The Ultimate Guide to MS in USA for Indian students (Updated 2019)

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For the MS’s degree, the  USA is the most preferable choice and option for Indian students as the United States of America is one of the most developed countries and a job creator center for any aspirant who is willing to settle in the dynamic country as well.

The USA has in recent years has evolved immensely and is a center of attraction for students from the entire world as it one of the fastest growing and developing countries. The facilities and luxuries the United States of America offers are what a student looks forward to while choosing a career plan.

How much does the MS in the USA for Indian students Cost?

As education abroad is expensive for Indian students, there are some international courses that are less expensive than most of them. For example, if you are thinking of applying for a post-graduate MS degree abroad (e.g. MBA / MS), the expenses of MS in the USA are prominently less expensive than the cost of the best MBA in America.

Nevertheless, this is in relative terms. One needs to be updated on the different cost features that sum up the total expenses of an MS degree.
The average application fee for most of the top MS’s program in America is $75 (4,500 Rupees). Moreover, if one hasn’t planned the goals of MS’s institutes well and combined them during the GRE test (students are allowed 4 free universities) students are charged $27 (~INR 1,800) to forward the score to each additional MS University.

The average cost of MS in the USA in a government-funded university is undoubtedly less as compared to that of the private institutes. When one takes into consideration the state universities, the average cost of MS in the USA varies from $20,000 to $30,000 for the entire two years.
If the cost is converted to the Indian rupee, considering the current value of dollars, MS fees in the USA in a state university will cost you Rupees 13 lakhs – 20 lakhs for the entire 2 years.

Apparently, the average cost of MS in the USA for private universities will vary from $25,000-$50,000. If we Convert it to Indian currency, students are supposed to pay approximately in the range of Rupees 17 lakhs – 33 lakhs for MS in private universities.

What is the Application Fee for MS in the USA?

Accordingly, TOEFL grants 4 free institutions. The fee for sending one’s TOEFL score to additional MS universities is $20 (INR 1,300). If one has registered for TOEFL iBT, they can avail of the TOEFL Value Pack Premium pack which grants one the test material, five additional marks report and a $35 (INR 2,300) discount for upcoming registrations.
Assuming, you are sending 10 MS applications, at an average application fee of $122 [$75 + $27 + $20] per MS university, you are staring at a total expense of $1,220 (~INR 80,000).

What is the Eligibility for MS in the USA for Indian Students?

Usually, American universities require 16 years of formal education to be eligible for an MS’s course. Since a Bachelor’s degree in countries like India is a three-year program (B.Sc, B.Com, B.A etc), that sums up to 15 years (involving 10 years of schooling and 2 years’ junior college).

What is the Eligibility for MS in the USA for Indian students?

Test Scores

Proficiency in the English language is one basic requirement and the two oft-used tests to analyze the students are: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS(International English Language Testing System) IELTS vs TOEFL
One would also have to go through one of the following exams to qualify for an MS’s program: Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). There are more precise standardized exams for the legal and medical spheres.

Sixteen Years of education

Most American universities require 16 years of formal education to be eligible for an MS’s course. Since a graduation degree in countries like India is a three-year program (B.Sc, B.Com, B.A etc), that adds up to 15 years (including 10 years of schooling plus 2 years’ junior college).
Here’s some good news, though. Recently, most American universities, including some prominent business schools, have initiated to accept 15 years of formal education, apart from 16, if the overall of your application package is especially extraordinary.
That’s because they go through each applicant as a whole package when they process and evaluate applications. Thus, while a few aspirants play safe by doing a year’s MS’s course in India, to tot up 16 years of education, one could not waste a year and work more hard on achieving excellent GRE/GMAT scores that would be hard for any university to quash.

Practical Experience

Many MS’s programs, most specifically in the fields of medicine, education, and technology, demand practical experience and internships. So, apart from group discussions, writing a thesis and, of course, attending lectures, students may be required to have actual professional experience.

Other Requirements

A portion of alternate parameters a U.S. college will pass judgment on you on are your scholastic record; the school/college you visited; your proposals; investigate work and distributed work; extracurricular exercises and work understanding, assuming any. The significance of Extra-curricular exercises |

You’d have to present a Statement of Purpose (SOP) too, which is among the most imperative parts of your MS’s application. Read this post on SOP: Statement Of Purpose

At long last, it is basic that you draw up a waitlist of colleges that augment your odds of anchoring admission to a decent school. It’s an intricate and fragile yet logical process.

On the off chance that your application committee is great however you’ve connected just to average colleges, you could be in for a stun. Exactly when you thought getting affirmation was secure – you didn’t have any significant bearing to the best colleges on the off chance that the opposition was too solid and you didn’t measure up – you could wind up with dismissals all around.

Along these lines, except if you have a profile that can direct a celebrity central treatment from an American college, you should need to consider motivating proficient help to explore the affirmation procedure.

What are the Eligibility exams for MS in the USA for Indian students?

1. GRE (Graduate Record Exam)
You can give GRE any time; the scores are valid for the next five years from that day.

2. English Proficiency Tests
Our first dialect isn’t English, so most colleges anticipate that you will give your English capability by standard tests like TOEFL, IELTS. You will require your substantial test scores to be sent to colleges.

There is no base score for GRE, anyway, colleges will have their own base English capability prerequisites. For most colleges, the base TOEFL score is 79 or IELTS 6.5 band. Higher positioning colleges would require TOEFL 100+.

TOEFL or IELTS anyone test can be taken. TOEFL is acknowledged by all colleges, however, a  couple of colleges don’t consider IELTS. So check the site of your graduate school before you book your test.

Barely any colleges likewise forgo TOEFL prerequisites for Indian understudies. So ensure you know about these realities when applying to graduate school.

With these things in your grasp, you are allowed to apply to aces programs in any college in the US.

Likewise, take note of that you can likewise apply specifically to Ph.D. programs with this qualification.

Other Important Factors

Class performance (your CGPA)
The reputation of your college
Number and quality of projects you did
Your publications and researches
Letter of Recommendations
Rank of Professors and their research activities
Work experience
Extra-curricular activities
Your research matches with that if the university

What is the Application Process for MS in the USA for Indian Students?

One of the best request being looked by contenders who wish to look for after their MS in the US is how to apply, how to start and what are the essentials? With a significant application package and a couple of stages required, affirmations for MS in the US may have every one of the reserves of being undermined in any case, yet the technique ends up being basic if it is sought after with suitable organizing and understanding of the required parts.

1. Pick colleges

2. Check due dates

3. Qualification

– 16 years training

– Standardized test

4. Tests required

5. Organize the application bundle

SOP: The Statement of Purpose is a standout amongst the most crucial components of the application bundle for induction into MS in the US

LOR: Unlike the SOP, the Letter of Recommendation is a free appraisal of the competitor’s potential.

Articles: Different colleges have distinctive prerequisites for papers. A few colleges may offer an arbitrary subject to compose on

Resume: Some colleges require the contender to present a CV alongside the application frame. It ought to contain essential data like date of birth, scholastic capabilities, and accomplishments.

Scholarly transcripts: Academic transcripts incorporate every one of the capabilities that the competitor will list in the application frame. It is prudent for the contender to begin orchestrating transcripts from October itself.

Scores: Universities with a prerequisite of institutionalized score require consequences of the tests alongside the application.

Other Important Documents

Proposal letters ( least 2-3 addresses)
GRE/TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS score proofs other than announcing the test scores formally.

Scholarly Transcripts for the capabilities recorded in the application frame.


Work encounter authentications, if appropriate

Photocopies of international ID

Declarations for additional curricular exercises referenced in the application frame.

WES Evaluation records, whenever required by the college.

When are Offer letters Received for MS in the US?

The colleges more often than not take fourteen days to react to applications.

What are the Top Universities for MS in the USA for Indian students?

1. Lehigh University
2. Fitchburg State University
3. University of Central Arkansas
4. New Mexico Highlands University
5. Mississippi Valley State University
6. California State University San Bernardino Campus
7. Loyola University Chicago
8. Sonoma State University
9. San Diego State University
10. North Seattle Community College

What are the Scholarships for MS in the USA for Indian students?

There are a number of scholarships for Indian students who are highly capable academicians and deserve encouragement in terms of monetary support and institutional recognition.
Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in the USA
Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships.
Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students.
Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship.
American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship.
Tata Scholarships for Cornell University.

How to get a scholarship for MS in the USA for Indian students?

Each college has some sort of financing choices for their understudies. You should altogether experience the University site before you apply for the program. This is normally accessible subject to specific conditions like the course being sought after, a nation of birthplace, sex, marks/review got and so on.

There are various outer grants also accessible to understudies. While there is a firm rivalry for these, they merit battling for.

MS in Finance in the USA for Indian students

The MS in Finance program is expected to get ready understudies for an extensive variety of vocations both inside and outside the money related industry

The particular component of the program is its solid accentuation on money-related financial aspects notwithstanding monetary designing and computational techniques

The educational modules are intended to be finished in either two or four semesters, the length of study is an element of the understudy’s earlier learning of the field, scientific inclination, work understanding and employment offers upon graduation.

MS in Physiotherapy in the USA for Indian students

An understudy who chooses to seek after a course in Physiotherapy, frequently picks Study Abroad in the USA as his goal, as it offers many changed and concentrated seminars regarding the matter. We give some of them increasingly prominent Physiotherapy MS Courses in the USA for understudies who consider abroad



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