The full form AICTE is the All India Council for Technical Education. AICTE comes under the Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Human Resource Development

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AICTE is a statutory body, this means that it is made by the parliament and is a non- constitutional body and it can pass a law and make the decision on the behalf of the country.

AICTE is the national level body that oversees technical education in the country. Earlier AICTE was only an advisory body when it was established in 1945 but in 1987 it became a statutory body by an act of the Parliament. Anil Sahasrabudhe is the current chairman of the AICTE. AICTE has its affiliation with the Department of Higher Education Ministry of Human Resource Development. 

AICTE manages and looks after the technical as well as management education in India at the graduate and postgraduate levels. AICTE is also responsible for planning and overall development of education programs across the country. AICTE also accredits i.e. gives assurance of on behalf of colleges for quality education and degree.

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AICTE PG Scholarship 

Every year AICTE invites application for its AICTE PG (GATE/GPAT) Scholarship. AICTE PG scholarship is for GATE/GPAT qualified students who wish to pursue their post-graduation. The key objective of the AICTE PG (GATE/GPAT) Scholarship is to ensure technical development in the field of education in India. Students who qualify for AICTE PG (GATE/GPAT) Scholarship will get a monthly stipend of INR 12,400 for their post-graduate studies. 

  • AICTE has a postgraduate scholarship
  • For GATE/GPAT qualified students
  • To ensure technical growth 
  • A monthly stipend shall be provided

AICTE J&K Scholarship 

AICTE also has a scholarship exclusively for Jammu and Kashmir students. AICTE JK scholarship is also known as Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS). 

AICTE JK scholarship was started in 2011 and it helps the students of J&K to pursue undergraduate studies outside J&K. Scholarship award up to 3L rupees is available for deserving students. 

  • AICTE has launched scholarship exclusively for students of J&K
  • Also known as Prime Ministers Special Scholarship Scheme (PMSSS)
  • For undergraduate study
  • Applicable for students who wish to study outside J&K
  • Award – Up to 3L

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Users who wish to use the AICTE portal for various purposes can make an account on the AICTE website and can log in to when required.

  1.  Visit AICTE official website i.e. and click on the “Request New User ID” Tab.
  2.  Fill in the required information in the login form. … 
  3.  With the User ID and Password provided to you through email, login to the AICTE web.

AICTE Approved Colleges

AICTE overlooks the affiliation and accreditations of various educational institutes in India. If the institute meets the eligibility criteria they are accredited by AICTE and if the institutes somehow violate the code they are unlisted from the same.

The listed accredited colleges are available on the AICTE website. There are around 6000 accredited colleges in India 

Some of the top accredited colleges are – 

  • Acharya Institute of Management
  • Acharya Institute of Technology
  • Administrative Management College Studies
  • Alliance Business Academy
  • AMC Engineering College
  • BMS College of Engineering
  • Brindavan College
  • City College
  • CMR Institute of Technology
  • CMR Institute of Management Studies
  • Institute of Business Management
  • Karnataka Kaveri Institute of Management
  • Kristu Jayanti College of Management And Technology
  • Lorven College of Science & Management
  • Acharya Institute of Technology
  • Acharya Patashala College of Engineering
  • Atria Institute of Technology
  • B. M. Sreenivasaiah College of Engineering
  • Bangalore College of Engineering and Technology
  • Bangalore Institute of Technology
  • T. L. College of Engineering
  • Dayananda Sagar College of Engineering Room & Training Centre
  • Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
  • Janatha Education Trust’s Vivekananda Institute of Technology
  • JSS Academy of Tech Education College of Engineering
  • Kammavari Sangha’s Institute of Technology
  • Karnataka State Muslim Federation (HKBK) College of Engineering
  • M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology
  • M. V. J. College of Engineering
  • New Horizon College of Engineering
  • Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology
  • P. E. S. Institute of Technology
  • R. V. College of Engineering
  • Shirdi Sai College of Engineering
  • Sir M. Visvesvaraya Institute of Technology
  • Sri Krishnarajendra Silver Jubilee Technology Institute

Complete list – 

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How To Check AICTE Approved College

AICTE overlooks the affiliation and accreditations of various educational institutes in India. If the institute meets the eligibility criteria they are accredited by AICTE and if the institutes somehow violate the code they are unlisted from the same.

AICTE maintains a list of accredited colleges on its official website. Those who wish to check the colleges can visit the official website and go to the statistics tab on the main page, where they can find the web page that says AICTE approved Colleges/Institutions

AICTE Deemed University

Educational institutes that are deemed to be university status. Deemed University is an accreditation provided to higher educational institutes. 

Here is the list of deemed universities by AICTE. 

These universities provide degrees accredited by AICTE itself and thereby provide quality education.

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AICTE Internship 

AICTE provides internships to students as well as teachers. STUDENTS and TEACHERS can Register on AICTE’s internship website. is the portal on which the students can register themselves. AICTE provides industry exposure and offers the candidates opportunities across the country. Internships are available in many different fields and offer industry experience.

  • AICTE has an exclusive portal for internships
  • Students, as well as teachers, can register
  • AICTE provides industry experience through internships
  • Many corporates collaborate with AICTE to provide internships

AICTE Chairman 

The Chairman of AICTE is Anil Sahasrabudhe. Anil Sahasrabudhe is a gold medallist and an engineer by profession. With many awards and accolades, Mr. Anil is keen on the development of the education sector in India. AICTE is run by a council consisting of members and includes member secretary and vice-chairman.

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AICTE Model Curriculum

AICTE follows a model curriculum for each of its courses and updates it from time to time.

The following link has the sample curriculum.

AICTE Norms 

Norms are the rules and guidelines which are to be followed in an organization. Every organization has its code of conduct and it may or may not be provided by the governing body. AICTE also provides a code of conduct and norms to the institutes. Institutes have to abide by the same or unless they have the risk of losing accreditation.

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AICTE Norms For Assistant Professor

Similar to the norms provided to educational institutes, there are norms provided to faculty and teachers as well. It is important to follow these norms. Engineering & Technology, Architecture, Planning, Pharmacy, MBA & MCA are the faculties for which norms are there. Please find the link to the pdf. This pdf contains all the norms issued by AICTE.

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AICTE Pragati Scholarship

AICTE Pragati Scholarship is a scholarship exclusively for girls. AICTE offers Pragati scholarship in coordination with the Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD).

Girl Student in the first year of graduate course can apply if she is pursuing graduation from AICTE accredited institute. Up to 30000 rupees are awarded in this scholarship. 

  • Scholarship for girls
  • Girls in the first year of graduation can apply
  • Graduation must be from AICTE recognized college
  • Up to 30000 rupees awarded

 AICTE Syllabus 

AICTE has a syllabus for different courses and keeps it changing to upkeep with the dynamic world. Here is the syllabus for the Engineer that is provided by AICTE.

AICTE Approved Courses 

AICTE provides skill development and vocational courses for the students. These vocational courses are of 3 years and help in increasing the skill of students and make them industry-ready. Bachelor of Vocation (B.Voc), Diploma of Vocation (D.Voc), Diploma of Skill (D.Skills) are the available courses.

Some of the specialization courses are also available in the following fields

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Automobile servicing
  • Production technology
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Software development
  • Travel and tourism 

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AICTE Approved Fdp Course

FDP stands for a faculty development programs. AICTE provides FDP to the faculty of the accredited colleges. FDPs are conducted to cover areas such as technical education policy, new concepts, methods and techniques, theory and skills development and up-gradation of pedagogy educational technology to keep pace with the changing scenario in Technical Education.

Types of FDP- 

  • Pedagogical Training
  • Subject related Training
  • Training related to Moral Values, Ethics, Behavioural Sciences & Attitude, etc.
  • Training on Leadership & Faculty Development under U.K. India Education Research Initiative (UKIERI)

AICTE Or Ugc Which Is Better 

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and University Grants Commission (UGC) are both pioneers in the field of education. But there are some key differences between the two. UGC approves the universities to be established in the country whereas AICTE helps to plan the academic curriculum. Also, UGC has international acceptance which AICTE lacks. Thereby UGC is better than AICTE.

  • UGC better than AICTE
  • UGC looks after all the education institutes
  • AICTE looks after technical education 
  • UGC has international acceptance
  • UGC is recognized internationally


✅ Is IIT approved by AICTE?

A. Indian Institute of Technology is an autonomous body and is of national importance and thus does not require AICTE approval. 

✅ What is the function of AICTE?

A. The main function of AICTE is to plan and develop technical education in India and maintain its norm and code.

✅ What is the difference between UGC and AICTE?

A. AICTE only overlooks technical colleges and educational institutes whereas UGC checks after every other educational institute in the country and apart from that UGC is recognized internationally whereas AICTE is not.

✅ How can I check my AICTE approval?

A. To check that the prospective college you want to take admission is accredited by AICTE, one can go to AICTE’s official website to check the status of the respective college.

✅ What is the need of AICTE approval for colleges?

A. Colleges that are not approved by AICTE cannot run their engineering and other post-graduation courses. As without AICTE accreditation, the degree provided by these institutes might stand invalid.

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