Merit-Cum-Means (MCM) Scholarship – Scholarship List, Award, Eligibility

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The state and central government of India had introduced merit-cum-means scholarship or MCM Scholarship which offers financial or monetary support to the students who are meritorious belonging to the economically weaker section of the society. Some students dream of achieving the same academic dreams, want to pursue bigger passions and careers. But, for some, often going to a college or a university is not as easy as most of the students. One of the reasons is because of financial issues.

MCM scholarship helps those splendid understudies who need assets to back their training. This merit combined means scholarships are offered by both government and personal organizations so no ability goes squander due to the absence of money. 

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MCM Scholarship Eligibility and Distribution

The MCM Scholarship support covers technical and professional courses undergraduate and postgraduate level. A student must have scored 50% or an equivalent grade point in the previous certificates. The annual income student’s parents must be equal to or less than Rs 2.5 lakh.

In the case of minority scholarship, the scholarship program is distributed among Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddhists, Jain, and Zoroastrians. The scholarship support covers the entire academic course/year.

Apart from the eligibility criteria for receiving an MCM Scholarship, there are some other conditions also

  1. A maintenance allowance is provided for hostellers.
  2. Depending on some types, the scholarship is not provided for more than two individuals from the same family.
  3. Violating an institution’s discipline or violating any terms and conditions of the scholarship might lead to the cancellation of the scholarship for an individual.
  4. Faking a false statement to obtain a scholarship, if found, will lead to cancellation of scholarship and might lead to legal action.
  5. The bank details used for the scholarship purposes must be of the individual’s to which the scholarship is granted.
  6. Students who are selected through competitive entrance exams for technical and professional courses are eligible for the scholarship as well. 

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MCM Scholarship Program For Girls

  1. Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child provided by UGC
  2. Muslim Nadar Girls Scholarship, Kerala, provided by Government of Kerala
  3. Tata Housing Scholarships for Meritorious Girl Students provided by Tata Housing.
  4. Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojna, Rajasthan, provided by the Directorate of Secondary education, Rajasthan.
  5. AICTE Pragati Scholarship for Girls provided by All India Council Technical Education

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List of MCM Scholarship offered by State and Central government

Sr.NoScholarship NameExpected Date
1Merit Cum Means Scholarship For BPL Students, KeralaJanuary
2Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Sc/ST/OBT Minority Students DelhiJanuary - February
3Open Merit Scholarship For EBC Students, MAHDecember- January
4Eklavya Scholarship, MAHDecember - January
5Maulana Azad National Fellowship For Minority StudentsJanuary
6List of MCM Scholarship offered by State and Central governmentNovember - December
7Swami Vivekananda Merit Cum Means Scholarship, WBOctober - November
$8Central Sector Scheme Of Scholarship For Professional And Technical CourseSeptember-October
$9Merit Cum Means Scholarship For Professionals And Technical CourseSeptember -October
10AICTE Scholarship For GirlsSeptember- October
11Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojana, RAJSeptember-October
12Merit Cum Means Scholarship Scheme, HARFebruary

MCM Scholarship for BPL Understudies, Kerala

Offered by the government of Kerala, this MCM scholarship may be a state scholarship which is meant for those praiseworthy and penniless understudies of Kerala who live underneath the neediness line. Under this merit combined means scholarship conspire, the chose understudies to get budgetary help to end their examinations. scholarship enlistment should be possible by getting the scholarship application structure from the Principals of their particular schools to use. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidate must investigation in an administration and government-helped higher optional school and have an area with BPL class; probably scored high evaluations in auxiliary school or equal; the participation rate must be in any event 70%; if there should be an event of the incapacitated applicant, his/her inability need to be at any rate 40%. 

Scholarship: INR 5000 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: January  

MCM Scholarship Qualification Requirement for SC/ST/OBC/Minority Students, Delhi

This MCM scholarship may be a government scholarship that began to monetarily bolster splendid understudies who have an area with oppressed class. The chose understudies to get upkeep remittance and different advantages to end their higher examinations. The scholarship enlistment should be possible online through the E-area gateway of the Delhi Government.

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidates must be the residences of Delhi and have an area with SC/ST/OBC/Minority class; must be seeking after UG/PG courses from perceived instructive establishments and have scored at any rate 60% checks within the past scholastic test; yearly family pay must not surpass INR 2 Lakh. 

Scholarship: Up to INR 1860 as support remittance consistent with the degree of study and different advantages 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: January-February 

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Open Merit Scholarships for EBC Students, Maharashtra 

The fundamental goal of this merit combined means scholarship gave by the govt of Maharashtra is to monetarily assist the worthy and financially in reverse understudies with completing their training. Intrigued up-and-comers can apply online for this state scholarship through Maharashtra Government’s authentic entryway, MahaDBT

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidates more likely than not finished SSC test with at any rate half stamps during a solitary endeavour; yearly family salary must not be quite INR 30,000 from all sources. 

Scholarship: A scholarship measure of up to INR 1600 for each annum 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: December-January 

Eklavya Scholarship, Maharashtra 

Eklavya scholarship is an administration scholarship that offers money related help to graduate understudies of Maharashtra in order that they could finish their instruction. The qualified applicants can do scholarship enlistment online through the official site of MahaDBT.

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The applicant must have an area with Maharashtra and have taken affirmation during a PG program; more likely than not scored in any event 60% (Arts/Commerce/Law) or 70% (Science) in graduation; yearly family pay must not surpass INR 75,000. 

Scholarship: INR 5000
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: December-January 

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Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students 

Maulana Azad National Fellowship for Minority Students is a UGC activity that gives money related help to exemplary and destitute understudies to help them with pursuing higher investigations, for instance, MPhil and PhD. Qualified competitors can do scholarship enrollment online for this national scholarship through the official website of UGC. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidates more likely than not cleared CBSE/NTA-UGC-NET/CSIR-NET assessment; they ought to have an area with minority networks that incorporate Muslim, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist, Christian, and Jain; must be enrolled in MPhil/Ph.D. courses as a typical and full-time understudy; yearly family salary must not be quite INR 6 Lakh.

Scholarship: Stipend up to INR 28,000 and different advantages 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: January 

National Means combined Merit Scholarship 

Offered by the Department of faculty Education and Literacy under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, this MCM scholarship is meant for those splendid understudies who originate from financially more fragile areas of the overall public. This national scholarship plans to urge them to proceed with their training at the auxiliary level to diminish the drop-out rate. Additionally, the understudies got to show up for the determination test directed in each State/UT. The scholarship enrollment should be possible online through the National Scholarship Portal

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidate must be the understudies of sophistication 9 and have made sure about at any rate 55% checks in school 8 and sophistication 7 (5% marks unwinding for SC/ST); yearly family salary must not surpass INR 1.5 Lakh. 

Scholarship: INR 6000 for every annum 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: November-December 

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Swami Vivekananda Merit combined Means Scholarship for Minorities, West Bengal 

This MCM scholarship is meant for those worthy understudies of West Bengal who have an area with the oppressed class of the overall public. A month to month money related help of up to INR 8000 is given to the chose applicants under this state scholarship conspire. The intrigued applicants can do scholarship enrollment online for this merit combined means scholarship through the official site of West Bengal Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: Applicants must have a residence of West Bengal and are concentrating in WB just; more likely than not gained in any event 75% checks in school 10/12 within the event that learning at higher auxiliary level/recognition/UG level or possibly 53% stamps in graduation if seeking after PG course; yearly pay must not surpass INR 2,5 Lakh. 

Scholarship: A scholarship measure of up to INR 8000 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: October-November 

On the off chance that you simply wish to urge itemized data about this merit combined means scholarship, read ‘Swami Vivekananda Scholarship – A Merit-combined-means based plan’. 

Focal Sector Scheme of Scholarship for school and University Students 

Offered by the Department of upper Education under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, this national scholarship bolsters those praiseworthy understudies who originate from the monetarily more vulnerable area of the overall public, accordingly, requiring budgetary help to hunt after advanced education. Intrigued up-and-comers can apply online for this MCM scholarship through the National Scholarship Portal. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidate must be a customary understudy examining designing/clinical courses; must be over the 80th percentile of effective understudies insignificant stream in school 12 for test board or comparable; yearly family salary must not surpass INR 8 Lakh. 

Scholarship: INR 10000 to INR 20000 for each annum until the fulfillment of the course
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: July-October 

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Merit combined Means Scholarship for Professional and Technical Courses CS (Minorities) 

This MCM scholarship goes under the ambit of MOMA Scholarships which are given by the Ministry of Minority. Under this national scholarship plot, poor yet commendable understudies having an area with minority networks get money related help to end their examinations. The scholarship enrollment should be possible online through the National Scholarship Portal, an administration scholarship entrance.

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The competitors who have taken affirmation in specialized/proficient courses at UG/PG level; more likely than not make sure about in any event half checks in the past end of the year test; yearly family pay must not surpass INR 2.5 Lakh. 

Scholarship: A scholarship measure of up to INR 20,000 for each annum
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: September-October 

Peruse ‘merit combined-Means Scholarship for Minorities: about this MOMA scholarship’ to seek out a workable pace about this national scholarship. 

AICTE Pragati Scholarship for women 

Started to urge girl understudies to require up specialized courses, this national scholarship offers a scholarship of up to INR 30,000 to qualified girl up-and-comers. This AICTE scholarship is usually dynamic during the long periods of September and October. An aggregate of 4000 scholarships is dispensed annually under this scholarship plot. The competitors who wish to use for this scholarship can do so online through the official site of AICTE. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: Girl competitors who have taken confirmation within the first year of Diploma/Degree program of an AICTE endorsed establishment during this scholastic year; yearly family pay must not surpass INR 8 lakh. 

Scholarship: An education cost of INR 30,000 or real education cost sum, whichever is a smaller amount 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: September-October 

Peruse ‘Pragati Scholarship: AICTE-Scholarship Scheme for Girl Child’ to urge point by point data about this AICTE scholarship. 

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Mukhya Mantri Hamari Beti Yojna, Rajasthan 

Offered by the govt of Rajasthan, this state scholarship is meant for praiseworthy and destitute girl understudies who have an area with Rajasthan state. Under this MCM scholarship, three splendid up-and-comers from each area of Rajasthan is chosen to urge money related help to hunt after higher examinations. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: Girl understudies having the house of Rajasthan and having an area with BPL family can apply; must be tried out an administration school and have made sure about 75% checks in school 10 test; are often the most position holder in her locale. 

Scholarship: A scholarship measure of up to INR 25,000 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: September-October 

Merit combined-Means Minority Scholarship Scheme, Haryana 

This merit combined means scholarship helps understudies of minority network with money related help in order that they could seek after an expert/specialized course. Begun with the goal to support commendable and poor understudies, 257 scholarships are dispensed annually to the qualified understudies. The scholarship enrollment should be possible through the state scholarship entry. 

Minimum Qualification Requirement: The candidate must be from minority network; have taken affirmation in an expert/specialized course at a perceived college/organization; yearly family pay must not be quite INR 2.5 Lakh. 

Scholarship: Financial help 
Date Of Form Filling / Application Date: February 

In the event that you simply are qualified for Haryana scholarships, you’ll a combined late data about them by perusing ‘Top scholarships for understudies in Haryana’. 

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How Do I Check The Status Of My MCM Scholarship?

Ans. 1. Check Application Status
2. Understudy can check the status of Online Application by presenting his/her Temporary/Permanent id in the “Input” choice given within the landing page of the Merit cum Means based Scholarship Scheme.
3. Understudy can likewise check his/her submitted online application structure by entering the essential information given under the selection understudy enlistment update understudy subtleties.
4. Step by step instructions to see Merit cum Means Based Scholarship.
5. To know the appliance status of Merit cum Means Based grant, follow any of the methodology (1 or 2) given beneath.

Method 1: To know the appliance status of Merit cum Means Based grant, follow the referenced strides underneath
Step-1: Select the tutorial Year
Step-2: Enter the Temporary Id (or) Permanent Id
Step-3: Click on “View Status” button or on the opposite hand

Method 2: To know the appliance status of Merit cum Means Based grant, follow the referenced strides beneath
Step-1: Enter the Applicant Id (Don’t Know Your ID? See Below)
Step-2: Select or Enter the Date of Birth. ( e.g.: 22-01-1984 )
Step-3: Enter the Mother Name
Step-4: Click on the “Submit” button

✅ How do I renew MY MCM Scholarship?

Ans. Understudies applying for a grant just because (Fresh Students) need to “Register” on the gateway as a new candidate by giving precise and validated data as imprinted on their archives in the “Understudy Registration Form”.
The enrollment structure is required to be filled by guardians/gatekeeper of understudies who are underneath the age of 18 years on the date of enlistment.
Before starting the enrollment process, understudies/Parents/gatekeeper are encouraged to keep the accompanying records helpful:
1. Instructive archives of understudy
2. Understudy’s Bank account number and IFSC code of the bank office
3. Aadhaar number of the Student
4. On the off chance that Aadhaar isn’t accessible, at that point Bonafide understudy testament from Institute/School and
5. Aadhaar Enrolment ID or Scanned duplicate of Bank passbook
6. On the off chance that Institute/School is unique in relation to house condition of the candidate, at that point Bonafide understudy declaration from Institute/School.
Note: For pre-matric grant plot, where understudies don’t have their own ledger, guardians can give their own record subtleties. Be that as it may, the guardian’s account number must be utilized against grant applications for the greatest two youngsters.

✅ What Is MCM Scholarship?

Ans. MOMA Merit cum Means Based Scholarship. The target of the Scheme is to give money related help to poor people and worthy understudies having a place with minority networks to empower them to seek after expert and specialized courses.
These grants are accessible for concentrates in India just and will be granted through an Agency assigned by the State Government/UT Administration for this reason 

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