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In this article, we explain what the SAT is, how to apply for SAT, the examination dates and some tips that you can use to get the perfect score in the test.

What are the SAT Test Dates and Deadlines for 2018-19?

Starting from 2018-19, the January test dates have been removed and it has been replaced by August dates.

For the US, the dates for application are as follows:

Exam DateRegistration DeadlineLate Registration DateOnline Result Declaration
25 August, 201827 July, 201815 August, 20187 September, 2018
6 October, 20187 September, 201826 September, 201819 October, 2018
3 November, 20185 October, 201824 October, 201816 November, 2018
1 December, 20182 November, 201820 November, 201814 December, 2018
9 March, 20198 February, 201927 February, 201922 March, 2019
4 May, 20195 April, 201924 April, 201917 May, 2019
1 June, 20193 May, 201922 May, 201910 July, 2019


For international students, the dates for application are as follows:

Test DateRegistration DeadlineOnline Score Release
6 October, 20187 September, 201819 October, 2018
3 November, 20185 October, 201816 November, 2018
1 December, 20182 November, 201814 December, 2018
9 March, 20198 February, 201922 March, 2019
4 May, 20195 April, 201917 May, 2019
1 June, 20193 May, 201910 July, 2019

As it is evident from these lists, we can see that most of the SAT test dates are grouped tightly in the late Fall and early winter durations. SAT dates are more spread out in the spring, except for May and June, because fewer colleges have application deadlines in spring than there are in fall and early winter. These dates aim to allow the students who want to give the SAT exam early on.

Since there is a high number of test dates in the fall, it becomes difficult to take two consecutively. By the time the result for the first test comes out, the late registration date for the next test may have passed. However, if you decided to register for another test without knowing the previous test’s scores, you might end up wasting money in case your score turns out to be higher than your expectations. On the other hand, if you don’t register for the next test, you will miss your only shot at raising your scores.

How to choose the best SAT dates?

Considering the above-mentioned risks, you should select the dates that suit your schedule and the dates allow you to apply for a retest in case the results don’t turn out to be good. Here are some of the general tips that you must keep in mind before selecting dates:


1. Determine when your college application deadlines are.

This is the most important factor. Generally, the deadlines are around January 1 for regular decisions and November 1 to 15 for early decisions. The College Board generally sends your scores to your college one day before the online result declaration, approximately 4 to 5 weeks after the exam. However, colleges are generally lazy and won’t process your scores for about a week. Hence, you are supposed to wait for about six weeks for your school to process the SAT scores.

Therefore, it is advisable to not take any SAT exam five to six weeks before the college application dates are due.

2. Application for SAT Scholarships

Generally, scholarship applications use deadlines like that of college application deadlines. However, in case of any question about when your SAT scores will arrive, it is better to contact your school and verify whether your scores are coming earlier than, along with or later than your application. Note that in case scores come late, then there is a chance of your application getting rejected.

3. How many times you are planning to take SATs?

If you are not satisfied with your test scores, it is always better to retake SAT and aim for better scores. Try to spread out the test dates because you don’t want to stress yourself out. Moreover, you won’t be getting any use out of your retests because of lack of preparation time.

If you take your first SAT during the spring of your junior rather than in fall, you get plenty of opportunities to retake the SAT a couple of times more. For example, you can take the SAT for the second time in June and a third time in November.

4. Plan out the total study time you will need

Many previous students and SAT scholars recommend new students to spend at least three to six months for preparation for the SAT. this is because this time is enough to allow you to successfully complete the preparations in time without stressing yourself in the process of studying.

The other factor is the total improvement you want to see in your scores. The higher the improvement you want, the more time you need to spend on preparation. On an average, you should spend about 10 hours per day for a successful score in SAT.

What is the most appropriate time to take the SAT?

SAT is handled seven times a year. Hence, it provides you a lot of opportunities to attempt your test. However, you must decide which dates work best for you and your schedule.

For the first-timers, it’s always recommended to take your SAT during the winter of your junior year. This is because, by this time, you must have completed most of your syllabus in the school making it easier to score a good score in the SAT. The added benefit is that you still have enough time to take the test again in case the last one didn’t give a good result.

What is SAT exam?

If you want to apply for a college in the US, then you must be familiar with the SAT and know how it will affect your application process for any college.

SAT is a standard examination for college admissions. SAT stands for Scholastic Assessment Test. SAT exams are conducted by these College Board. Currently, it is rivaled by another one of the tests, known as American College Testing, or ACT for short. For the students of 2018 batch, ACT is a more popular choice because it was designed to replace SAT. However, ACT is not used by many of the colleges and hence SAT is still the better choice of the two.


Why take the SAT exam?

SAT is the standardized exam that lets your school and you determine how prepared you are for college. It tests your reading, comprehension and mathematical skills all at once. SAT also compares your performance against other students of your level.

When you apply for any college in the US, then you are expected to submit your SAT scores for getting admission. Depending on the college you are applying for, either of SAT or ACT score may account for almost 50% of the admission decision. Therefore, getting a good score in either of these exams is extremely important.


Which colleges accept the SAT scores?

All four-year colleges in the US accept the Sat scores and almost all the schools need you to present your SAT scores. Though recently many colleges have started liberating this aspect of admission requirement and hence you must verify what are the needs of the college you are applying for.

If you looking to get admission in the UK or Canada schools, or if you are an international student looking to study in the US, then SAT becomes mandatory.


What is the structure of the SAT?

Before you can start preparing for the SAT, you must be well versed with its structure first. SAT consists of 10 sections, in the following order with respective timings for each section:

Essay section: An essay writing section

Critical reading: Has a total of 3 sections, 2 passage based and a sentence completion section.

Math section: Has a total of 3 sections, 2 multiple choice sections and a grid in section.

Writing section: Has a total of 3 sections, an improving sentence section, a sentence error identification error, and an improving paragraph section.

Eligibility for SAT

According to the College Board, there are no pre-requisites for attempting an SAT test. However, one must have a credit/debit card with international payment support enabled because you need to pay the fees for the test. There are no age requirements either, but you must be having a valid Passport to appear in the exam.

What are the fees for SAT tests?

The fees of the SAT tests depend on the type of test you are giving and the country you apply from.

For written essay test, the fees come out to be around $106 (approx. 7500 INR) and around $94(approx. 6800 INR) for without essay. In case you want to appear for subject SATs, which are not as useful nowadays, the fees come out to $111 (approx. 8000 INR).


How to practice for SAT?

After you are done with your preparations, it is always recommended to take some mock tests to know how prepared you really are. There are official practice tests by College Board themselves. You can get free SAT mock tests from Princeton and Kaplan. There are many websites that can provide you with previous SAT papers for free. These sites also allow you to compare your performance against other students around the world. Be sure to utilize all these resources to the fullest.


SAT is a very easy exam to get a good score in, given you have enough preparation for the test. The most important part of taking the SAT is filling the application forms before the deadlines. You can follow the deadlines given in this guide to plan which dates suit your schedule the best and start with your preparations according to it. It is recommended to dedicate at least 10 hours a day for the preparations to get the best scores. There are many online resources you can use to complete your preparations for SAT, like free courses and papers for practice. Hopefully, this guide helped you clear your doubts about SAT and provide you with necessary information. We wish you all the best for your future SAT tests.

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