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How to Get 300 in GRE? What’s the Best University for GRE 300-310?

Written by  Rachit Agrawal, MBA

Published on Thu, January 25, 2018 5:50 PM   Updated on Mon, December 16, 2019 6:43 AM   7 mins read

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The Graduate Record Examination is a standardized test that is very important if a student is seeking admission to graduate schools abroad. This test is designed to evaluate verbal, analytical and mathematical skills of the candidates. This is a computer-based examination. Many graduate schools all over the world set the GRE scores as an essential criterion for admission. Read here about the best ways to prepare for the GRE exam.

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List of Universities that accept GRE score between 300-310

Here is a list of universities that accepts a GRE score  between 300-310:

1. University of Alabama

Image result for 1. University of Alabama


This is a reputed public research University located in the United States. The University of Alabama System was founded in 1820. This university is also accredited for being the oldest and the largest of the public universities in Alabama. This University has a wide range of study in 13 academic divisions. It provides various bachelors and Masters education specialist and doctoral degrees.

The University of Alabama is also known as one of the largest residential research University. This university provides excellent graduate programs in engineering, medicine, and business. What makes it even more preferred by students is its high acceptance rate and its reasonably economic friendly nature. This university also gives about 77.7% scholarship opportunities.

2. University of Louisiana

The University of Louisiana is a pretty famous University. It is a coeducational public research University. This university is located in the United State of America in the state of Louisiana in Lafayette. It is one of the 9 member institutions of the University of Louisiana system which is considered the largest university system of Higher Education in the United States of America. This University has the second largest enrollment in Louisiana.

This University which was founded in 1989 has become the most sought-after University in the state of Louisiana. This university also became the first to offer the master’s degree in Informatics in the state of Louisiana. This university is the best university for students looking to study engineering, Sciences, and business. What makes this university preferred by students is its location. Lafayette is a lovely city to live in with a warm and pleasant climate which makes it more comfortable for students.

3. Illinois Institute of Technology

Image result for 4. University of Pittsburgh

Source: https://upload.wikimedia

This University is popularly called Illinois tech or IIT. The Illinois Institute of Technology is a private research University. This university is located in Chicago in the in the state of Illinois of the United States America. This is a popular Ph.D. granting research University which was created in 1940.  It was created as a result of two Institute being merged since then it has been expanding and maintaining its reputation as a leading educator in its locality. Additionally, it is also one of the first American Universities to host a Navy V-12 program during World War II.

Illinois Institute of Technology is divided into 5 colleges which focuses on various academic units. This university also offers many dual admission programs in various fields these include programs in medicine, optometry, pharmacy. law and business. The acceptance rate of the university is 55%. Its location, that is the city of Chicago makes Illinois Institute of Technology a great place to learn for international students.

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4. The University of Pittsburgh

Another great place to learn is the University of Pittsburgh. This is a research University. It was a private University until 1966. This is one of the best places to pursue higher education for international students. This University comprises of 17 undergraduate and graduate schools and colleges that are located in Pittsburgh. It is home to several international students and has been a great contributor in the field of international education. It is commonly referred to as Pitt by the students.
This University is a recipient of federally sponsored research funding. This university ranks among the top research universities both in international as well as domestic rankings of United States. Addio this University has also been listed as the best value in higher education which makes it preferred by students globally. Apart from the mostly sunny weather, this university’s locality is best for international students as it is a great place with a lot of options for sports, job, and entertainment. The acceptance rate of the university is 56.1%.

5. University of Texas


Founded in 1895, The University of Texas became a well renowned public research University. The University of Texas at Arlington is a member University Institution of the University of Texas system which was founded in 1880. This university offers 180 graduate, Masters and doctoral programs to the students all over the world. This university is also acknowledged as the third largest producer of graduates in Texas. This is also the largest University in North Texas and the fourth largest in the state.

This university has a pretty student-friendly surrounding which is why globally students prefer this university. The largest public library in Arlington, City hall, theatre Arlington, Arlington Museum of Art and numerous other things are around this university which can be instrumental for learning and know new things for students. The acceptance rate of this university is 58.5%.

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Q. Is GRE 300-310 a Good Score?

Any score in GRE above 300 is considered as a decent score. A good GRE score is anywhere near 320.

Q. How to Get a 300 GRE Score?

To get a GRE score of 300, you must first make a study plan. Then take an official GRE practice exam to get your initial score, the score you have before starting any test preparations.

Next, calculate how many hours you need to study to achieve your goal score by test day. Use the following table below to estimate how many hours you must dedicate for GRE test prep.

3.    How to improve my GRE score and how to study for it?

Total Point Improvement

 # of Study Hours
5 pts 40 hrs
10 pts 80 hrs
20 pts 160 hrs
30 pts 240 hrs

Next up, divide up the total hours you must study by the number of weeks you have left before the test and find average weekly study time.

Once you are done making your study plan, start working for achieving that 300 GRE score. Follow these GRE tips to get started:

  1. Understand the GRE test format
  2. Get high-quality resources for your GRE preparation online including PDFs, books, and practice tests. Most of them are free. Therefore it becomes easy to gather them.
  3. Identify your weak sections and start practicing them and allot more time for them. Every mark in GRE is valuable, so make sure your concepts are clear.
  4. Some questions have a fixed way of solving them. Try to learn shortcuts and tricks to help you use less time for each question.
  5. However, don’t get tunnel vision to 300 scores. You can never be sure of the marks you will get, therefore follow these tips to ensure you get enough marks for 300 scores.
  6. Learn from your mistakes. Every mistake you make in practice session is an indication of your weak points. Aim to improve your weak sectors by practicing more and more.
  7. Target your weak sectors. If you constantly feel being stuck on a question of a specific concept, dive into that topic until you find the solution to your problems. Practice it more and more to get better on that topic.
  8. And most importantly, don’t lose hope. Remember, practice makes a man perfect. Keep on grinding the topics to get better insights into the concepts.
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