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A Character Certificate is a certificate issued to you by a government authority,police or by your previous institution based on your records. It acts as a background check of the individual, if they have any criminal proceedings against their name or not or if an individual has any bad record in the previous institution.

Character Certificate is also known as a Police Clearance Certificate as it is given by the police authority stating that the person has no criminal records registered over their name. If one is applying for a job in the government or private sector or is planning to study abroad, they need this Character Certificate as the organization/institution needs to know about your background and criminal records.

Character Certificate

How To Apply For Character Certificate?

To get a police character certificate one needs to follow the following steps:

  1. Counsel your nearest DPO Security office branch for “Police Character Certificate” 
  2. Visit this branch in your city and request that they produce police character testament so they’ll give you an application structure.
  3. Fill that application structure, connect required records with that structure recorded in a frame and return to the Security Office branch. They’ll presently stamp this structure to your nearest police headquarters for audit.
  4. Presently you need to take this structure to your nearby police headquarters, where SHO and region DSP will give you freedom in the wake of checking your archives.
  5. At last, you need to present your structure back to the Security Branch Office.
  6. Get your Certificate in the next three business days.

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Character Certificate Format

Like all the other official documents, a character certificate also needs to be written in a defined format. It should be free from any typing or spelling errors.

Character Certificate Format must include the following things:

  1. The full name of the applicant
  2. His/her address
  3. A declaration by the attester about the good character of the applicant and the duration of time he is known to the attester
  4. Date of attesting or issue
  5. Sign and stamp of the attesting/issuing authority

Character Certificate Format

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It is certified that Mr./Mrs. _______________________resident of __________________is familiar to me for the past_________________years. To the best of my knowledge and belief, she/he has a good character and bears no negative factors that render him/her of [Service Name] Service. He/she doesn’t also have any cases or penalties pending on him/her.


Character Certificate Format In India

The following is the format of the character certificate in India which is used to show all the criminal records in the name of the individual. this is needed to be clear forehand so that an organization can take appropriate actions of whether to select the aspirant or not.

character certificate

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Character Certificate For Students

As a student, there can be a need to change school or seek admission to a college for higher education. In such cases, a student is required to provide a character certificate to substantiate his good conduct in the past.

All the educational institutes have a set of norms that have to be followed by all the students. Therefore, it is mandatory to provide this certificate for a student.

Here is a sample of a character certificate for students:

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From the Institution last attended

It is to certify that __________________________________________ S/o / D/o_________________________________________ who has studied in this Institution from ________ to ________ bears a good moral character. His/her behaviour was good with teachers and students. He/she has neither displayed persistent violent of or aggressive behaviour nor any desire to harm others.

Name of Institution last attended: ___________________

Signature of Head of the Institution with Seal
Date: __________________

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Character Certificate Template

Character Certificate Template looks like:

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Character Certificate for Job

A character certificate for a job is required when an individual applies for a new job. This certificate testifies the good moral character and conduct of the applicant. This serves as evidence of professional, obedient and good conduct of the employee during his/her term of job in the last organization he/she worked in.

The last employer is authorized to issue a character certificate for Job. This serves as a reference point of good behavior as an employee in the applicant’s career.

Other than switching jobs, the following can also be the purposes of Character Certificate for Job.

  1. An employee willing to apply for a visa or immigration will need a character certificate.
  2. Admission in universities or colleges requires a character certificate. Therefore, an employee willing to apply for higher studies will need it.
  3. An employee who has to undergo some government procedures will also need this certificate, as the government authorities ask for it.
  4. In case an employee is involved in a legal case and he needs to prove his innocence in the court, he would seek help from his employer in providing a certificate of good character.

Here is a sample of a character certificate for the job:

Sample 1

Samples 2

Sample 3

How to Get a Character Certificate?

There are various ways to get the character certificate:

  • If you are a student who is leaving the current school/college and applying for admission to a different college/university, you can request the principal to issue this certificate.
  • If you are an employee switching your job, then you can request your current employer to issue a certificate.
  • You can also request a gazetted officer of central or state government, MP, MLA, DSWO, Scientist service for government, Research person of government to issue your character certificate.
  • Online portals are also set up by the state government where you can apply for a certificate. You will receive the issued certificate which will be available for download on the portal.

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School Character Certificate

A Character certificate from school substantiates an individual’s conduct or behavior (good or bad) during the period he/she was in school. This certificate helps when a student seeks admission to a university or college other than the current school for further studies.

(Click Here It Download)

Character Certificate

Certified that Mr./Ms____________________S/D of____________________ bears a good moral character and he /she has passed/appearing the________________________examination from__________________board/university with______________(% age of marks) in year______________ and his/her university/board registration number is_______________________

Place: ……………………………..
Signature of Principal: ………………………………………                                 
Date: ………………………..
Name of the Principal: ………………………………………
(Official Seal)

Police Character Certificate

An official document issued by the police department testifying the background of an individual to be free from any criminal record is called a Police Character Certificate. Criminal records include pending cases, arrests, involvement in any legal offense, association with any criminal group, etc.

A Police Character Certificate serves the following purposes –

  1. While applying for a visa for a foreign trip, or a long-term stay, police character certificate is needed to substantiate a crime-free background.
  2. Applying for some government scholarships.
  3. Seeking admission in a college.
  4. Applying for a job.

Application for Police Clearance Certificate

Application for Police Clearance Certificate

Responsible Citizens of the locality knowing the applicant:

I solemnly declare that all the above particulars are true and I do not have any criminal records and there is no case pending against me in the last 6 months or before.

Uses of Character Certificate

Character certificate is used for various purposes including admissions in universities, jobs, etc. one should have a clear background to get a job and admission in foreign universities.

Here is the uses of the character certificate:

  1. As an organization or a working firm, one needs to know about their employees and if they have any previous criminal record or not, this can be cleared by character certificate given by either the previous organization or the government authority.
  2. In the scholastic field, a character authentication is given by your past school show that the individual had perfect behavior during their conduction in that flowing institution. This helps the organization to get a clear certificate of the individual and their background.
  3. Also, in the business field, a declaration shows that you have shown splendid direct and execution in the midst of the working time.
  4. This certificate is a good way of getting the documents to check by the police personnel which helps the authorities to be sure of the aspirant and thus works impressively for them.
  5. A police character certificate may be needed if you want to apply for a scholarship.

Character Certificate Online

The State governments have now brought service of issuing character certificates online. There are online portals established by the state governments for the same. Any citizen is eligible to apply for a certificate online.

The online payment has to be made while applying for the character certificate. And then after investigating the records, the government issues the certificate in about 10-12 working days. The certificate is available for download on the online portal.

Steps to apply for this certificate online:

  1. Log on to the citizen portal of your respective state.
  2. Register yourself as a new user.
  3. Enter the required details like name, gender, phone number, DOB, etc.
  4. Then log in to your account on the citizen portal.
  5. Under the Citizen Services section, select character certificate requests.
  6. Enter the required details and upload an image of any of your government-issued ID.
  7. And finally, submit the application online. You will receive the character certificate in 2 weeks on the same portal.

Need Of Character Certificate

4 reasons why we need a character certificate:

  1. In the field of education, students must follow the rules and regulations set by the school/college. This develops discipline among the students. To testify the obedience and discipline of a student, a character certificate is issued with the stamp and sign of the principle of the institution.
  2. Similarly, when a candidate applies for a job, the employer needs to ensure the conduct of the applicant. Good behavior is expected from all the employees, for the smooth functioning of the company. Character certificate is proof that the applicant has a record of good conduct, which develops the faith of the employer in the applicant.
  3. A character certificate is also required in the immigration process. This is to trace the criminals or anti-social elements.
  4. At times, a character certificate issued by the Police is required. This is a general police verification, which is done to prevent an individual with a criminal record from entering the organization. 

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Character Certificate Application

One has to request the head of the organization to issue a character certificate. To do so, an application must be written and submitted to the authorized personnel.

The following things must be mentioned in the application –

  • Reason for leaving the current organization.
  • State the purpose of the character certificate.

Sample Application:

Application for Issuing Character Certificate from College

Character Certificate Application


✅ What is a character certificate?

Ans. A Character Certificate is a certificate issued to you by a government authority mainly police or by your previous institution based on your records.

✅ Who can issue a character certificate?

Ans. Head of the institution last attended, Last or current employer, a gazetted officer of central or state government, MP, MLA, DSWO, Scientist service for government, Research person of government, can issue a character certificate.

What is the use of a character certificate?

Ans. The following are the uses of character certificate –
1. It testifies an individual’s moral character and conduct as a student in the institution last attended.
2. It testifies an individual’s conduct as an employee in the current or last organization he/she worked in.
3. It substantiates your conduct as a citizen when issued by the police or any other government authority. 

✅ How can I get a character certificate?

Ans. You need to first visit your local DPO Security office branch for the “Police Character Certificate”. Then you need to fill the application form and attach the documents accordingly and visit the Security Office branch to submit it.

✅ How to get character certificate online?

Ans. The State governments have now brought service of issuing character certificates online. There are online portals established by the state governments for the same. Any citizen is eligible to apply for a certificate online.
The online payment has to be made while applying for the character certificate. And then after investigating the records, the government issues the certificate in about 10-12 working days. The certificate is available for download on the online portal.

✅ What is the format of the character certificate?

Ans. Format for character certificate :
Name of the Applicant (in Block letters)  :
Name of the Father  :
Name of the Spouse  :
Date of Birth  :
(copy of Birth Certificate, Admit Card or Document 
of School leaving examination to be attached) 
Full Address
Present: (where the applicant has been residing continuously for the last one year)                    
Current: (where the applicant has been residing for less than one year)                                        
Permanent:[Police Station to be mentioned in (a), (b) & (c)]
(a) Nationality & PASSPORT No.  :
(b) Date of Issue  :
(c) Date of Expiry  :
(d) Place of Issue  :
Purpose and Period for which Police Clearance Certificate is required  :
The purpose for which VISA is required  :
Name, Address & Signature of TWO

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