permit, you don’t necessarily give IELTS, but this depends on the company rules.

Though many of them don’t ask for IELTS, for some reason they may ask for your score and then you need to give the exam. When applying for permanent residency for Canada, the IELTS becomes necessary. If you are going to Canada for study purposes, IELTS is not required, though if you apply for colleges providing higher education, IELTS is mandatory.

Work In Canada Without IELTS

It is a dream of many people to work in Canada. The employee services are good and are more quality oriented than work quantity oriented. IELTS is not a VISA. It is an English proficiency test which is used to check your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills and judge whether you will be able to communicate well if you immigrate to Canada.

If you are aiming to get a job in Canada, IELTS is not necessary. Though some employers may request to see your IELTS score, in which case you will have to take the IELTS exam, many of them don’t usually want it.

Study In Canada Without IELTS

Canada has become one of the student’s preferred countries to study in. There are many good institutions in Canada which provide quality education and are comparable to those of USA and Australia. Many of them need English proficiency test scores to determine your eligibility for their institutions.

But there are some colleges which don’t require the IELTS scores. They grant admission based on the applicant’s English scores at a school level and some random proficiency tests. In these cases, you should check the websites of the college for their requirements to make the admission process less complicated.

Work Permit In Canada Without IELTS

It is usually seen that students, after completing their graduation from Canada, prefer to work in Canada itself. This becomes a problem because it needs either one or both of the following: the availability of work permit and eligibility for permanent residence.

To apply for a post-graduation work permit, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. Be at least 18 years old at the time of applying.
  2. You should have continuously studied full time in Canada in a degree program which lasts for at least 8 months.
  3. Have graduated from a registered institution of Canada.
  4. Have document from your institution confirming you passed in all program core courses.
  5. Should have applied for a work permit within 90 days from the day your program ended.
  6. Have a valid study permit at the time of applying for a work permit

Is IELTS required for Canada?

However, in recent times due to pandemic and the lock-down in several countries’ IELTS communicating centres were closed thus particular countries like UK and Canada update their Student Visa Rules and produce some solutions to provide Student Visa while not IELTS.

  • As per the recent updates, most of the Canadian Universities have started accepted the DUOLINGO test and there are also some additional changes created by the immigration ministry. 
  • Plenty of Canadian Universities might take into account your application while not IELTS and give you admission if you qualify one among the subsequent criteria.
  •  If you’ve got appeared and scored up to the mark in alternative English Proficiency tests like take a look at of English as a foreign Language (TOEFL).
  • You have done your schooling through English-Medium for four or additional years (these criteria might vary from country to country) You are a native of any English country You have appeared for university or college’s English course for a minimum of one semester or a year.

How to relocate to Canada without IELTS

In relevance Canada’s new visa rules, there’ll be no hurdle within the student for visa. If you are not possess IELTS scores. With the most recent Canada rules International students simply have to be compelled to prove their admission at a university in Canadian university is to be eligible for a study visa. thus students from other countries are applying for visas in Canada without IELTS scores have to be compelled to give documents to prove that their university doesn’t need IELTS score.

These rules were created by the Canadian government to attract real talent students who are literally willing to pursue their studies in Canada without IELTS. it also give benefit to the scholars from worldwide to study in Canada at top universities without IELTS.

How To Settle In Canada From India Without IELTS

The methods of going to Canada are plenty. They differ based on reasons for going. If you have a job offer in Canada, you can just catch a plane and reach there, because basic requirement for a work permit in Canada is you have a job offer and a sponsorship which the company usually provides. If your reason for visiting Canada is study-related, then the requirement of IELTS depends on the college.

Some colleges may want to see your IELTS score to ensure you are fluent in English, while some may not require IELTS at all. It’s always better to check the website of college you are applying to check for the requirements. However, you can’t get a PR in Canada without IELTS. It is a mandatory document for obtaining PR, but alternatives like the CELPIP exist, along with a sponsorship.

Admission in Canada without IELTS

Study permits don’t need you to give IELTS exam. But the requirement of IELTS score depends on the program you are applying for. If you are aiming for specific masters or bachelor’s degree programs in Canada, then you are for bad luck. Some of these programs request your IELTS score and it is not possible to get admissions without it.

On the bright side, some universities like Concordia University and the University of Winnipeg offer degree programs without the IELTS exam. You can always join these colleges, but better check the terms and conditions on their website before making your decision.

Easy way to go to Canada without IELTS

Your reason for going to Canada is the deciding factor for the methods you can use to go to Canada. If you are applying for study programs in Canada, then join a university that doesn’t mandate the IELTS score. This is usually a faster and safer method of applying to universities in Canada. While applying for work permits, IELTS is generally not requested. The only requirements are a job offer from the company and sponsorship, which is usually provided by your employer.

In case they request, then you need to give the IELTS. But it is not possible to get PR in Canada without IELTS. It is one of the basic requirements of obtaining PR because if you stay in Canada, they want to make sure that you can effectively speak and understand English, one of the major languages of Canada, the other one being French. Though there are alternatives to IELTS, it is considered a more accurate measure of your English proficiency.

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How to Study in Canada

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Comments (106)

  1. Yaman :

    Can I go to Canada without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      If you want to go to Canada without IELTS there is only one possibility to go without IELTS in the English language course. You can do an English language course to go to Canada without IELTS. If you have a student visa you can do the course on your student visa. Or apply for a Student visa.

  2. Suman :

    Where can I study in Canada without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      Here are some top universities in Canada which can’t require an IELTS score. If you want to study in Canada without IELTS then you can opt for this.

      1. University of Saskatchewan
      2. Brock University
      3. Carleton University
      4. University of Winnipeg
      5. University of Regina
      6. Memorial University

  3. eshaa :

    How do I pass IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      Try to Read more. Try to read different types of books and text. It is the most effective way to improve your English speaking and writing skills. This will help you clear the selection of the IELTS exam.
      1. Try to practice daily
      2. Improve Your Grammar by reading books.
      3. Increase Your Vocabulary to enhance your English
      4. Practice Previous Years Question Papers to qualify the exam.

  4. ritika :

    Is IELTS valid for 3 years now?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      IELTS exam is valid for up to 3 years from the date of exam.

  5. Tara :

    Is IELTS mandatory for Canada study permit?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      It is accepted by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to check the English proficiency of the students. If you are planning to do undergraduate or postgraduate programs, the previously IELTS exam is mandatory to take admission to Canadian universities but after lockdown, Canadian government changes the rules so that students can also take admission in Canada without IELTS.

  6. yukta :

    Can I get study visa for Canada without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      There are few universities in Canada that accept admission without an IELTS exam. If you appear in one year or full-time study in one subject as English so you can get admission in Canada without IELTS.

  7. Uday :

    How do I know my Canada visa is approved without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      If you have applied your visa application through Post, then you wait until your passport comes to you and when your passport comes to you, you need to check inside. You will notice that a stamp is present there, this means that your visa is approved which you applied for, for now, you are ready to go to Canada without IELTS.

  8. Ishika :

    which university give admission in Canada without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      Here is some universities name which provides admission in Canada without IELTS are given below:

      1. University of Saskatchewan
      2. Brock University
      3. Carleton University
      4. University of Winnipeg
      5. University of Regina
      6. Memorial University
      7. Concordia University.

  9. Pragya :

    Why do international universities require IELTS scores?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      IELTS is a test used to evaluate the performance of Students. It is used to check the English proficiency of the candidate. Because they check whether the Student is comfortable with the study environment or homework as their English is the primary language. So it is important to understand their primary language to study in Canada.

  10. Aditya :

    What are the alternatives to the IELTS exam to take admission in Canada without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      It totally depends on the university you choose to take admission to because every university has its own criteria to give admission. You have the following exam options as a proof of your English proficiency.
      These are the following exams:
      1. TOEFL test– Test of English as a Foreign Language. Is another option for IELTS.
      2. CanTEST test – Canadian Test of English for Scholars and Trainees.
      3. CAEL test– Canadian Academic English Language.
      4. PTE test – Pearson English Language Test is another option for IELTS

  11. shreya :

    Is it mandatory for international students to take IELTS exam?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      No, it is not compulsory to tale only the IELTS exam. You have also other options to take admission to Canada without IELTS. But you should know that not taking the IELTS exam will make it harder for you to study in Canada. Here in this article explain how to take admission to Canada without IELTS.

  12. Daksh :

    Can I attend English language courses prior to my university?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      Yes, certain universities allow attending English language courses prior to your university, like the University of Saskatchewan offers proprietary programs designed to give international students English proficiency. International students can take these courses to improve their proficiency in English.

  13. farha :

    Are there any other languages that I apply to universities in Canada?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      If you are applying to study in Canada like Quebec where French is a primary language, you will be required to show proficiency in the French language. If you want to do such more courses you can go for a university websites to know more about the availability of the course.

  14. Gaurav :

    In which country we can go without IELTS?

    • Vishesh Chogtu :

      You can study abroad without IELTS in many universities. Many countries can accept admission without IELTS like, the name of some countries are Australia, Canada, UK, Norway & Germany. Like in this article I explain how to take admission to Canada without IELTS.

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